Campus A Low Hum 2011


17 Feb 2011, 11:15

Fri 11 Feb – Campus A Low Hum 2011

This is a really quick review of CALH.

Firstly, CALH was amazing. It was unbelievable. The quality and diversity of the music was seriously outstanding. I am still on a massive high from the weekend, which is only occasionally punctuated with thoughts of how it's no longer happening.

In the end I think I saw about 67 bands. I missed five from the actual lineup, but saw three new ones in the renegade room. There's no way I can do a detailed review of every band, but I will talk about the ones that really stood out.

I took a few photos on Day 2 and Day 3, and they are posted on my Flickr account as well. The #calh hashtags on Twitter have been a lot of fun to read as well :)

Day 1

The Ocean Floor - I loved so much. The music is kinda acoustic/ballad with a good selection of string/wind instruments, and no drums. The singer has a really beautiful voice and the songs are really lovely.

Scul Hazzards - CALH needs at least a single metal-ish band. Last year it was Ouch My Face, and this year it was Scul Hazzards. The music was brutal but precise, and the bass player really dominated her bass!

Secret Knives - Unexpectedly awesome - this music is quite epic post-rock, but with singing and more rhythm than Jakob.

Pond - Absolutely totally unexpected. This Perth band played a really tight set of funk/rock, with an amazing singer. And flutes! And goggles!

cTrix - I usually don't enjoy 8-bit electro music (especially DJd by a single person), but I totally enjoyed his set. One song appeared to be run from a Nintendo :D

Notable mention: Sharpie Crows. Full of hate and anger but amazing and fantastic. Hard to describe. Cigars.

Notable mention: Captain Ahab. What the hell. haha!

Day 2

Freddy Fudd Pucker - As this was the first band of the day, and they were playing in the sun, their set was quiet and acoustic. But it was lovely. It was kind of a rock set with good modern lyrics. Hard to explain.

The Tantrums - Industrial music, mixed with some post rock, mixed with a good drummer. Om nom nom.

Heart Attack Alley - also in the sun, with a semi-acoustic set - but they were amazing. They played a mix of blues and rock. An amazing female singer with great soul, a fantastic guy with harmonica, and a pretty rock-n-roll female guitarist.

Megalex - A freestyling rapper, who gets his topics on the fly from the audience. A lot of fun to watch! It would be difficult not to enjoy this.

Old Loaves - A really good hardcore band with an excellent drummer.

Drab Doo-Riffs - Part of Supergroove, they were very tight and a lot of fun. The music was kinda a mix of rock and funk. Everyone was dancing and grooving out, which was especially magical as the sun was setting.

Notable mention: Alphabethead. What an amazing turntablist. The music got a little bit repetitive, but it was an absolute pleasure to watch him play.

Day 3

Hold Dear - This is the only band at CALH that actually made me feel like tearing up a little inside, as they played their acoustic/love songs. Their music was beautiful, their stage presence was electric, and their songs really touched me. Hurry up and release an EP, please!!

Thundercub - Sadly I didn't write any notes down for these guys, but they were really good.

Caribou - I can't actually remember much of their music, heh. By this point I was pretty far gone, and satisfied with the selection of bands I had already found. So I was definitely not sober at this stage, along with most of the rest of camp. Nevertheless this music was extremely special :D

CALH 2011 was very, very special. Thank you so sooo much Blink for organising it and hosting it and to everyone that helped. <3 <3


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