• DevL Music: I Only Take A Carpenter Away

    13 Jul 2009, 14:46

    It was a tale of two halves of my week this week, with The National keeping me calm at first, and Iced Earth giving me some classic metal when I needed it the most.

    The National had been showing up on multiple Similar Artists stations the passed few weeks, and I finally decided to purchase their Sad Songs for Dirty Lovers album. Slipping Husband has such a resonating and unexpected explosion towards the end of the song, that it overpowered the experience of the rest of the album for me. Everything else seemed mellow, but gritty and real. It struck me as a more serious or deeper Something Corporate album. There's something raw and damaged about the lyrics even if the sound that surrounds it is soothing.

    I grabbed the new Killswitch Engage album when I needed a bit more aggression. The new self-titled album didn't disappoint and made a much stronger first impression than their previous album. The Return was my therapeutic release multiple times this week, even if it is one of the slower tracks on the album. Jesse Leach is still one of the most amazing singers and his range is on full display on this song.

    But Killswitch wasn't what I really had in mind this week. I've been struggling with trying to scratch the right hard rock itch lately, as I'm tired of my primary selection. I was looking through Killswitch's album covers and noticing a lot of similarities, which for some reason led me to thinking about all of Iced Earth's album. I previewed a couple of songs since it had been over 5 years since I last listened to them, and I had to have more. The problem was, I couldn't remember the name of the one album that I was really into in college and that's what I really wanted to listen to. While looking through their album covers and titles, nothing was standing out, they were all so over the top that they were indistinguishable from one another. I ended up remembering 3 select songs from 3 different albums - Horror Show, Something Wicked This Way Comes, and The Dark Saga - which became a great mix for my afternoons later in the week. I mainly listen to them for the drums and thrasing speed metal guitars. By the very end of the week I remembered why I stopped listening to them, as their lyrics are so fantastical that they are hard to take seriously. It becomes grating and I'd prefer it to be all instrumental.

    I was happy to rediscover Muse and their Absolution album again this week. I tend to go back to that album a few times a year and it never disappoints. Muse always stands out to me still as the loudest concert that I have been, too. Strangely, they also have a song on their Origin of Symmetry album, Microcuts, that reminds me of the soundtrack to the Ratchet and Clank video game series. I'd been talking about the game recently which made me dive back into their albums.

    Lots of new music that I'm looking forward to checking out this week.

    • On Tuesday, Jack White's new supergroup, The Dead Weather, has their album drop. I've listened to a few sampler songs already and couldn't be more excited for the full album.
    • I grabbed a few new-to-me albums by Karnivool, Vast, and Lacuna Coil that I've been waiting on. We'll see how many spins they get this week.

    Blips from the week of 7/5/09
    You will beg for their lives and their souls
    Muse – Take a Bow

    Don't! Make! It! Look! So! Pretty Burning!
    The Used – Take It Away

    If it gets you down well then I want it
    Queens Of The Stone Age - If Only

    'Cause there's a sad and lonely comfort // In the hollow of your eyes
    Hurt – House Carpenter

    I'm about to lay destruction on you
    Eagles Of Death Metal – IOnly Want You
  • DevL Music: Devour the Lonely Right Frame of Revenga

    6 Jul 2009, 6:04

    Thrice is the most recent member of my top 5 favorite bands. The resurgence this week was due to the announcement of their first song coming to Rock Band. I believe I put on a mix Vheissu and The Illusion Of Safety for a solid afternoon in anticipation. I thought I nailed the vocals during my solo performance in my living room, we’ll have to wait for a real review during my public debut to a forthcoming game night.

    Ryan Star is still to me. I’ve been waiting for him to breakout with a new album since his stint on Rockstar: Supernova (which changed his stage name), but it has been a lot slower going than anticipated. He released his Last Train Home EP and I was less than impressed. So I went back and listened to Songs From The Eye Of An Elephant to regain my confidence in him. Sure enough, after I was in the mood I went back to the EP and “Right Now” started to stand out and rock my face quite a bit.

    I had quite the trio going in my car this week as I’ve been messing around with the Genius playlists quite a bit on my iPhone (now that it scrobbles my tracks to Most of my mixes started with an Arcade Fire song off of Funeral. Inevitably I ended up on a Stereophonics or Our Lady Peace song that made me take an extended listen to their albums. Stereophonics has always been Radiohead-lite to me, but their greatest hits album is pretty much flawless. Mr Writer is up there in my favorite songs for sure. Our Lady Peace only has one album in my mind, and I love to imitate Raine’s voice when I’m alone. I’d never put you through that publicly.

    Other quick notes:

    Blips from the week of 6/28/09
    I can’t sleep until I devour you
    Marilyn Manson – Devour

    I’m told it’s everything a man could want // And I shouldn’t complain
    The Raconteurs – Consoler of the Lonely

    Will the flood behind me // Put out the fire inside me?
    AFI – The Missing Frame

    Should’ve been, could’ve been, would’ve been, would’ve been you
    System Of A Down – Revenga

    Like I said before Ill say it once more // Knew you would make me feel so good
    311 - Do You Right
  • DevL Music: Sucker Image of the End Tonight

    29 Jun 2009, 6:15

    I never gave Mos Def a chance before this week. Sad to say I was more familiar with his acting than the reason why he got the chance to act in the first place. After picking up his new album - The Ecstatic - I was floored. I quickly downloaded Black On Both Sides and mixed the two albums for about two day straight. At one point I described his beats/flow combination as "like Kanye, except with talent and soul." It was a lot catchier than I expected, but at the same time it was refreshing to appreciate his artistry. My Mos Def and Saul William's playlist mix is pretty solid right now, but I could use a few more similar artists to throw in with them.

    Incubus released what I thought was just a greatest hits album last week. That usually means there are one or two new half-assed songs put in there to entice a fan to actually spend money on it. Well, Disc 2 has 10! unreleased songs on it, and I would have paid full price for this disc alone. The Prince cover of Let's Go Crazy stands out since it sounds completely different from most things Incubus these days. Punch Drunk was the favorite song that I hadn't heard before, and it's nice to have a studio version of Pantomime since I had previously only heard it live.

    Nonpoint is a stand by for me anytime that I can't find anything to hard to listen to. I had a strange obsession with their Phil Collin's cover this week. It was featured in the Miami Vice soundtrack of all things.

    My Sunday night discovery of the week came from starting up a station for similar artists to Shiny Toy Guns. The second song that came on was Stiff Kittens by Blaqk Audio. I was actually writing last week's music post at the time and only half paying attention, but I heard a very familiar vocalist and became rather confused since it sounded like I was listening to AFI but I wasn't. Well, somewhere I missed a press release because Davey and Jade of AFI's side project was melting my face. Needless to say, I bought the Blaqk Audio album and mixed it in with Sing the Sorrow and Decemberunderground. I'm very ready for that new AFI album now.

    Blips from the week of 6/21/09
    Living is, hard enough, without you fucking up!
    Breaking Benjamin – Until The End

    Hold on.
    Nonpoint – In The Air Tonight

    There's one born every minute.
    Peeping Tom (ft Norah Jones) – Sucker

    We all were lost now we are found // No one can stop us or slow us down
    Thrice – Image Of The Invisible
  • Surreal Rainbows

    4 Ago 2008, 13:46

    So I went and saw Radiohead last night. The last of my top 3 bands that I needed to see live. They were phenomenal and have definitely reached that larger than life status as I had to keep reminding myself I was seeing them live. Seeing Thom Yorke "dance" at the height of Idioteque will stick with me for the rest of my life.

    However, since Radiohead never comes through Indiana and it's near impossible to get tickets to their Chicago tour stops, this was my only opportunity to see the band. I can't help but feel a bit cheated by their setlist as I was really looking for a blend of The Bends and OK Computer. That's the Radiohead that enamored me so long ago.

    Granted, I knew they would play plenty of their new music, which I am a huge fan of aside from their latest album, In Rainbows. It's not that In Rainbows was a bad album, it just never pulled me in with any standout songs. I figured it would just fade into their catalog. Sadly, they played almost the entirety of the new album throughout their setlist. Not only that, but somehow the drunken rednecks (at a Radiohead concert? Where am I?) next to me, knew all of the words!

    The side effect here was that I was incredibly excited when the older songs were played, Just and Street Spirit were my highlights, even if they confused the sold out crowd.

    Like I said, fantastic show, ranked just below my NIN experience. Although, with a band I only have a small opportunity to see, I couldn't help but wish I had caught them at a different time in both of our lives.
  • "that should be amazing"

    23 May 2007, 23:17

    there are few people in the entertainment industry that can capture my complete admiration. i am a trent reznor fan, whether or not i like what he does, i will consume anything the man makes available for public consumption.,21985,21741980-5006024,00.html

    the article is refreshing for several reasons. the main one being that it illustrates how trent tends to walk the thin line of being self-aware of who he is as an artist and forceably making people aware of who he is as an artist. some characters just over market themselves and shove it down the public's throats. trent seems to just be himself without being overly eccentric to the point he is overbearing, yet he remains incredibly interesting. maybe that layer of mystery is his marketing method, but the more subtle the method, the better, in my opinion.

    also, i'm still enamored with Year Zero and the entire ARG (Alternate Reality Game) developed to market the album. i love the fact he funded this on his own, didn't even bother to try to bring it through his label. yet in the end they take credit for it and attempt to buy the company behind the campaign. and his comment about The Black Eyed Peas ARG is just classic.

    it would be nice however if instead of an artist just complaining about the record industry, that they would have a solution of an alternative. i enjoyed hearing trent's idea of what he would want to do for his next album ($4 download paid through PayPal). it seems that major artists just try to fulfill their major label contracts. go form their own label to try and help out similar low level bands, but end up not being able to really support them.

    trent's wit is scattered throughout the interview. it remains poignant and grounded. in a day and age where every artist or actress tends to have either too many opinions or no personality. it's nice to see a celebrity of such stature just "be".

    more reading:
    Nine Inch Nails

  • i hated jordan

    20 Feb 2007, 5:35

    valentine's day 2001. livin solo sophomore year. still pining over that girl that got away a few months earlier. we had just gotten to the point where we were talking again, restoring the friendship.

    in an unrelated note, that morning a friend of mine shoots me Something Corporate for the first time. tells me to check out this song, since he got a kick out of the ending. i think its great, and love the album.

    that night, i call the girl up to see what she was doing for vDay as she was still single. so i was going to try to springboard the holiday back into possibly starting up a relationship. well, someone was in the way. Jordan. and no, he wasn't a red-head. but he was a little bitch.
  • everlong

    31 Jul 2006, 4:58

    is too much good, new music a bad thing? one may notice that i tend to analyze my habits. and recently all i care to focus on is music. honestly i blame the Fiona Apple concert. it kinda woke up the right side of my brain. seeing someone so consumed by their craft made me take a look at my own. i'd been so consumed by the operations side of project management at work that i hadn't actually done a creative project in months. or at least anything to challenge my creative side. when i sit down to actually "be creative" i need music. the headphones go on. the volume goes up. i hide the cellphone. hide the alarm clock next to my desk. even turn off the clock in my Windows taskbar.

    me, music, and a blank canvas.

    so in the downtime im naturally looking for new music. no problems there. but stopping myself from looking for new music is another issue all together. i get something new. i gotta find the next new thing thats somewhat similar. and the next. the next. until ive crossed all kinds of genres. it never stops. then all of a sudden ive got 6 new albums. all of which ive listened to one time, while im looking for the 7th. so im not actually doing the design work i want to do. im just looking for music.

    luckily last week i found a genre to hold my attention. which calmed me down enough to make the new logo and a few iterations of my website.

    during my last stage of obsession with i literally tagged 10-15 new artists a week to build up my streaming stations. so that i could listen to them en masse and figure out which albums i wanted. add that up over 6 weeks and ive got close to 90 artists that im being exposed to. very cool. but it triggered disinterest pretty quickly. looking for new music became a chore. and i rediscovered my own library.

    fast forward to this weekend where i noticed i hadn't tagged a new artist in 6 months. but i can feel the pendulum swinging back. updated all my tags, found some new friends. and now im logging into the site more often than myspace again.

    trends and habits come in waves that die hard when you are doomed to repeat them.

    speaking of repeat. have you heard the new song by The Killers?
  • omgenre

    25 Jul 2006, 5:16

    bout time i actually nailed down a music genre thats holding my interest for more than 3 days. i've been in some sort of purgatory between indie rock and hard rock for way too long. to me the genre is "not quite techno, not quite hip-hop." for me to branch anywhere near hip-hop it needs to have a quirk, hmm, kinda sounds like my taste in women too. truthfully the only pure rap artists i like at all are old Beastie Boys and Eminem. i respect a lot of the artists but just cant get into their content at all.

    strangely my steps near the genre began with who was once my most hated rap artist, Jay-Z. so my experimentation began with The Grey Album and a mash-up album full of mixes like nirvana vs dmx. i like my rap lyrics to have more of a rock base to them. but there's quite a difference when you get a real rap artist on top of the music, instead of your fred durst's of the world. after i realized i could stand jay-z, i had to finally listen to Collision Course. definitely entertaining, nothing mind blowing, but it worked. i found the grey album was much more musical so this past weekend i started looking up more on DJ Danger Mouse.

    well 5 days later i've come up for air with a solid number of addictions. in no particular order.

    kool keith's rejected - The Return of Dr. Octagon
    more danger mouse - Ghetto Pop Life
    the gorillaz precursor - Deltron 3030

    i even started mixing in some of my other favorites to make a solid mp3 mix cd
    Peeping Tom
    The Faint
    Massive Attack

    haven't been excited about music lately. and coming off of my fiona apple kick, i didn't expect to head in a direction that meshed so well with my demeanor lately. i've been really tense so something that has an edge but still has a lot of flow has had the nice affect of soothing me a bit while keeping me focused.
  • Recoil 1.0 - DFA1979

    26 Ene 2006, 1:29

    You're A Woman, I'm A Machine
    Reflex Review: 8.8/10
    Recoil Review: 7.4/10

    Death from Above 1979 pretty much erupted in my eardrums when i first heard it. turned out to be about a 2 day non-stop rotation of You're a Woman, I'm a Machine and their remix album, Blood on Our Hands. Currently DFA is the cd that won't leave my car's cd player.

    I have discovered though that I'm not listening to the entire album anymore. I'm selecting just a few key tracks. Romantic Rights is way ahead of the rest, and the remixes are fantastic. "Black History Month" is a no brainer, with "Little Girl," "Sexy Results", and "Turn It Out" rounding out my rotation.

    This isn't a reflection of the quality of the rest of the album, but more of my preference for those songs at the moment. I did misjudge the volume of their sound at my first listen. As I showed off the band to a few friends who happened to drive around with me in the next week or so, I noticed that the sound was heavier than I originally thought. I had one of those moments where I was excited to show it off to the person, then immediately realized that they wouldn't like it since the sound was harsher than they normally prefer. Although, later when they didn't know it was the same cd I managed to get them to enjoy a few songs and ask who it was. Which I found interesting.

    I absolutely love the sound, and have definitely trained my ear over the years to hear the music in noise. Which is what a few songs can come across as to someone who is unprepared. I was just disappointed more songs didn't stick out to me. I can usually judge this by being able to name the songs without having to look it up. 5 songs out of 12 ain't bad though after 2 weeks, I just expected more since I had really high hopes.

    I wonder how much I will go back to this album after it leaves my cd player. Tough to say at the moment.

  • devl Tags: Minions.060122

    26 Ene 2006, 0:56

    update a few days later than I would have liked. but was a mess sunday nite/monday and then life took a hold of my time. but better late than never. 18 new artists with 17 streamable.

    to further define my tags, it's important to have a distinguishing difference between devl minions and . devl aware is reserved for any band i come across personally that caught my ear, while devel minions comes specifically artists on my friends lists.

    previous minions that i haven't given up on are going into the . artists that i particularly enjoyed have been upgraded to their appropriate tags.

    artists that leveled up:
    the wrens - ,
    metric - devl musik, pale devl

    notable level 1 minions:
    Massive Attack
    LCD Soundsystem
    John Vanderslice