summer shorties (Hag & the GNR, plus)


10 Jul 2006, 23:32

(Cue Twilight Zone soundtrack):

Supoose, if you will, that Guns 'N Roses might just be the bastard sons of Merle Haggard. From somewhere in that California countryside, both of these artists meld harmonies familiar and new with a big round finger to the Man. Now and then they get off on some dumb tangent--I wasn't too keen on GNR's glorification of spousal abuse, even if "I used to Love her, but I had to kill her" did rock. Today, I'm not too keen on Merle's current harping on migration, but it is consistent with his Union/blue-collar tradition. And Merle & Axl have both done time, tho I'd take the Hag on odds in any back alley brawl. The world may never know.

If Emmylou Harris is the guardian angel of Americana music, Lucinda Williams might just be it's Devil with a Red Dress On. Emmy's the one you wanted to take home to meet momma some summer eve, but later that night you snuck out of the house hoping Lucinda was down draggin Main. yowza, these ladies still got it.

Nancy Wilson's Live at McCabe's Guitar Shop gave me an entirely new outlook on guilty school-years pleasure Heart. There's not much nice to say about the '70s, but the cover of 1976' Dreamboat Annie is practically a young man's dream. hubba yowza. Then they did that '80s big hair thing. Ugh, into the dust bin. Now, I've stumbled back upon Ms. Nancy and her acoustic guitar. As the girls would sing, this helps Even It Up.

Jimmi Hendrix and Terri Hendrix share the same last name, but where would I go from that? Jimmi is an American demi-god--I can add no further accolades worthy. Terri is a Texas alt-angel. She's got spunk, sass, and a great a.... attitude. Some of her stuff is a bit pop for my taste, but whatever. She's got a Grammy courtesy of the Home so what do I know?

Tim Grimm did the Hollywood thing for awhile, now he's back in the Hoosier state. Ya just can't appreciate down home 'till you've seen the lights of the Big City. Not only can Grimm act, he can sing, and write a fine new old-fashioned song. He plays alot of out-of-the way venues, so keep yer eyes open. There's some mighty fine tunes floating thru town this summer.

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  • Smo

    My dad sat in the recording studio while Heart recorded Dreamboat Annie. Probably due to his influence, I still have a soft spot for that album, and Little Queen. I always thought of them as a kind of female Led Zep. Their later stuff, though, kind of sucks. Sadly.

    11 Jul 2006, 20:54
  • jcshepard

    Recorded at Can-Base Studios, Vancouver, Canada. If you haven't heard Nancy Wilson's newer solo material, [i]Live at McCabe's Guitar Shop[/i] is a great acoustic mix of Heart tunes & covers (Paul Simon, Joni Mitchell, Peter Gabriel). BTW- the photo icon is not Heart's Nancy. The Nancy Wilson wiki explicalé.

    13 Jul 2006, 13:20
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