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21 Sep 2007, 0:53

Snow Patrol
Monday, 17th of September, 2007 – Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne.

(Support: Silversun Pickups & Iain Archer)

Setlist: (Not in order- will be in order soon)
Hands Open
It's Beginning To Get To Me
Headlights On Dark Roads
Signal Fire
Grazed Knees
How To Be Dead
Tiny Little Fractures
Spitting Games
Chasing Cars
Shut Your Eyes
Make This Go On Forever
Set The Fire To The Third Bar
The Finish Line
Open Your Eyes
You're All I Have


I arrived to Melbourne’s Rod Laver Arena at around 3pm, ready for the doors to open at around 6:45pm. The crowd was a mix between young and old, but mostly consisted of little teenage girls. The female fans dominated the male fans. My mate and I managed to get a spot in the third row centre of the stage. The first act to perform was former Snow Patrol member, Iain Archer. His set was quite impressive; he mostly played tracks from his 2006 album ‘Magnetic North’. Tracks on his set featured When It Kicks In, Everything I've Got and Summer Jets. His music was very calm and pleasant, he reminded me of a one-man Coldplay.

The next and final support of the night was American band, Silversun Pickups. Sadly the lead singer Brian Aubert had just about lost his voice. The band improvised and bass guitarist, Nikki Monninger took over some of Brian’s vocals for the set. Brian was very comical and enjoyable to watch. Brian told the crowd he was so sorry about his voice and would make it up by signing autographs after the show, although I could not find him after the show. Silversun Pickups failed to play two of my favourite tracks ‘Well Thought Out Twinkles’ and ‘Future Foe Scenarios’. Early on the night Snow Patrol’s bass guitarist walked on stage to a big a round of applause, Brian grabbed Paul Wilson for a big fake kiss to the crowds delight. Later in the set Paul Wilson joined Silversun Pickups on stage once again to perform the final song of the set, Lazy Eye.

By now the Rod Laver Arena was just about as packed it could be, although there were a few empty areas where the impeded viewing was situated. Strangely enough just about a year ago Snow Patrol was an unknown band played in Melbourne’s Metro venue, and now the boys from Northern Ireland are playing Stadium Shows. The 15,000 crowd erupted when Snow Patrol arrived on stage. The set begun with Eyes Open hit, ‘Hands Open’ during the song Gary changed the lyrics to “…And we’ll play your favourite song/ Melbourne burst to life…”. A surprising start to the concert as traditionally Snow Patrol begins with ‘Spitting Games’. Snow Patrol moved to ‘Final Straw’ hits such as Chocolate and Tiny Little Fractures. Gary worked the crowd greatly, he showed a sense of humour, and his vocals were flawless throughout the night.

For the first time in Melbourne, Snow Patrol played their Spiderman single ‘Signal Fire’. I felt the song lacked energy and it wasn’t as great live as it is on the recorded version. Gary Lightbody introduced Chasing Cars as a love song and as everyone heard the famous guitar opening the crowd went crazy (as 80% of the crowd came to the concert to hear that song unfortunately). I still cringe a little bit when I hear ‘Chasing Cars’ live. Gary Lightbody put the battle of the sexes to the test during the song, ‘Shut Your Eyes’. He asked each sex to sing the line “Shut Your Eyes, and Sing To Me”, the females won very convincingly.

Iain Archer joined Snow Patrol on stage with Melbournian Laura Jean to play the acoustic guitar in the song ‘Set the Fire to the Third Bar’. Iain Archer looked so happy and comfortable on stage with his former band. Iain Archer came back on stage with Snow Patrol later in the night to open the encore with ‘The Finish Line’.

One of the greatest highlights of the night was the performance of my personal favourite song ‘Run’. It was done beautifully, the lines “To think I might not see those eyes/Makes it so hard not to cry” still move me in a way no other lyrics do. It was during those lyrics all the instruments in the band stopped for those two lines and made them more meaningful and focused. ‘Open Your Eyes’ was another highlight for me, it was as powerful live as it is on the Eyes Open Album. Snow Patrol ended the night with ‘You’re All I Have’ as I walked out with a huge smile and satisfaction fulfilled on my third Snow Patrol concert.

Although my night was far from over now, Iain Archer was out signing autographs after the show so I managed to take a photo with him as well as an autograph. Iain is a very nice bloke, and it was a great idea to meet and greet the fans after the show. We then left the building and headed towards the official Rod Laver Arena parking lot where we waited for over an hour for Snow Patrol to exit the building. Finally they jumped into two different vans, and we then chased them and all of a sudden the second van stopped. Out came Gary Lightbody! And I could not believe my eyes, my idol was there right in front of me. I latched on to him with a huge hug, my friend and I grabbed onto him. Gary greeted us and said in his accent comically “Are we just going to hug or are we going to take some photos?”. I rushed for the camera and we all got photos with the Snow Patrol vocalist. I asked Gary why they don’t play their older material anymore and he replied with “They just don’t go”. Gary went back into the van, and I was happier then I ever could be.

Overall the night was on the best of my life. Snow Patrol did gave free CD’s of Final Straw away for each ticket purchased due to the lack of lyrics from Final Straw known on Snow Patrol’s last Australian tour in February, this time it was much better and about half the crowd were singing to the terrific tunes from Final Straw album. The stage set looked great, and overall the setlist was pretty good. The setlist was only 16 songs compared to the a 20 song setlist they performed in February. Although I would have much preferred to hear a few older songs from the Snow Patrol back-catalogue.


Set-List: 9
Artists Performance: 9.5
Self-Enjoyment: 9.5
Total: 28/30

Mon 17 Sep – Snow Patrol, Silversun Pickups, Iain Archer


  • thaVaddict

    Great review. I don't reckon the performance was as good as Festival Hall's (and certainly didn't touch Metro), but it certainly was an enjoyable night. Kudos to the crowd for actually learning some of the lyrics to Final Straw. The only real disappointing thing for me was the lack of Clock Is Ticking...and the non-lack of Signal Fire, being a pretty boring and uninspiring song to start with and played live certainly didn't change my opinion of it.

    21 Sep 2007, 4:07
  • princesscarline

    That is fabulous! I loved that they gave the cd to everyone because final straw has so many amazing songs. This was one of my fave concerts.

    12 Mar 2010, 11:47
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