If I had Time Machine I would go to 1973


22 Mar 2010, 18:26

And you?


  • BoldmanUK

    Been there already ;) it was okay...

    28 Mar 2010, 18:24
  • skiesrblue

    1977 - Genesis at Earls Court... :))

    28 Mar 2010, 18:40
  • jaricleiv

    @BoldmanUK I envy you. It was the greatest time for rock music, wasn't it? @skiesrblue But they've already lost Peter Gabriel.

    28 Mar 2010, 19:09
  • AlexboyCO

    Long time ago but it was a great time for music. Most of my first LPs had been bought around that time. I had the pleasure to listen to some of the bands live and my mind was young and without the problems I know today. But I won't travel back. Today I got much more music to see and hear than I had the possibilities back than. I love it the way it is today. Everybody should enjoy his piece of time in the place he is able to choose. But you may dream whatever you want. Only the mind is unbound. Keep on ( prog - ) rocking!

    7 Sep 2010, 20:06
  • Madseryi

    Квадрофения, Brain salad Surgery, Дарк Сайд, Майк Олдфилд! Но я бы всё-таки в 71й. Там был Meddle, Sticky Fingers, The Yes Album, лучшие альбомы Caravan, Janis Joplin, Allman Brothers, Santana, T.Rex. Ну и Лестница в небо, ессно)

    7 Jun 2011, 20:30
  • jaricleiv

    Не знаю, не знаю. Корован еще куда ни шло, но все остальное мне не очень нравится. В 73 году было много других альбомов, кроме названных - у Дженезис, Верблюда, Джетро Талл, у того же Корована, Тома Уэйтса, Ласкового Гиганта, Малинового Короля, Генри Коровы, Самла Маммас Манны, Магмы, Атомного Петуха, Хоуквинда, Рика Уэйкмана. Не, 1973 был великим годом.

    8 Jun 2011, 19:05
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