• School of Seven Bells @ Hailey's

    11 Oct 2010, 22:18

    Fri 8 Oct – School of Seven Bells, Active Child

    I am sorry to say that this was one of the most disappointing shows I have ever attended. The sound at Hailey's was beyond abysmal; The guitars were cranked so loud & fuzzed out so badly that you couldn't really hear chord progressions or the tracked-in synths (yeah, no live synths). Alejandra didn't stay close enough to the mic, and her vocals kept warbling in and out. It was like listening to a deafening boombox from behind a deafening white noise machine. Also, Claudia was inexplicably missing.

    SVIIB is not a band that can crank it up to 11 and call it a job well done. The music is nuanced and complex, and the lack of audible synths or harmonies just killed the songs.

    I had been looking forward to this show for months. I love this band. So, so disappointing.

    Also, Active Child may be a good band, but I wouldn't know from their set. Their sound was also muddy and way too loud. All the lows and highs were trimmed into white noise. I was bored out of my mind.
  • LoveLikeFire, please don't ever play in Denton again.

    14 Oct 2007, 16:14

    Fri 12 Oct – LoveLikeFire

    Secret Headquarters was really hard to find. There are no signs, and the entrance is behind the building. We got there around 8:30 (doors opened at 8) an there was a band doing a sound check. No one else was really there. The venue was basically a 20x20 ft. room with no stage. We asked someone when LoveLikeFire was going to play, and we were told that the opening band would start around 9:00 and LLF would play at 10:00. So we hung around downtown Denton for an hour and then went back. No one was playing, and as best as we could tell, there were maybe 6 other people (besides the bands) there to hear the show. Pretty weird. We asked what was happening, and were told that since there were only 2 bands, they decided to start 10, and that LLF would play around 11. Well, at this point we were tired of waiting around and left.

    It's kinda sad that the whole thing was so loosely organized and that LLF didn't have a bigger turnout. I really wanted to stay, but I was just tired of waiting. Besides, the whole vibe was just really odd. Pretty disappointing night, I have to say, since I was really looking forward to it. I'm frankly shocked that a band that sounds as good as LLF would end up in a place like Secret Headquarters.

    LLF: Please do come back to DWF, but try to get booked in Deep Ellum/Lower Greenville area. You'll get a much better crowd. And you deserve it!
  • Actresses Who Sing.

    7 Nov 2006, 20:11

    Not every actress was born to sing. I hear Zoe Deschanel has a lovely voice, but Juliette Lewis sounds like Joan Jett overdosing on antifreeze while pounding down a couple dozen chicken pot pies. There should be a new warning label developed for Juliette’s album. It should say: “If you can hear anything—absolutely anything at all, perhaps someone laughing or a bird chirping, do not buy this album because it will make you die a little inside." Stop singing, Juliette. Think of the children. That goes for you, too, Mr. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah singer.
  • Sam's Town is awful.

    19 Oct 2006, 3:23

    The new Killers album is a total loss. Don't waste your cash.
  • Minipop Rocks!

    31 Mar 2006, 1:28

    I can't believe I actually started a group. Join the Minipop fan group:
  • Do you like my radio station?

    29 Ene 2006, 22:25

    So... if you're listening to my radio station, and you like it and wish it would stick around for a while, let me know. Otherwise, it may get the axe. Thanks!