• The Weekly Playlist

    19 Feb 2008, 6:14

    Crunk Metal Radio is pleased to present this week's 10 essential tunes. For those who have forgotten, the format is as follows... 8 songs, some new, some old, which are worth checking out, a guilty pleasure, and one song so laughably bad that you have to hear it just to cry tears of joy as you laugh at the poor pitiful "artist" who put out the shitty song... Anyway on to the picks...


    1. Framing Hanley--Hear Me Now Tennessee is known for country, but this song should prove once and for all that Nashville rocks hard too.
    2. Simple Plan--Take My Hand At some point, the band grew up and stopped sucking...while this isn't a great song, it is definitely worth a listen if you like pop/punk.
    3. Trapt--Stay Alive--this woefully underplayed Trapt single off their live cd flows with more energy than just about any other song off their latest disc.
    4. Billy Talent--Perfect World--if you didn't know Canadian had some great rocking punk bands (and I'm not talking about some sort of weak pop/punk like Sum 41), it's time for you to change that.
    5. Blaqk Audio--Where Would You Like Them Left--a sweet little sexy song with some naughty lyrics, one of the better electronic songs I've heard in awhile.
    6. *BRAND SPANKING NEW* 10 Years--the new single Beautiful off their upcoming album Divison will blow your mind. It even tops such previous singles such as Wasteland and Through The Iris.
    7. Breaking Benjamin--Forget It--they've never sounded so melodic or beautiful; besides, you have to love something that changes keys every 6 seconds.
    8. Chevelle--Humanoid, blows away current single The Fad
    9. Your guilty pleasure for the week: Miley Cyrus--See You Again Though your mind revolts at the concept of liking a song from Hannah Montana, deep down, your soul will be singing along...
    and finally 10. The so bad it makes you laugh uncontrollably:

    Britney Spears--Piece of Me Just typing that caused me to start crying again--tears of mirth, not sorrow of course--you can get all the pictures you need to jack off without actually buying the album or even worse, trying to enjoy the "music."

    Check back next week for another installment's of Crunk Metal Radio's essential tracks.
  • So What Is Crunk Metal?

    19 Feb 2008, 4:55

    That's a good question, my fellow listener. While there are no Crunk Metal radio stations (yet), the genre is picking up steam every day. Very simply, crunk metal is a wide-ranging super-genre that encapsulates many of the elements of music that we all love so dearly.
    If you're anythink like the typical CM listener, you really appreciate rock and metal, bands like Linkin Park, Atreyu, and Avenged Sevenfold. However, deep inside of you, there is a part of you that has guilty pleasures, real genuine shit like Kelly Clarkson or Miley Cyrus and her inescapable hit See You Again. We appreciate that, and our genre incorporates that. It isn't time to hide away the fact that we like Justin Timberlake--come out of the closet and enjoy your guilty pleasures.
    Also, there is some music so bad that we can enjoy laughing at it. Crank That from Souljah Boy comes to mind. We appreciate that too, especially if it has a good beat and is "danceable."
    Finally, the epitome of crunk metal is music that is both crunk and metal. An example is Mike Jones's mega hit Mr. Jones or Party Like a Rockstar. These songs feel the beat of the street while slamming back some serious metallic chops.
    I invite you to join our group, enlarge the conversation, and appreciate our crowning jewel, the Crunk Metal tag radio've never heard radio like it before. And feel free to join in and tag your own crunk metal... thanks for joining the experience.
  • Bands I Want new CD's from

    18 Ene 2006, 20:44

    Several bands that I really like have not released new material in awhile.
    First, I really want to see a new cd from Chronic Future. They have some demos from a new album up, and I hope that they actually make a full new cd. They are one of the most original bands in alternative rock/rap today, and I want to see how their evolution continues two years after their last cd.

    I understand that many people here hate Linkin Park but I really do like their work (except the not-so-good reanimation cd.) and I hope that they will finally make a 3rd cd. Possibly they have run out of ideas, and the cd will sound like a lesser version of the last two, but I think they still have a few more good songs in them.

    Brave Saint Saturn is also long overdue in releasing a new cd. The best astropop/rock band in many years, but they only have 2 cds out, and they haven't released one since 2003. They have said that the next cd was almost finished, but the long period of waiting for it continues.

    Also, I'm waiting on
    Anti-Flag to release a new cd. It's been a long time since their last effort, at least in the political world, and its time for new songs summing up the new evils of King Bush II.

    Now, bands we really don't need a new cd from yet.

    I really like System of a Down, but the 2 cd's in a year idea was not so good. It turns out the 2nd cd was another Steal This Album! type of effort with few great songs and lots of filler. They should rest for awhile before trying to do new material, as they seem to have lost their touch on Hypnotize.

    Also, I occasionally like Eminem, but he has lost his touch, and I think he needs a long break before he releases anything else. The Greatest Hits cd really wasn't very good, (the new songs) and I don't need any more Eminem for a long time.

    That's all for now.
  • New music from Chronic Future

    17 Ene 2006, 21:21

    One of my favorite bands has finally come out with some new music. Chronic Future has some new demos up on their website. They have three links to new songs up now, and they will be switching those out with new songs occasionally. Check these out, they are really good, and they are only demos, so they should sound better on their next album!

    EDIT: So far, my favorite of the new songs is I Go So Slow.