Music Survey - 10 Overall Artists


25 Oct 2007, 16:51

Well, I saw this somewhere, and I'd like to do something similar, but with different questions, to a degree.

So, take the top 10 overall artists, and ask for each of them the following questions:

1. First song heard from them
2. Favourite song
3. Favourite album
4. Seen live?
5. Favourite cover art

Well, let's do it...

#1 AFI
Q1: He Who Laughs Last
Q2: Fall Children
Q3: Black Sails in the Sunset
Q4: Yes
Q5: The Art of Drowning

#2 Beck
Q1: Loser
Q2: Bit Rate Variations Girl
Q3: One Foot In The Grave
Q4: No
Q5: Stereopathic Soulmanure

#3 Sam Cooke
Q1: Another Saturday Night... but that's a guess
Q2: That's Where It's At
Q3: The Man Who Invented Soul
Q4: No
Q5: The Man Who Invented Soul

#4 The Bouncing Souls
Q1: Say Anything
Q2: Streetlight Serenade (To No One)
Q3: How I Spent My Summer Vacation
Q4: Yes
Q5: Anchors Aweigh and Maniacal Laughter

#5 Tiger Army
Q1: not sure
Q2: Outlaw Heart
Q3: Tiger Army
Q4: Yes
Q5: Tiger Army III: Ghost Tigers Rise

#6 The Offspring
Q1: Self Esteem
Q2: One Fine Day
Q3: too hard to choose
Q4: Yes
Q5: Ixnay on the Hombre

#7 Primus
Q1: Jerry was a Racecar Driver
Q2: Whamola
Q3: none
Q4: Yes
Q5: Sailing The Seas Of Cheese

#8 Elliott Smith
Q1: Miss Misery
Q2: Miss Misery
Q3: Good Will Hunting Soundtrack
Q4: No
Q5: Figure 8

#9 Horrorpops
Q1: Walk Like a Zombie
Q2: Where They Wander
Q3: Hell Yeah!
Q4: No
Q5: Hell Yeah!

#10 Billy Bragg
Q1: Chile Your Waters Run Red Through Soweto
Q2: A New England
Q3: none
Q4: No
Q5: Workers Playtime


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