My Life: The Movie - The Soundtrack


9 Nov 2006, 1:28

My friend Louley posted a meme where you put your media player on random and take each song that comes up as the soundtrack for a particular portion of the movie of your life (in order). Hers is here. Mine is below.

Opening Credits:
Last Rites - A little odd to begin on an instrumental funeral song but I'll take it.

Waking Up:
Round Here - Freakishly perfect.

First Day at School:
Twistin' - Actually from the album Live!! New York City 1994.

Falling In Love:
At This Moment - Just great. My love life opens with a sappy love song from the eighties. That's a bad omen.

Fight Song:
Hateful - Okay, this song kicks ass. It wouldn't have been my first choice but, now that I hear it in this context, it's easy to see.

Breaking Up:
Preservation - "Girl you just replaced an abyss and it's a bitch." The tone is right but the lyrics are all over the place.

Feather Pluckn - Life is definitely feather plucking insane.

Mental Breakdown:
Venus De Milo - An instrumental is nice now and again.

World Shut Your Mouth - Fucking brilliant. Best selection so far. This could be on every road mix from now to the end of driving.

Susan - There are no stand out Susans in my past but it's a nice song.

Getting Back Together:
Mission Bells - I like the reggae-ish chorus.

Playboys - More lyrics that don't bode well for the outcome. "I survived despite you."

Birth of Child:
The Ghost At Number One - A live version from Fan Club.

Final Battle:
Crazy World - Not as good as the earlier track from The Farm. This is a better night driving song but it could fit.

Death Scene:
Fucker - This is going to be a heartbreaking death scene. Blood creeping slowly across the floor. Eyes furiously fighting with the past and the lack of a future.

Funeral Song:
Hush Little Baby... - I'd like to thank Winamp for outing my mini obsession with all things The Crow. Though I do think it's nice to end the song on a similar note as it opened. Based on the music so far, this film isn't a Comedy nor is it very comedic.

End Credits:
I Believe - Donnie Darko proved it was still hip to have Tears for Fears tracks in your film, so I have no shame in Roland Orzabal singing us out.


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