Album Review: Alanis Morissette - Jagged Little Pill Acoustic (2005)


3 Jul 2011, 14:41

Alanis Morissette - Jagged Little Pill Acoustic

At first I had some doubts if I really wanted to buy this album, because it contains exactly the same songs as the 'normal' Jagged Little Pill and I thought it made no sense to have just another copy of it. But I am glad I did! I bought it in January of this year (2011). For this album Alanis recorded acoustic versions of all songs of Jagged Little Pill, 10 years after the release of the original album. To record this album she went back to co-writer Glen Ballard and the same studio where she recorded Jagged Little Pill. In interviews published on her website you can see how strange and emotional this was for her, going 10 years back in time, to where it all began. But the result is very good, I really like it. You can hear how her voice has evolved and matured during the past 10 years which brings more vocal variation in the songs. Some of the songs are really much better than the original ones, especially a song I never liked very much: Not the Doctor. It benefits so much from the acoustic setting combined with the variations in her voice and in the melody, making it sound much more interesting. Wake Up is also very very beautiful with the string arrangements. And of course Your House, I never paid much attention to that song, because it was (and still is) the hidden track. But this version is so beautiful, you have to listen to the album until the end of it. For some songs the acoustic thing doesn't work so well: All I Really Want and Right Through You need a little bit more rock in my opinion. For the more down-tempo songs on the other hand, it works very very well: Perfect, Forgiven and Mary Jane are getting more depth in this way. Surprisingly You Oughta Know also sounds very good acoustic. It is like a second layer is revealed. Because the anger is less present, there is more room for the other feelings in this song, like the pain. I really like the sound of the acoustic guitar in this song. Hand in My Pocket is also very good, the harmonica fits very well with the acoustic guitar. But the high bell-like sounds can become a bit annoying in time. Last thing I really like are the new lyrics of Ironic: "and meeting his beautiful husband!" Just so funny! I think it is very original what she did, making this new acoustic version of her old bestseller album. As far as I know it was never done by any artist in the past. I also like the booklet. The cover is a beautiful tribute to the original Jagged Little Pill cover. The same pictures but in soft warm orange/brownish tones. It fits with the acoustic concept. The pictures in the same warm tones are also beautiful, showing Alanis as she was in 2005, more mature and more in peace with herself than she was 10 years before. The text and thank-yous are heartwarming personal. I also like the inside with pictures of the musicians and the sheet music in the background of the lyrics. It all fits very nicely together and forms something complete. I am glad to have it in my collection.

Best tracks: You Oughta Know, Perfect, Hand in My Pocket, Ironic, Wake Up / Your House

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  • MustBeDreaming1

    agreement again :-) i really love this version of JLP, it's so calm and deep, and mature, and not just a "i want moneymoneymoney, so i will re-record my best album", as some persons say :-( best rearrangements for me are Your House (the original version is a bit annoying for me, but this one is just heartbreaking) and Not The Doctor (it became so dark and gloomy) :-) worst is Hand In My Pocket (actually, the only song i like MUCH less in acoustic). and about this Ironic Husband - it's brilliant, really! whan i heard it at first time, i was in the bus, on my way to University... i just couldn't stop laughing for about 10 minutes, people kept staring at me, but i could do nothing! it's a really funny (but honest) lyric-replacement :D

    3 Jul 2011, 16:04
  • Rhyme79

    Great review! I certainly agree with this statement..."You can hear how her voice has evolved and matured during the past 10 years which brings more vocal variation in the songs."

    2 Oct 2011, 13:55
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