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18 Feb 2009, 18:58

Mon 16 Feb – Alanis Morissette

My god Alanis Morissette knows how to rock. I just saw her live for the first time (hoping it's not the last one), and trust me, very few times I've felt such an adrenaline rush. And by the way, SHE IS GORGEOUS. I mean, I thought she didn't fix herself up muchly on the pictures, but I guess it's just the fact that she isn't photgenic.

The setlist:

The Couch I
Versions of Violence
All I Really Want
The Couch II
Not The Doctor
Not As We
Head Over Feet
The Couch III
Sympathetic Character
You Oughta Know

Hand in my Pocket (Acoustic)
So Unsexy (Acoustic)
Everything (Acoustic)

You Learn
Thank U

I really did miss Hands Clean and would've loved to hear 8 easy steps live, but I got Versions of Violence instead. Another song I wish she'd done was Underneath. I can't understand why isn't she singing it in all of this tour's concerts, since it's the lead single of the album she's promoting. I guess she just doesn't like promoting the album and tries to give one hell of a show instead. BTW I never thought Sympathetic Character would be so strong. I love it from now. The best song in my opinion was You Oughta Know. I really think I broke my vocal chords singing (shouting) along to it. And the way she'd move her hair. AMAZING. I had a blast (and I was sitting next to Chiquidrácula). So... as she'd say: I'm humbled by her humble nature. Kudos to miss Morissette.


  • Grekh

    Yes, I agree with you, it was a great concert, although I think it could have lasted longer, I mean...it was too short!! I was very excited to see her, it was also my first time to see her live! I missed my chance once I was in Canada, but now...I COULD SEE HER IN MY OWN COUNTRY!! I'm so happy I could see her live ! Alanis,...YOU ROCK!

    2 Mar 2009, 1:00
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