I'm a "Top Fan" of...


10 Oct 2006, 3:44

Going backwards from how high they rank on my overall list:

The just plain sad section:
191. I'm the #31 fan of Ev Angel with only 6 listens. Being that this is the band that Copeland spawned from, I'm quite surprised.

180. #27 for Like David, 7 listens.

180. #15 for The Hot Stewards, guess they really do suck and I fell for it.

180. #10 for Cape Renewal, not that big of a deal, but I thought they had some groupies at least.

173. #9 for Dreaming of the Fifth, 8 listens, we live in a sad sad world.

164. #44 for Still Breathing, 9 listens, sad sad world.

148. #44 for The River Bends, probably just because I use the actual band name instead of saying it's Denison Witmer.

I skip a lot here, just to keep from crying over the utter sadness of it.

107. #10 fan for Blake Hazard, I used to listen to her a lot, but only 20 listens since being on this site, where's all the Bostonites?

104. #18 fan for Undertow Orchestra, I'll attribute this to all of their songs being live.

86. #3 fan for Questions in Dialect, do people really not like this band?

66. #18 fan for M.Craft, I just started listening to this guy seriously.

60. #44 fan for This Beautiful Mess, they deserve more.

54. #2 for Alathea

52. #21 for Dear Ephesus

52. #6 for TW Walsh, seriously?

49. #45 for Rosemary Clooney

46. #1 for Apt°Core, wierd

37. #26 for Campsite

It's begun to make sense section:

36. #30 for At The Close Of Everyday.

33. #12 for Chris Staples

27. #36 for Namelessnumberheadman

27. #50 for Discover America

18. #25 for Waterdeep, even though I haven't really listened in forever.

16. #3 for All Things Bright and Beautiful

4. #21 for Viva Voce, I just moved up from #35 as deserved.


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