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My current music-related gear:
Dali Ikon 6 MK2 + Denon AVR-X1000
HiFiMAN HE-400 + O2 + ODAC
Blue Yeti + Novation SL 61 MK2

If someone can get the headphones off me, I'm usually found on a road trip (finally was able to buy a new motorbike!), a gig, playing disc golf, swimming or doing some gaming. Or cooking + watching movies.

Lapsistain rakkain tää näyttämö on
Mis kuutamo kujillaan kulkee
Taipunut havu, kesä hoivassa sen
Valkomeren niin aavan
Joka aavekuun siivin
Saapuu mut kotiin noutamaan

Päällä talvisen maan hetki kuin ikuisuus
Mi pienen kissan jaloin luokseni hiipii
Tääl tarinain lähteellä asua saan mis
Viulu valtavan kaihon
Ikisäveltään maalaa
Laulullaan herättää maan

- Taikatalvi -

What's a miracle, if life itself is not
Who am I to praise it's worth with a hymn
I may stumble over words that I forgot
Just as life itself will slowly begin

Sing me a song for the mountains to move
Sing me the anthem of life

I'm sceptical, I like my glass of wine
I don't know your name, or what I am to do
One day you'll wonder why I read between the lines
And you will sing for me, the way I sang for you

Sing me a song for the ocean to part
Sing me the anthem of life

So another page is turned
Pray I understand what's happening
But if anything, I do know this
I'll be the best I can

Sing me a song like the angels rejoice
Sing me an anthem of life

- Anthem -

Those who wager all will have to name a reason
If you can't let go, you will end up empty handed
If you can't control, you'll live your life in vain

Who decides about my time to come
Who is able to break through the circle of life and doom
Don't look back, keep on track to break the curse
Take the chance, design your universe
We can't undo what we have done
So show us now what we've become
Confront us with our viciousness
And our weakness, we can't evade our destiny
So show responsibility
For we all surely have a sense of our consciousness
To take for taking's sake will leave a path of loss and strain

And endless breaking of faith can warrant acts of treason
If you can't let go, you will end up empty handed
If you can't control, you'll live your life in vain
Who decides about what's true or false
Who is able to sift through the treasures from the flukes

The time has come, we have to see
That total wisdom is in reach
The time has come to colour in the lines
We must identify the signs

So many people are full of hate
While love and light are in their reach
So many people will harm themselves
But life can be so beautiful
So many people will idolize
While their own success is in their reach

Don't forget you're able to design your own universe

- Design Your Universe -

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