7 Random Questions


10 Jul 2008, 22:52

1. What is your favourite album by artist #40?

Dixie Chicks: Home. This album is too good not to love. It's good country without all the typical tricks and just great songs with great harmonies and lyrics. You don't have to be a Texan to love it...but I just happen to be. ;o)

Favorite song: Long Time Gone

2. How did you get into artist #3?

Lewis Taylor: A co-worker about 7 or 6 years ago went to an indie record store and was passed this CD by the owner for a listen. He then passed it to me and I've been a long time fan ever since. There isn't one song of his that I don't love. If you don't know who he is...Shame shame...

Favorite song: I cannot pick just one...they are all brilliant.

3. What is your favourite song by artist #6?

Tony Lucca: I'm going to go with Death of Me. It's even better live.

4. What is the worst song by artist #45?

Stone Temple Pilots: Is there a worse song? You're talking to a life long fan...I'll love anything they put out.

Favorite song: (today, because this changes all the time) Wicked Garden, Interstate Love Song, and Plush. I choose these songs because I just saw them in concert and they rocked them all...especially these songs.

5. How many albums do you own by artist #37?

Incubus: Every last one of them. Awesome band.

Favorite song: Steller, I Miss You, and Dig.

6. What is your favourite lyric by artist #7?

from Diorama: Across the Night

"I don't want to be lonely, I just want to be alone..."
That line gets me all the time.

7. Is there a song by artist #20 that makes you sad?

Marc Broussard: Let Me Leave

This song came to me at the right time...when someone needed to say these words to me but didn't...so Marc did. Even bad relationships have love songs.


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