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24 Nov 2008, 2:56

Because I am bored, I stole this from nefertari_nz. Even though this acc is neeew and the charts aren't really all that true..but nevermind.

Write the top 10 artists from your page, then write the first song you heard, which song made you love them, and your current favorite song.

1. ガゼット
first heard: Cassis
loved: Cassis
current favourite: 十七歳, DISTORTED DAYTIME

first heard: Cage
loved: ゆらめき
current favourite: ゆらめき, 予感, 鬼眼 -kigan-, CHILD PREY

3. 蜂-biene-
first heard: 軽薄的イデオロギー
loved: ラビット症候群
current favourite: ラビット症候群

4. シド
first heard: Sweet?
loved: 私は雨
current favourite: 必要悪, 土曜日の女,

5. しゃるろっと
first heard: 横浜ラブストーリー
loved: ピクニック
current favourite: しゃる we dance?, FUCK給食, xxxx

first heard: ~Surveillance~
loved: Two Hurt
current favourite: 黄泉の譲り葉, Baby play

7. Dolly
first heard: INject Candy
loved: INject Candy
current favourite: シャイニーメリー, mirror,mirage

8. lynch.
first heard: enemy
loved: ラティンメリア
current favourite: Adore

9. ν
first heard: Cherry.
loved: HONEY Bee★
current favourite: スプラッシュ!

10. アンティック-珈琲店-
first heard: Escapism
loved: NYAPPY in the world
current favourite: NYAPPY in the world 4 ~般ニャ化教のテーマ~, Cherry咲く勇気!!


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