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as this page is about music, i think i'm supposed to write about this topic. :)

i think music is a quite strange thing. in fact, it's just noises, created in more or less repeating patterns which follow special rules. depending on what rules they are, music is able to be classified in certain ways. those classifications seem to be very important to people. "what kind of music do you listen to?" is something i have been asked quite often.

and i never knew what to say. i know that people asking this questions usually tend to classify me after the musical style i prefer, as if that would give them insight into my personality. but that's completely wrong.

i think music is very interesting. at first the process it takes to create music. after that the social effect it hast on society and vise versa - the effects society has on music. furthermore the ideologies which are combined with certain musical styles and the reasons for that (btw, this is exactly why people judge other people depending on their musical preferences) - all things that i like to explore.

some people say i don't have any musical taste. maybe that's right. music does affect me in an emotional way. when i feel good, i like to listen to cheerful music, when i feel sad i listen to more gloomy tunes, when i work i listen to ambient-music and when i'm thoughtful i listen to what is called "intellectual music".

so my mood also affects the styles i prefer as well as the bands i listen to. often i'm interested into a specific kind of genre just because i didn't know it before, sometimes i listen to a genre for some weeks and then my interest ceases and then disappears completely. sometimes i listen to something new and i think THAT'S IT! THE BEST MUSIC EVER MADE! and some days later i don't even remember anything.

since pages are online that are like, recording every single track you listen to, it seems like the "musical identity" of people is becoming clearer.

"so you're into alternative indie-rock - and what's about that song of shakira you listened to on wednesday, 13th of august 2006?" - "oh... eh... that was just my sister when i left my computer for a while."

but we shouldn't exaggerate this. i'm quite sure that you can say NOTHING about me by looking at my "favorite bands" as does it call. what isn't regarded is the fact that i sometimes have only one random cd at hand which i play over and over again. and just because i had only those leftfield-mp3s on my usb-stick when i went to work the last week doesn't mean that leftfield is the best band ever.

you know what i mean? maybe not.

in short: music is just for the liking, but is beeing abused by social reasons and for the sake of creating ones identitiy. don't take music too serious! listen to it, like it, tolerate other opinions and that's it.

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