Bored? Me?


6 Jul 2008, 21:50

Hm, I am supposed to write the first sentence on each song I get on shuffle. in order. Eh, you know the deal. Except with lyrics instead of songtitle

My first words:
They dont eat, dont sleep

What my mom said when she gave birth to me:
I can hear you callin', callin' my name out loud.
I Can Hear You Calling

What I say every morning when I wake up:
In the winter time
In the Winter Time

What my friends think of me:
Going down a last act scene

First words I spoke to my first true love:
Whatcha think I am
The Spell

If someone says this, it makes me mad:
Stand back from me honey
We Stand A Chance

My battle cry:
Another prophet of disaster
Die With Your Boots On

My outlook on life:
The world is a vampire, sent to drain
Bullet With Butterfly Wings

My message to the world:
There's a shadow on the moon tonight
Night Driver

This always cheers me up:
May This Be Love

What my ex said to break up with me:
I've got a thorn in my side

People think I'm crazy if I say this:
If you close the door
After Hours

I said this when I lost my virginity:
You gotta learn to listen, listen to learn
Learn to Listen

What I'd say to break up with someone:
He did nothing perfect
He Didn't

I said this when I found out I got someone pregnant:
You say you wanna leave me,

I said this in my wedding vows:
Where in the world have you been

What people said when I got married:
Lump sat alone in a boggy marsh

This is what I said when I proposed:
I thought I saw him on the video
God Is On The Radio

What I said when I fired:
A misty shadow spread its wings
Rainy Day In June

My last words:
Another fairytales

What people said at my funeral:
Gold coast slave ship bound for cotton fields
Brown Sugar


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