Pearl Jam at the O2


7 Sep 2009, 16:15

A fantastic gig, far superior to the Wembley Arena gig in 2007 (even though I had been waiting 15 yrs for that one!). Probably one of the best gigs I have ever been to in terms of atmosphere, energy (especially when Animal kicked in) and good old fashioned fun (Eddie definitely seems to be loosening up lately). Pearl Jam were on top form, amazingly transforming a relatively large venue into something more intimate. The energy was amazing considering the length of the set (they played for 21/2 hours).....almost like it was '92 all over again. All my favourites were played, including Even Flow, Do the Evolution and they gave Rats a rare outing (in tribute to Michael Jackson). Perhaps the most amazing moment (as it was at Wembley) was when they played Alive. The sound of 20,000 people singing that at the tops of their voices sent shivers down the spine.

Sadly, they won't be back over again for a while, but at least there's Backspacer to look forward to. What I have heard so far is superb (Supersonic was debuted at the O2.....sounded pretty damn cool). For a few years I think they have been overshadowed by contemporaries such as the Foo Fighters (who seem to have lost their mojo in recent years)...maybe this album will put them back on the map. If not, who cares?

Also worth mentioning that Gomez were fantastic as the support...being a big of them as well, it was pretty much the perfect bill.

Photos of Pearl Jam at the O2

Tue 18 Aug – Pearl Jam, Gomez


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