The Best Mix Tape Ever


22 Jun 2008, 22:13

I was helping my mom clean out her garage today and found a box full of VHS and mix tapes. One of them was a tape I consistently refer to as "the best mix tape ever." This is clearly not an objective measure, but I still love listening to it, and it really was perfect for the moment in time my friend Clare made it. It's called "Elizabeth is the big one eight," which makes its approximate date of creation April 19, 2001. Which you can probably tell from a lot of the songs. I totally forgot about that Lucy Nation song and how I used to be OBSESSED with it. That was always the song I timed to end as I was pulling into the driveway.

Side A: H.S. Angst
Black and White
Wide Open Spaces
Never Is Enough
Just the Two of Us
She Works Hard for the Money
Silent All These Years
Mr Jones
Perfect Day

Side B: College Angst
Mother Mother
Adam's Song
Last Dance With Mary Jane
Come On Eileen
On The Roof Again
Rain King
Midnight Train To Georgia
Semi-Charmed Life

and then clips from movies and songs referring to various topics, such as Kate Winslet and Empire Records.


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