• Time waits for no man...except Richard

    4 Abr 2014, 3:16

    Thu 3 Apr – The Psychedelic Furs

    For a second there I wasn't sure what year it was. These guys sound so much like they did "back in the day" it was insane. Butler's voice hasn't aged a day. And that man is ALL OVER the place. His excitement and energy permeates the room. His bro and the rest are simply uber talented at what they do.

    Tim Butler...that open E, that 8x10 and those house eyes vibrated.

    Mars...Words cannot express how amazing this man is at Sax. Yeah...I got nothin.

    Amanda was spot on. Not only was her playing really nice, she was having a great time (I saw the head banging ;).

    Paul WORKED his kit. Man was INTO it. Spot on. Spot on.

    Rich Good lives up to his name. That kids got spunk I tell ya! He brings a modern rocky thing to the ole crew. He's REALLY good at guitar. He smiles a lot and seems really friendly to boot. He let some of us take photos with him outside the venue before the gig.

    Kudos to local artists Dot Dash. Enjoyed them quite a bit. Reminded me a lot of Social D.

    Mad props to State Theater and the Furs crew for putting on an amazing show. Was simply enjoyable all around. And they had Guinness...Guinness man!

  • [this]

    29 Ago 2010, 3:14

    copying and pasting someones original quote and adding a [2] after it makes you look like a lazy ass moron. think for yourself. come on, you can think of at least ONE good thing to write about the tune you supposedly admire, can't you?

  • vinyl.33

    8 Mar 2010, 5:40

    so im really addicted to listening to my old vinyl lately. haven't been on too much as a result. when the record player isn't rolling i have my xm mod plugged into the receiver. just picked up a few gold nuggets off ebay for next to nothing...i love when folks don't know what they have :)


    3 Feb 2010, 6:28

    after three long years we finally have our own place. a blessing of a rental. we couldn't be happier with this little, run down shack.

    and the record player is hooked up to the 500w pioneer. all i wish to do is stay home and watch that vinyl spin around and around.

    [one of my fav 12" LPs... Blue Monday]

    10 Sep 2009, 4:31

    ok so pandora was released today for android. here is my review:

    "the hanging garden" by the cure to "where the streets have no name" by u2.

    uninstalled. love you.


    5 Sep 2009, 3:38

    who's broken in a pair of new docs before? it's probably the worst and best feeling in the world.

    at first you're like "ok, i can handle this for a bit." then you're like, "ok, feelin pretty good about this...ouch." then you get over zealous, "think i'll walk about the city for the day without bringing my sneeks for backup..." then you're like "dear God in heaven, heal the wounds or kill me."

    then after a few days of healing (thankful to still be alive)...only then can you sit back...and smile.


    2 Sep 2009, 3:35

    really glad i landed in this petri dish. between the lappy and the g1 i can't seem to get enough of it's crispy rockness. i gladly slapped down the 3 bills this month to get rid of the ads on both the pc and the phone. probably hand it over next month also, and the month after and the month after., i like you.