50 Questions, Top Artists


1 Nov 2010, 2:21

1. What's your favourite song by no.27? (Brian Eno)

Back in Judy's Jungle, I suppose. And this is the sound that they heard... that melody is amazing. Eno's ambient stuff is great, but his bizarre pop music is much more my style.

2. Do you own any album of no.8? (Magma)

Busted, nope, no physical Magma albums.

3. Do you think you might become a fan of no.33 in the future? (Clutch)

This question doesn't make much sense... I'm a fan of them now and will more than likely be a fan in the future...

4. How did you get into no.15? (Soft Machine)

No amazing story here, they are just one of the bigger names in prog rock/jazz fusion. During my King Crimson obsessed period, I hunted down more prog, stumbled upon them.

5. What was your first opinion about no.18? (Naked City)

I liked it when they strayed from the grindcore side, Eye's vocals didn't do it for me. I still prefer it when they stretch their songs out a bit, such great improvisers in the band, why not let them improvise?

6. How long do you know and listen to artist no.9? (Frank Zappa)

Probably longer than I can remember, I still remember my dad singing "Stinkfoot" when I was a kid. I appreciated Zappa's goofiness early on, but when I became a musician, I started appreciating Zappa on all sort of levels.

7. Do you wish to become a member of no.13? (Mothers of Invention)

For sure! My role in the band... I CALL INDIAN OF THE GROUP!! It's taken? Shit?

8. What song of no. 28 pay your attention the most and makes that you can listen to others? (Bruce Haack)

I'm hoping with whoever came up with these questions, English isn't their native language. I'm not sure how to answer this. So I'll just say Song of the Death Machine is my favorite...?

9. Is there any negative association with no.39? (Psychic TV)

I'm not 100% sure of Genesis in general, he/she is a bit too pretentious for me... but I find that fascinating for some reason. The music is hit or miss too.

10. What's the most noticeable track of no.34 for you? (The Fall)

I guess where I got my username, the track "I Am Damo Suzuki." It's how I got into the band, I thought "Any band that makes a Can reference has to be decent."

11. Do you associate something that happened in the past with no.47? (Kraftwerk)

Probably that time I listened to Kraftwerk... I don't know, nothing significant.

12. What is your fav song of artist's no.20 first album? (Helios Creed)

I guess this would be 20, I have 3 #19s, he was the middle. I guess the title track "X-Rated Fairy Tales."

13. What is the most characteristic for you in artist no.43? (New York Gong)

Most good like sound are the characteristics I most find

14. Who is the favourite member of no.6 in your opinion? (Faust)

Hmm, they really aren't about individual stand out members, more an overall sound. I guess Zappi... his drumming style is simple, repetitious, but never boring.

15. Is there a song by no.25 that makes you feel worst? (Lars Hollmer)

The one with the accordion.

16. What is your opinion about the frontman of no.24? (Circle)

The finnish band, sometimes I think the songs would be better without vocals, it mostly adds a comical effect, which is sometimes meh. Circle the jazz group, everyone seems to front that band, and they are all fantastic.

17. What do you think about no.37's fans? (Howlin' Wolf)

They know what's up.

18. What was your reaction when you first time saw no.21's music video?

Don't have a 21... nearest would be Pharaoh Overlord, don't think they are a videos kind of band.

19. What is the worst album of no.1 in your opinion? (Pere Ubu)

Worlds in Collision, not a terrible album, but not what I would go for when I'm in a Pere Ubu mood.

20. What is the worst song of no.7? (The Residents)

I don't think this question applies to The Residents.

21. Would you like to go to a no.31's concert? (Monte Cazazza)

Back in the day, sure. I'm positive it would be artsy fartsy and "shocking." I'd probably roll my eyes a few times, but it would be interesting no doubt.

22. Why did you start listen to no.19? (King Crimson)

When I started playing bass, I went on the hunt for bands that "rocked" and displayed a proficiency in a knowledge of music. King Crimson ruled my life for a solid year back in like 2004... 5... I don't know.

23. Is there a song by no.42 that makes you feel better? (Kevin Ayers)

I only have Joy of a Toy, but that whole album is a feel good experience. One of the few albums I like that I would describe primarily as joyous.

24. How could you describe no.50's music? (Material)

Diverse! Everything from Dub, Hip Hop, Punk... Various Eastern influences. Bill Laswell is notorious for being all over the board, to hard to classify in one genre.

25. What brings you to no.23? (Throbbing Gristle)

I've always been interested in the roots of things, they were labeled the first Industrial band, I checked them out and ended up liking them better than most bands with that label.

26. Why don't you listen to no.46 anymore to lift them up in stats? (Aphex Twin)

Because Richard James raped my dog.

27. What is the lyric of no.2 that you remember the best? (Chrome)

I think most Chrome lyrics are pretty bad... well, I guess I just don't pay attention to them. "Across the winds of time, from the gifts of sight, Wings are Born in the Night."

28. Is there a good memory you have involving no.16? (Tom Waits)

Not really, other than the fact that Rain Dogs is basically the only album my wife and I completely agree upon.

29. Do you know anyone in real life who listen to no.41?

Don't have a 41, the closest is Terry Riley, and I think maybe, but not anyone I hang with regularly.

30. What's the maximum amount of money you would pay to see no.5 live? (Fred Frith)

Depends, if it was a solo show, a decent amount. Composed material, even more than a decent amount. Hard to put a number on these things when you are broke.

31. Do you associate anyone you know with no.32? (News From Babel)


32. Is there any song of no.17 that you can't stand?

No 17... I won't bother with this one.

33. What do you think about a name of no.48?

No 48, closest is (Kyuss), and it's horrible. They are named after a Dungeons and Dragons character. Nerdy origins for an amazing band.

34. What is the most unique in no.22? (Pharaoh Overlord)

The way they make repetition fascinating, they got me into minimalism in general. They are everything that is good about psychedelic music.

35. What artist could be similar to no.40 in your opinion? (Miles Davis)

He wasn't content to stay in one branch of jazz, another artists hard to pigeonhole. People start imitating his style, he moves onto new and innovative things.

36. What's the music video by no.14 you enjoy the most? (Holger Czukay)

Probably Fragrance, they are all weird/funny. They seem more like Youtube videos than music videos. He's a weird/funny sort of guy.

37. What is the song of no.49 that you heard last?

No 49.

38. What is your favourite lyric by no.10? (Nurse With Wound)

"Abraham Lincoln said all men was created equal. But Abraham Lincoln never saw Bo Diddley in the shower."

39. Does no.29 inspire you? (This Heat)

Yes, I wish moreso than they currently do.

40. What would you change in no.35's music?

No 35.

41. Who is the worst member of no.12 in your opinion? (Hawkwind)

Lemmy, I'm all like, bitch please, get those moles all off yo' face bitch.

42. Do you think no.44 is underrated or overrated?

No 44.

43. Do you know anyone that hates no.38?

No 38.

44. Do you like no.45's style of clothing? (Current 93)

Ha, I suppose Tibet is a fashionable gent.

45. What was the first song of no.11 you've ever heard? (Primus)

Never heard of 'em.

46. Why your no 4 is on fourth place of your top artists and e.g. not higher? (Snakefinger)

I don't know, I guess Snakefinger is just lazy... it's his fault, not mine.

47. Do you find anything beautiful in any no.26's song? (Coil)

Coil is nothing but beauty, depressing depressing beauty.

48. Does any lyric of no.30 describe you? (Velvet Underground)

I am Waldo Jeffers.

49. Who is the most talented member of no.36? (Homostupids)

BB King

50. What's your favourite album of no.3? (Can)

A month ago, I would have said Future Days, but I've been on a big Monster Movie kick lately.

Well, that killed time.


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