Amy Winehouse Dies at Age 27


24 Jul 2011, 12:07

Well, like we didn't see this coming...she died on Saturday July 23, 2011 adding to a list of music artists that couldn't seem to balance life, fame, and their unfortunate addictions.

I never was a huge fan of Amy. Maybe it's because I just couldn't support her addictive lifestyle and her blatent refusal to rehab. In my opinion, some commit suidice in a swift decision. Winehouse has been committing suicide for a long time. It's painful to watch an artist with such talent rise to the top (2007) only to find the fans who admired and placed her at that lofty pinnacle, shun her only 4 years later. Everyone "should" have something to live for... it appears Amy Winehouse had so much MORE to live for, but finally decided she didn't. And like many famous people and the common Joe next door, cut her life short.

Whenever I see/hear Rehab ~ well, I'll always wonder what could have been with a slight change in lyrics to "yes, yes, yes"... Sad....



  • CherryRagDoll


    24 Jul 2011, 21:22
  • holly75


    25 Jul 2011, 15:33
  • lisasedge

    Make peace with your actions....

    25 Jul 2011, 21:57
  • dany_45

    Merci pour elle Lance ! qu'elle repose en paix !

    26 Jul 2011, 13:17
  • rasporot_sumeyu

    The most talented singer-songwrighter of the latest 10 years at least. That's awful... RIP Amy.

    26 Jul 2011, 17:23
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