Deterioration of Band, Album and Track Pages


30 Nov 2010, 22:47

I'm getting increasingly frustrated by the deteriorating quality of information on band, album and track pages.

I don't mean Wiki's written by well-meaning fans and aficionados. These are often useful and informative. No. it's the metadata provided by Last that is getting really screwed.

Incomplete or incorrect album track listings.
Inaccurate links from tracks to albums
Lack of Original Release dates

I'm finding myself more and more returning to All Music Guide to track down information.

Example: Last.Fm's contribution on Mott the Hoople's recording of Sweet Jane tells me it's available on 16 albums, all collections and compilations. No mention of the original release on All The Young Dudes

Skip to Last's album page and Sweet Jane is missing from the track list which also includes All the Way from Memphis from Mott released a year later.

Compare this with the information on AMG. Here I find that All The Young Dudes is considered the defining point in Mott's career as doyens of 70's Glam Rock. The album has a Five Star AMG rating FGS!

Now Mott is a band I've ignored ever since seeing them at the Chalk Farm Roundhouse in 1969. Hearing Sweet Jane on the radio prompted me to look them up again. Luckily, Grooveshark for once had the complete album correctly tagged, otherwise I'd have been lost on Last.

OK, so one page example is not going to start a riot, but I'm going to keep this journal up to date with further examples. Perhaps somebody will read this and tell me how to get these pages moderated as well as the forums are.

06 Dec 2010: So what's with all this "Album Version" crap? Pilgrim

13 Dec 2010: My plays from Halfbreed show up on THIS page.


  • pogopatterson

    I often find that the actual song playing is attributed to the wrong artist oris the wrong track entirely which i think is a more basic ans heinous crime. But this all begs the question who is responsible for data inregrity or do users need to draw mistakes to staffers attention?

    6 Dic 2010, 23:44
  • pogopatterson

    sorry about the last shout, written on my smart phone at nearly 12 o'clock at night, so spelling is a bit squiffy.

    7 Dic 2010, 10:50
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