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11 Mar 2007, 19:48

I'm going to go see the Flaming Lips on April 12th at the House of Blues. This will probably be one of the best nights of my life and I can hardly wait. I'm definitely going as the tickets are bought so there's no going back now :)


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    I counted down the days from March 10th. Everyday was one day closer to what would prove to be the best concert I had ever been to. We came early to the House of Blues and got a Pass the Line ticket by buying food from the café. We got there around seven thirty and by eight, the crowd was definitely coming. A woman in assless chaps came strolling out and people in giant cardboard thumb costumes were spotted. Fantastic! When we actually got inside the venue, we were standing in the second row of people, close enough. The crowd piled in and soon someone started throwing balloons into the crowd and confetti. Every time a balloon popped, the entire crowd would moan Awww and then shortly afterwards would boo. Also, a tip. When you have small blades of confetti floating through the air, do not look up to see what is going on. The confetti gets in your eye and it hurts. Very, very badly. Just a tip. Stardeath and the White Dwarfs opened for the Flaming. The lead guitarist was Wayne's nephew and the entire time Wayne was off on the side watching and clapping. You could see that this guy really loved his nephew. I thought it was the cutest. Stardeath was very good by the way. Anyone that likes the Flaming Lips should check them out. After that, people started throwing laser pointers out into the crowd. We had no idea what was up with that but we would soon find out! Then we actually noticed something that might've proved to be a problem. This guy in front of us was about six feet tall, probably taller. At first, we were like Aw fuck. But then we actually talked to him. He was one of the chillest people ever. He apologized about his height but he said that it's not like he could help it. He told us about how he had been following the Flaming Lips for two shows already although he couldn't follow them for much longer because he had something called a 'job'. But he told us that the concert is definitely worth the money and that we would be more than entertained. Then, the Flaming Lips came out. They opened with Fight Test. Two groups, alien chicks and Santa Clauses, were off to each side, dancing with the Lips and swinging around flood lanterns. There were people in Spider-Man, Superman, and Captain America costumes as well. I also saw Space Ghost, but only once. Anyways, I don't remember what the second song was it had a video of a lizard running in the background, fighting with another lizard. Did I mention there was this huge video screen behind them? Well, I did now! The third song was my favorite, Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots. The band performed this song with a lot of energy. It was great and it was even topped off with the famous nun puppet of Wayne's. After that, I don't remember a lot. I do know that Wayne gave us a speech on how the Santa Clauses were giving out laser pointers earlier and that they acquired them somewhere around the North Pole. He told us that even though it bothers other people when lasers are pointed towards them, he could take it. He told us that the screen would start a countdown and at the end we would all point our lasers at him. I don't remember the song or anything actually. The air was full of fog from the machine Wayne had been toting around and the countdown had started. The crowd chanted Three, Two, One! All lasers shined on Wayne as he pulled out a giant mirror. I was up in front of the crowd and when I turned around I saw one of the most amazing things that I would ever see. Every person had their laser shined on Wayne and, because of the fog, you could see every beam. They were like little red strings that were glowing and floating through the air. It was one of the most beautiful things that I could ever wish to see. I know, I know. Uh... Lasers? Really? Well, it kinda just made you feel for a moment that everyone was together and had this one intent. Wayne put away his mirror and showed the crowd his own green lasers, which were huge, thick beams that swam along with the sea of red the crowd provided. I loved it. It's a bit indescribable, which is what makes it so great. Then they played The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song. Holy shit. The energy was dripping off of the crowd. Everyone was just like one machine, screaming and yelling Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah!. Wayne told us that the song was written because of the Bush Administration and it was a way to vent. Now though, it was more in celebration because we had him a bit uneasy, what with last November's elections. After that, there were balloons and Do You Realize?? and She Don't Use Jelly. I think they also played It's Summertime although I don't remember very well. What I do remember is that the floor had an inch of yellow and orange confetti on it when we left. It was something to behold. Finally, the concert was over. The Lips came out twice for an encore. I mean, the first concert in Orlando for thirteen years, yeah they'd better do a good encore! I set out to buy a shirt but when I discovered that the shirts cost about twenty-five dollars... Well, I only had twenty. So I settled for a tote bag with the At War with the Mystics cover art on it and Stardeath's album. I got the last tote bag and the last album. This was an omen. I had to tell everyone about the greatest concert I had ever been to. So I sit here, the day after, ditching school to write about a band I saw that completely blew my mind. I implore anyone reading this. Go see the Flaming Lips. It will be one of the best nights of your life and you'll remember it forever.

    13 Abr 2007, 15:24
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