• just a poem to Pink Floyd

    3 Dic 2006, 18:22

    Nobody sailed across the ocean
    Of dream and love and fairy-tale.
    I sailed away without motion
    And I could feel that tender gale.

    That gale of dreams and love and tears
    That gale of music over me.
    It pierces through my heart and clears
    The very boy I used to be.

    "Pink Floyd" made me think much deeper
    And see as far as I could try.
    They brought me wings to kill a creeper
    And gave me chance to feel the sky.

    They threw me in the world of order
    And showed the path to run away
    From all the fences and the borders,
    They helped me find my own way.

    The way through violence and destruction
    The way that lies along the waves
    Along blue waves of self-conduction
    To distant and mysterious space.