• Halloween-Playlist Die Ärzte, Das Comeback-Tour, 31.10.2012, Münster

    1 Nov 2012, 19:43

    Wed 31 Oct – Die Ärzte: Comeback Tour
    Prima Konzert. :-)

    Hier die Playlist des Konzerts:

    01 Die Besten
    02 Blumen
    03 Tamagotchi
    04 2000 Mädchen
    05 Angeber
    06 Deine Schuld
    07 Gib Mir Zeit
    08 Geld
    09 Instrumente I Heulerei
    10 Monsterparty
    11 Motherfucker 666
    12 Geisterhaus
    13 1/2 Lovesong
    14 Miststück
    15 Gwendoline
    16 No Future
    17 Sommer Nur Für Mich
    18 Dein Vampyr (auf dem USB-Stick ist das Lied mit "Mysteryland" betitelt)
    19 Für Immer uvm.
    20 Für Uns
    21 Angekumpelt
    22 Ewige Mätresse
    23 Schundersong
    24 Ausserirdische
    25 Bettmagnet / Leichenhalle
    26 Fiasko
    27 Ignorama
    28 Wie Es Geht
    29 Hurra
    30 Zeitverschwendung
    31 TCR
    32 Quark
    33 Kamelrally
    34 Halloween
    35 Junge
    36 Unrockbar
    37 Manchmal Haben Frauen
    38 Radio Brennt
    39 Punkrock
    40 Lied Vom Scheitern
    41 Schrei Nach Liebe
  • An enchanting concert

    28 Ago 2010, 9:06

    Fri 7 Nov 2008 – Estampie

    Already published on my old blog and forgot to add it here.

    Estampie is an ensemble playing medieval music with original instruments and of course, vocals. It was a really beautiful concert: small (roughly 90 people), seated and with an enchanting performance of Estampie, especially by their singer Syrah and their newest addition, soprano Sarah M. Newman.

    I know Estampie’s music since the early nineties, but so far I have not been attending one of their concerts, obviously, like other bands, they also skip Münster. I have only seen Syrah’s and Michael Popp’s electronic sideproject Qntal live (well, not in Münster).

    The playlist:

    * La morena (sefardí, trad., 14th century)
    * La galana y el mar (sefardí, trad., 15th century)
    * Floret silva (Carmina Burana, 12th century)
    * Ave donna santissima (13th century)
    * Trotto (14th century)
    * Los caminos (14th century)
    * Gaudens in domino/Pferdetanz (13th century)
    * Disse mi (14th century)
    * Voi ch’amante (13th century)
    * A virgen muy gloriosa (Alfonso X. el Sabio - Cantigas de Santa Maria, 1230 - 1284)
    * Estampie V (14th century)
    * Las suegras de ahora (sefardí, trad., 14th century)
    * Quantos me creveren (Alfonso X. el Sabio - Cantigas de Santa Maria, )
    * Gran dereit (Alfonso X. el Sabio - Cantigas de Santa Maria)
    * and finally: Non sofre Santa Maria (Alfonso X. el Sabio - Cantigas de Santa Maria)

    The concert lasted for over two hours (counting the small break within). It was a really impressive performance and when they performed the mongolian horsedance, I was speechless. Needless to say the whole concert send shivers down my spine. To Estampie: Thank you very much for this great evening!

    Some (bad quality) videos I took can be found on my Youtube channel.

    Photos can be seen in the flickr-stream of the event.
  • Best concert in my life!

    8 Abr 2008, 17:26

    Sun 6 Apr – Portishead, Kling Klang

    I have attended the best concert ever in my life in Cologne. Ten years! That's how long I had to wait to attend a Portishead concert.

    The support band, Kling Klang was not really to my taste, but I liked the playstyle of their drummer. I have no idea what to call their musical style, but I would say experimental electronic music...

    Portishead did a really great performance and seeing Beth Gibbons live... wow, what a presence on stage... a goddess on earth... I was really impressed to hear that Beth's voice is live also as clear as it is on CD. The whole concert send shivers down my spine... Furthermore, it was certainly not a melancholic concert, which you would certainly expect when you know their first two albums and the Roseland NYC-concert.

    Beth looked really overwhelmed by the frenetic applause of the audience after every song (more like standing ovations, if there would have been seats...). Needless to say, the Palladium in Cologne was completely sold out (according to their website, the main hall has a max of 3,500 people). (I was standing 10m (or less) away from the stage.)

    Portishead performed a nice mixture of old and new songs. It's very interesting to see that the new stuff is quite aggressive in tone, at least live on stage.

    Wandering Stars in an acoustic version... goose bumps incoming!

    Thumbs up! Thanks to Portishead for a wonderful evening, which I certainly will never forget!
  • Outstanding TBG concert!

    13 Jun 2007, 19:17

    Sat 9 Jun – The Beautiful Girls, The Horst
    The concert started at 21:00 CE(S)T with "The Horst" from Münster. I have never heard of them. They are playing some kind of pop similar to the Hamburger Schule (e.g. Tocotronic). Their show lasted around 45 minutes if I recall correctly.

    At around 22:00 CE(S)T, The Beautiful Girls entered the stage and immediately began to rock the house. TBG played a variety of tracks from their albums, and even a lot of stuff from their new album Ziggurats. They finished their show roughly two hours and fifteen minutes later... :)

    I am bad at estimating crowds of people, but I guess there have been 100 to 200 people attending TBG's only concert in Germany.

    If you ever see TBG playing in your neighbourhood, grab the chance and attend, they are great!
  • My mainstream percentage...

    29 Jul 2006, 9:28

    Triggered by a journal entry of Mabootoo , I calculated my mainstream percentage.

    Instead of Radiohead, I took the current no. 1 of the top artists: Red Hot Chili Peppers (409,000).

    My personal top ten results in an average of 87,942.5...

    So I am only 21.5% Mainstream. :-)