Review: Primal Fear - Nuclear Fire


2 Mar 2007, 23:55

The new Power Metal generation is here. This new kind of Power Metal doesn't use so much melodies as the classical Power Metal made by bands like Rhapsody or Stratovarius, it use more powerful guitars and it's, in general, faster and more powerful. This new kind of Power Metal is which we'll hear in bands like Iron Savior, Hibria or, of course, Primal Fear.

Primal fear was made quite a lot of time ago, they've been composing music and CD's for a lot of years and they have a lot of experience now. They've earned that experience step by step. Probably, the most important step in their career is this "Nuclear Fire". It's said that this CD is the best Primal Fear's CD (a lot of people say this). OK, it's a good CD, but there are some other CD by Primal Fear that is better than Nuclear Fire.

Probably, this CD is the most popular one by Primal Fear, and I'm sure that one of the things because this CD is so popular is because its opener song: "Angel In Black". This song explains exactly what Primal Fear is: some very powerful guitars, some incredible vocals and a lot of speed and power in their music.

This is not the typical Epic Power Metal at all. You won't hear the keyboards very much, you'll only listen true and powerful Power Metal. Vocals are really fast, drums make a really fast rhythm and guitars make a powerful sound. This mix of elements is enough for make a good CD, like this "Nuclear Fire".

There are some 'weak points' in the CD. The full songs aren't weak points, but there are some fragments in some song that I think they are weak points. Some songs doesn't match with the rest of the CD because they're different or they aren't enough catchy or powerful, so that you'll think that you're listening something completely different.

The perfect example for explain this is the song "Bleed For Me". When you listen a POWERFUL CD, and suddenly you MUST listen this boring song, you'll think: "Is this the same music I've been listening?". And I don't like that changes at all in a powerful CD. If it's powerful and catchy, you don't want to stop hearing it.

Power Metal fans will enjoy this CD, I'm completely sure. It's true Power Metal and it's a very catchy kind of music. It's a very listenable CD, but, if there weren't mistakes in this CD, it would be really better.

Highlights: "Angel In Black", "Nuclear Fire".


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