• of a night and 8 countries

    23 Jun 2009, 14:47

    A Brazilian calls up an Indian telling him that they'll meet at ibis hotel. The two have met and spent some time before. She has a Chilean friend with her this time. The three eat cakes she's brought back from her Amsterdam trip. When the real thing is yet to begin, the Brazilian, Julianne, goes to take a leak and we lose her to the crowd. The Indian, me, isn't much interested in the Chilean (don't even remember her name) and we talk less and listen more.
    The Icelandic band has now finished playing and I think to myself, can the British band (yep, surprise! A British band playing in France) top that? The show is so much more than awesome! Its an unimaginably happy moment for me, one that made me feel maybe I'm dreaming all this up and one only matched by a day in March the next year.
    Later that night, in anticipation of getting a fag out of two Canadian chicks in this weather, I befriend them and the chick-number rises out of nowhere to five. The six spend a night out together braving the freezing rain on the bus station of the French town. As one of them rightly put it (and again, I don't remember names) "The night went from the highest high to the lowest low".
  • the last song(s)

    15 Mar 2009, 18:03

    ur ultimate song(s) on ur deathbed, while u die, on ur funeral etc, whts ur pick?

    mine (currently) are Blue by Mai Yamane (Yoko Kanno Project) and The Man Who Sold The World (electric version 12-93) cover by Nirvana.
  • my aggressive list

    23 Sep 2008, 16:14

    Making this for future reference, will surely keep updating; any suggestions are heartily welcome.
  • shine on, you crazy diamond

    20 May 2008, 20:08

    last weekend of January. 'Breathe', a cover band from UK is here to perform. u r already high. this song has had its effect on the already dosed you. what can be better! AND! the song plays in your ears as you look up to the sky where the fireworks are. and raindrops fall onto your face. amazing... Shine on You Crazy Diamond!
  • just a car crash away

    12 Nov 2007, 15:35

    can imagine mr manson singing lying on the studio floor...
    a great song... just can't stop loving it...
    hmm... how i feel all of a sudden that this comp screen is too bright... i need space... darkness, my light... to lay back... to weep... to think about "love" what it might be... how sadly it might end... how it makes me smile and want that end... the guitar solo... the calm thats set in this song...

    just a great song... would never like to find what he means here. Just A Car Crash Away
  • i have a dream

    11 Nov 2007, 14:10

    i don't know how much and whether this song is famous, i have some strange memory of it. Probably a confabulation, but i hadn't heard it officially when i once in high school remembered this line "i believe in angels" from somewhere...

    at that moment i'd assumed it was one of the songs my sisters used to sing and so must've been good enough to just pop out of nowhere. i searched the net and downloaded the song. so glad i was listening to it cuz THIS WAS IT!!! the same song that i'd been recalling from the unconscious.

    and then i happened to tell my sis about this thing. dunno how... i guess i made her listen to the song or however...
    well, i can say i met music in around 9 10 grade and fell in love with it... earlier it used to bother me when i used to return from bollywood movies with songs playing in my head cuz i never remembered how the song ended and wud go on singing it in a loop :| so earlier the only source of my music used to be my sisters, my mother and the old songs they used to listen to on the radio or sing.

    so i considered getting to this song and then my sister telling me it she'd never heard it before kind of a miracle for well, yes this song also helped me :)

    finally m listening to it again... after about three years... was back at home in the vacations in october when i recalled this 'find'... I Have a Dream by ABBA.
  • give unto me

    9 Sep 2007, 10:03

    again... this was written for a blog that has now been deleted. and this was written when Amy was still Amy Lee...

    "there must be very few things as <i>lovely</i> as imagining a girl playing a piano and singing... okay, i meant imagining Amy Lee playing the piano and singing in her angelic voice at the same time. be it exodus, be it breathe no more... and well, i feel ashamed telling i hadn't heard 'give unto me' till now... she is amazing! that voice is weak in that track. and it says 'give unto me your trouble'... and those fingers dance on the keys of the instrument so proficiently that u can imagine them dancing. she should've put this song in one of the two formally released albums. seriously its a very nice song... hmm... here i hav a test in arnd 20 minutes and all that soothes you is that song, her voice, the piano... all this looks distant... u feel no pain, no nervousness... 'cuz she says 'give unto me your troubles'... that weak voice which seems to itself be in pain. i love it. and i love that piano and i love her..."

    Give Unto Me
  • intro in the Swan Lake Ballet

    8 Sep 2007, 20:17

    most of this i'm copy-pasting frm a blog entry.
    the introduction in Tchaikovsky's "Swan Lake"... i've been listening to it for arnd 2 days now (and it sounded familiar the first time itself!)... gives a serious feel of a lake... a haunting yet romantic lake. a foggy place which reminds of love and of murder at the same time... a cold place in every way... really inexplicable experience this piece is. hope u all appreciate it.
    TchaikovskySwan Lake