• RIP TRL aka the Top songs of 1999 (According to MTV)

    17 Nov 2008, 7:55

    And we're back for year 2!
    Lets reminisce about 1999 for a minute. The year before the big Y2K fear. Half the world was freaking out about that! The Backstreet Boys still ruled the world, it was still unknown as to whether Britney Spears had a vagina (though we certainly knew the members of Blink 182 had penises) , and pop music consisted almost exclusively of white people. Tupac was still alive, Adrien Grenier still hadn't found his "Entourage" rather acted with Melissa Joan Hart in one of the worst movies ever created, and Nickelodeon still had some amazing shows. Man I miss those days.

    #10 The Chemicals Between Us Bush, we get some rock still in the mix, always good.
    #9 I Do Some foreshadowing here between Lachey and Simpson, a wedding video how touching.
    #8 Heartbreaker I will never forget the bathroom fight scene. Watch this video again!
    #7Cowboy The song that started his career. boobs and bitches was his message.
    #6Genie in a Bottle The first competitor to Ms. Spears, sexy in her own right though their music went in wildly different ways I remember the hatred.
    #5Rearranged The only band that still screams on this playlist is Limp Bizkit, starting to fade?
    #4 ALL THE SMALL THINGS Special place for these fellows. Though they called it quits within the next few years, I will never forget the gratuitous nudity that inspired millions.
    #3 Nsync and Gloria Estefan WTF is this shit? I never heard this song? Shouldn't sexually ambiguous Ricky Martin be here instead?
    #2 Larger Than Life a futuristic tale told by the another group of sexually ambiguous males.
    #1 (You Drive Me) Crazy Britney opens hearts with this touching song.

    Also treated to
    Livin' La Vida Loca (There he is!)
    Bills Bills Bills
    No Scrubs

    If you ask me these three should all be on the countdown as they are far more memorable than half the crap on there!

    Artists in this Journal
    Britney Spears
    Gloria Estefan
    Ricky Martin
    Limp Bizkit
    Mariah Carey
    Blink 182
    Kid Rock
    Backstreet Boys
    Christina Aguilera
    98 Degrees
  • RIP TRL aka The Top Songs of 1998 (according to MTV)

    17 Nov 2008, 6:59

    Well, MTV said goodbye to TRL today thus effectively removing the only music that is actually on the channel. We can now enjoy endless reruns of America's next top model, Paris Hiltons: My New Bff, and what other trash they play on that channel. In recognition of it's ten years MTVs sister "premium" channel (though commercials abound) played the top songs of every year for the last decade (1998-2008). Because I was merely spending time on the computer today I decided to treat myself to this trip down nostalgia lane. So Without further delay I give you the top songs of 1998.

    #10Baby, One More Time Strange this was deemed most iconic TRL video ever. You'd think it'd be #1 (I surely thought it would be). I do remember the first time I saw this video, ever since I've had an insane crush on Britney Spears. The womanizer video only accentuates this crush.
    #9Pretty Fly For A White Guy One of my favorite songs of all time... When I was 12. I used to know all the worlds, probably could still get most of them.
    #8Turn the Page
    #7Because Of You All the girls in middle school had such a crush on these guys.
    #6Faith I had never had the mispleasure of hearing this song, apparently in the late 90s pop music incorporated a fair amount of screaming. I sadly almost prefer it to the crap that is on today (yes I'm aware I listen to it, however I admit it's crap)
    #5I Don't Like The Drugs, But The Drugs Like Me Wait... didn't he get a rib out so he could suck his own dick?
    #4Goodbye I'm glad I missed this one.
    #3Got the Life
    #2God Must Have Spent A Little More Time On You this one made me laugh outloud
    #1My Love Is All I Have To Give Of course the king of 1998 was most certainly the Backstreet Boys.

    To fill in the hour we were treated to notable songs that didn't make it to the countdown. This included:
    and some crappy Brandy song.

    Regardless, this series of videos made me miss the good times and simplicity of the 1990s, back when the only thing I had to worry about was middle school.

    Artists Included in this Journal:
    Britney SpearsOffspringBeastie BoysBrandyKorn98 DegreesMarilyn MansonLimp BizkitSpice GirlsN SyncBackstreet Boys
  • My Top 50 Reccommended Artists

    27 May 2007, 7:59

    Take the 50 top artists in your musical profile, and create a cloud of the similar artists that are not in your top 50. The result is a collection of highly recommended artists for your personal profile. You can generate your own cloud (in BBCode) at http://anthony.liekens.net/pub/scripts/last.fm/recommend.php

    My recommendations are
    All Saints Amy Winehouse Arctic Monkeys Beyoncé Black Eyed Peas Bloc Party Christina Aguilera Damien Rice Fall Out Boy Franz Ferdinand Girls Aloud Gnarls Barkley Gwen Stefani Imogen Heap Jamelia James Morrison Just Jack KT Tunstall Kaiser Chiefs Keane Kelis Kelly Clarkson Klaxons Kylie Minogue Lily Allen Madonna Muse My Chemical Romance Natasha Bedingfield OK Go Oasis Orson Panic! at the Disco Paolo Nutini Paris Hilton Pink Queen Razorlight Red Hot Chili Peppers Robbie Williams Scissor Sisters Sugababes Take That The All-American Rejects The Feeling The Fratellis The Killers The Kooks The Strokes The View

    Christ it's so Poppy.
  • Lyrics game pt. 2

    22 Dic 2006, 2:40

    I saw these and they look like a ton of fun!
    So here's my own.

    Step 1: Put your MP3 player or whatever on random.
    Step 2: Post YOUR FAVORITE LINE from the first 25 songs that play, not matter how embarassing.
    Step 4: Bold out the songs when someone guesses correctly.
    Step 5: Looking them up on Google or any other search engine is CHEATING!

    1. Who's the fuckin bitch that stole all the heroin?

    2. She would know that our love (our love) is the best love if it were up to me.

    3. Everybody believes we would never be look at us up above we are so in love.

    4. I wanna feel the way you make me feel when i'm with you.

    5. I pick up my friends and we hope we don't die.

    6. That's what I'd do, that's wht i'd do... to get through to you yea! I'm gonna muster every ounce of confidence I have.

    7. All you need is love love love can't buy me love love love. (Note: This one is NOT the beatles).

    8. Oooh baby, it's makin me crazy everytime I look all around it's in my face/ cruizin down the freeway in the hot hot sun.

    9. Well baby i surrender to the strawberry ice cream never ever end of all this love.

    10. She was queen for about an hour after that shit got sour.

    11. You make a nigga wanna fuck your ass on the couch

    12. See her face whenever I... I look at you, wouldn't believe all the things she put me through.

    13. And I can't believe/ How I've been wasting my time.

    14. So gather up your jackets move it to the exits i hope you have found a friend (hahah that's middle school)

    15. Tonight it's a special night, to get you by my side/ I've been waiting all week long to get it on with you

    16. You're my doll rock and roll feel the glamour in pink kiss me here touch me there hanky panky (just when I thought it wasn't going to get embarassing)

    17. Peek in, sneak about peek in, sneak about your broken hearted detective

    18. I guess all his money well it isn't enough to keep her bill collectors at bay. (AMAZING SONG)

    19. Rush, rush to me Yayo/ Buzz, buzz, give me Yayo (to my defense I got this from Grand Theft Auto)

    20. Awwwwwwwwwww shiiiiiiitttt (This one's really hard, hint: it's from a concert and it's a cover)

    21. I'd buy you a green dress, but not a real green dress that's cruel (haha i love these guys)

    22. Last christmas I gave you my heart but the very next day you gave it away (oh... my... god... i think this wins)

    23. Say now you want to shake me too/ Move down to me, slip into you

    24. Be my weekend lover but don't be my friend.

    25. And nowwwwww ain't nothin else I could need and now I'm singing 'cuz your so so into me I got youuuu we'll be making love endlessly. (A fitting end?)

    No Doubt
    The Transplants
    Puddle of Mudd
    All American Rejects
    Dave Matthews Band
    Sarina Paris
    David Banner
    Counting Crows
    Barenaked Ladies
    Simple Plan
    Hilary Duff
    Howie Day
    Teddy Geiger
    Ricky Martin
    Pussy Cat Dolls

    Go at it!
    P.S. You get #20 you get a gold star!
  • My 8000th Song

    18 Dic 2006, 10:29

    Just as I was browsing Last.Fm instead of studying for psych stats, I happened to notice I was on song 7999!!!
    "Holy shit!" I thought to myself! since this is the first time ive actually been on the site during a marker such as this I decided quickly that it should be something special. I immediately paused the song I was playing which was
    Wild World (sorry, I love the song, but I just started listening to him). and switched it to perhaps my all time favorite- Semi-Charmed Life which has a recorded 158 plays on the itunes on this computer in addition to likely another 300-500 since 1999. (how many times have i seen American Pie?? haha). Anyway, In recognition of 8k songs played, Im considering, what did I do in the past 8000 x where X = seconds, minutes days.

    8000 seconds:
    (8000/60)/60 is approximately 2.2222 hours which is 2 hours and 13 minutes ago. 2 hours and 13 minutes ago I was sitting in the same place likely looking at a piece of paper involving psychological statistics or browsing my current favorite band U2

    8000 minutes:
    133.3333 hours ago or 5.55556 days ago which for you people who can't do math is 5 days and 13 hours ago. 5 days and 13 hours ago was Wednesday December 13th at Approximately 3:20 pm. On that magnificent day, I was most likely exhausted. I had a very important Bio exam this past friday and I HAD to study for it, otherwise my grades for the term would not have been so good. I'm not sure how I did yet as it was on friday the 15th, but I thought it went well.
    Song I was probably listening to:
    Swallowed in the Sea
    Stuck in a Moment You Can't Get Out Of
    go more with the U2, coldplay and you get the drift. Anyway those were many good hours in the library. (Thursday morning I arrived at the library at 10 am and moved barely 4 times till midnight, stayed awake till the exam at 10:30 am the next day, my life was absolutely insane).

    8000 Hours Ago
    My my, 333.33333 days ago.
    That would be Wednesday November 16th of the year 2005. At approximately 9:20 pm. I wasn't doing anythign special save recovering from the hellish weekend I had had before. See on that past tuesday November 8th 2005 I had an Organic Chemistry exam. Post the exam I was feeling so euphoric I decided to get completely wasted come the weekend. Indeed on Friday november 11th I got SO WASTED I ended up puking for 12 hours the next day... no... not something I would recommmend. In terms of music... In that past week my music downloads included:
    Ding Dong Song(lol)
    Garden State Soundtrack and
    99 Luftbaloons

    sadly nothing I listen to now...
    Oh well.

    8000 Days ago: 21.9 years ago almost 22 years ago, I was not born, my mom was likely listening to The Beatles or the radio. We were just about to move into/ had recently moved into the house we live in now.

    Well, I must say that was an interesting reflection time for me, perhaps not for you, but oh well. already the moment has passed but Audioscrobbler will go on and on and on.

    That's all.
  • Playing HtSaL on the Piano

    17 Ago 2006, 20:14

    So i've been searching the internet far and wide on how to play How to Save a Life by The Fray. What I found, is a dissapointingly poor rendition of the chord progression. I find that the beauty of the piano is not so much in its ability to play chords, but nuances of the individual notes as they flow in and out of a song (i.e. How to Save a Life) that's what made me fall in love with the song in the first place and why it had 85 plays in 3 days on my playlist.

    Anyway, I've figured out part of it, I need help on the chorus so if any of you have it, or are willing to figure it out, let me know.

    [Intro] (The Right hand line goes with the corresponding Left Hand line)
    Repeat till Chorus
    Bb F F F
    C F F F
    D F F F


    There's a D C D in there somewhere, but the damn guitar is so loud I was unable to get anything further.

    If anyone knows anything more please let me know.
  • ANOTHER lyrics game

    12 May 2006, 9:20

    I saw these and they look like a ton of fun!
    So here's my own.

    Step 1: Put your MP3 player or whatever on random.
    Step 2: Post the first line from the first 25 songs that play, not matter how embarassing.
    Step 4: Bold out the songs when someone guesses correctly.
    Step 5: Looking them up on Google or any other search engine is CHEATING!

    1. Buddy your a boy make a big noise playing in the street....
    2. Yea... check it out... the only thing you need to do right here is... nod your fuckin head.
    3. the waves keep on crashing on me for some reason...
    4. I am so high i can hear heaven.
    5. Never found out why you left him....
    6. As He Came Into The Window It Was The Sound Of A Crescendo...
    7. I feel like i've been locked up tight for a century... (oh good lord)
    8. Sick and tired of this world...
    9. School spirit mothaf**ka
    10. A lotta people ask me stupid fucking questions...
    11. In my heartsent my confession my condolence...
    12. My friends are so depressed
    13.I feel so extraordinary
    14. A long long time ago...
    15. I'm sick of being alone when are you coming home...
    16. Here I am where i've been
    17. the way you shake it i can't believe it...
    19. I had visions, I was in them
    20. What you think about a girl like me...
    21. So am I still waiting...
    22. Why do you build me up...
    23. Shady... aftermath... there she goes shakin that ass on the floor...
    24. Crazy how it feels tonight....
    25. I've got it all but i feel so deprived.

    Busta Rhymes
    Kanye West
    Red Hot Chili Peppers
    Dave Matthews Band
    Eric Prydz
    Don Mcclean
    Stacie Orricio
    Christina Aguilera
    Patrick Park
    Chad Kroeger
    Michael Jackson
    Nine Days
    The Foundations
    Ryan Cabrera
    Simple Plan
    Green Day
    Destiny's Child
    Sum 41
    New Order
    No Doubt

    Artist Can be used more than once...


    P.S. don't forget to join my group... "college made me change my musical tastes". Only if it actually did though...
  • I made a new group!

    7 May 2006, 4:16

    So my group is kinda old at this point, but it's true nonethe less. It's called college made me change my musical tastes. For me it actually did, senior year of high school my favorite artists were were: ChingyLudacrisLil JonI mean that's what my car was filled with. the main station i listened to was B96 (for you chicagoans). Now my tastes have changed quite a bit, don't get me wrong I still listen to all those artists plus The Pussycat Dolls, and stuff like that, however my interests in music have veered more towards the rock/pop rock aspect of music. Particular favorites:
    All American Rejects
    Jason Mraz
    Third Eye Blind
    Something Corporate
    etc. etc. etc.
    So if anyone actually reads this and college has changed your musical tastes too... JOIN!

    P.S. my writing is retarded right now because i've been studyign fucking organic chemisry all day.

    Oh well.
  • My top plays on iTunes

    18 Abr 2006, 6:22

    Since I recently joined Last.fm, the music listed is no where near what I actually play all the time, though it's getting there. So I thought i'd list some of my favorite songs... of all time.

    #10 Vienna
    A sad song, it may not seem overly important, but still very powerful

    #9 Every Time We Touch
    I got into it last summer, it's a good track to dance to, I don't really pay attention to lyrics, they're not great, but I like the tune

    #8 Crush
    This used to be my number one song... it's amazing. But like most others I got sick of it eventually, and decided to move on. Still an amazing song though.

    #7 Bad Boy
    Once again, I don't really pay attention to lyrics, this one happens to be "be my badboy be my man be my weekend lover but don't be my friend" that's kind of gay, but i like the beat and the tune and that's what's important.

    #6 Woke Up In A Car
    One of my favorite SoCo songs, just...good.

    #5 The Remedy
    If you were to count the amount of times i've truly listened to this song, it'd undoubtedly be #1 or #2. It's just so happy, and it reminds me of the summertime, my favorite months of the year. Particularly I have a memory of getting out of summer school at the local university and driving home through the corn fields listening to this song on the empty road. It was beautiful

    #4 Move Along
    Another summer memory, which is why this song is one of my favorites (it's plays went up considerably during the winter months). Lyrics wise, it's ok, nothing lifechanging, but still enjoyable. I do like chord progression though, definitaly A+ on the tune. More powerful for me though is where it takes me back, this particular memory was from thsi summer. I was running in my neighborhood, and i took a different route than usual. I suddenly had found this empty forest preserve, it was so quiet and such a great run, it's hard to describe, but it's a veyr powerful memory.

    #3 You're Beautiful
    I believe I found this song in the winter, like the rest this song is just a powerful message about a man's love, something he can never attain. I know it's something I've felt and it just strikes me as something so............. you know what i'm taling about... I'm not really thinking right now

    #2 Drunk Girl
    Another amazing SoCo song, I found this song this semester when I was introduced to it in someone's car. I just like the tune, I was actually surprised when it hit #2 I didn't think I liked it that much. I also can play it on the piano, so that makes me want to listen to it more and play along of course!

    #1 Semi-Charmed Life
    This is one of my favorite songs of all time. It was freshman year in college, and once again, it was about april, it was like a summer here. Anyway, all of the sudden I started singing "do do do do da do do" and I was like, what is that from?? From there I found that song and played it about 30 times on that day alone. At some point I put in American Pie, (one of my favorite movies... I know sad for a film student, but I dont' care) and I immediatley remembered where it was from. I must have listened to this song about 250 times in the past 2 years alone. It's so good.
  • Mandy Moore and my craptacular taste in music.

    14 Abr 2006, 8:10

    Ok to defend myself and my claimed sexuality I'd first like to point out that I originally played Mandy Moore to piss off a friend, then I decided I maybe liked the song a little and decided to download it... Yea I know not very straight, BUT I AM.
    The song of course is Candy

    Is it a good song?
    Hell no!
    Do I like it?
    Yes *looks away shamefully*

    On the other hand some other recent downloads have been:
    24 which is most definitaly a quality song. That, by the way, is heard in the Ultraviolet trailer. It has a very distinct tone that I really do enjoy

    The next song that just came on (I'm playing from my recently added collection on iTunes) is haha... wow... Spice Up Your Life I have no excuse for this one, I have terrible taste what can I say?

    Spice Girls and Mandy Moore are embarassing, but ya know, we all have our guilty pleasures... now... well... mine are public.

    Other recent music

    End of the World Great song from the 90s.
    White Flag Powerful song about true love, yes it's very poppy, but hell it's not as bad as the Spice Girls.
    It's My Life A good Bon Jovi song that I actually thought was made quite recently, but apparently it's an old one. Still a good song.
    I'll write more later...