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  • hollysickle42

    Hey Holly. This is nyheartsme :B A friend of mine made me a Pottermore account, and the nickname she choose was "HollySickle42". I immediatly was reminded of you! hehe. I loved this name so much I did a new lastfm account with it xD Just added you! xo! :D

    6 Ago 2011 Responder
  • nyheartsme

    Hey, sorry I took so long to finish answering you xD... ohh! about the languages... omg, do you learn russian at school? :D I think russian is very beautiful and I think It seems to be very difficult too hehehe. hmmm, I sorta have to agree with you. latin languages are very complex, full of rules and stuff xD but, since you're learning Spanish, it'll be easier for you to learn Portuguese, Italian and French if you'd like to =D hehe. I'd love to learn Polish. I think it is double pretty. it is pretty and pretty difficult hehehe. but still, it sounds so amazing xD I have some songs of Ewa Farna in my cellphone. I don't undestand a thing she says but i love the way she pronnounces the words xD they're so striking! very very beautiful <3

    17 Jul 2011 Responder
  • nyheartsme

    i was almost freaking out hehee but thanks God now the tests are over! \o/ <o/ /o/ hehehe. Hey Holly, I'll finish answering you tomorrow, okay? i just came from the eye doctor and I had to dilate my pupil, so everything is blurry right now, and i almost cannot see what I'm writing lol xD so, sorry if im making a lot of typing mistakes xD - but hey, tell me! how was the emotion of seeing Shaki and her hips right in front of you? *-* did you freak out? Did you still had any voice after singing with her and screaming your ass out? <3 heheh omg, again, ur so luckky xDDD aahh btw! i loved this new picture you put in your "about me!" =D its dazzling!! =) cuz im seeing everything burry, i thought the concert in poland was at may 27 (my birthday! :O hehehe) but now i got it was at may 17 (a friend of mine's birthday :o) heheeheh. wbu, when's your birthday? :)

    11 Jun 2011 Responder
  • nyheartsme

    Hey holly! =D aaaaaw omg! did you go to Shaki's concert? maaann, you're so lucky! *-* aw, no no =/ i've never been to a concert of hers or any other international singer =/ She was in Brazil some time ago, and she went to São Paulo! =D my house is about 2 hours from SP, but i wasnt able to go there :/ i dont drive and had no one thar could take me there ): oh man, i wanted to go there and see her so badly :/ but still.. nahh, it doesnt matter! ^^ i didnt saw her that time, but i'll see her someday <3 hehehe. hey, im sorry i took so long to answer you. I was having a lot of exams in my school these past weeks and almost didnt had time to use my computer [aaa]

    11 Jun 2011 Responder


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