25 Nov 2011, 13:37

    Hey guys, I am appealing to ALL Ozzy Osbourne Fans and Metalheads EVERYWHERE to please visit the FACEBOOK Page I made in Ozzy Osbourne's Honour - to help celebrate his birthday world wide!!!!!!!!!!

    We must all unite and make the numbers there grow!!!!!! I believe he deserves to be celebrated on a world wide basis!!!!!! He has done so much for us over the years ....entertaining us and working his ass off!!!!! So what better way to thank Ozzy than on his birthday by getting a party together with your family or friends...listening to his music all day, playing his video's, reading his books!! and whatever else 'Ozzy' you can think of to help promote this day as an INTERNATIONAL CELEBRATION!!!!!!!!!

    I had made this page quite a while ago now and it is STILL sitting on 135 LIKES!!!!!!!!!!!! This is so very disappointing it hurts!!!!!!!!!!!!! We can not let Ozzy down guys!!!!!!!!!!!! Please help by making this day extra special for him!!!!!!!!!! He deserves only the best!!! and seeing his fans celebrating across the globe on his birthday is the greatest gift you could ever give him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!/pages/International-Ozzy-Osbourne-Day-Dec-3rd/251425398223459

    Here is the 'EVENT' on facebook where you can also support by clicking the 'Attending' button and then just 'Let The Madness Begin' !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Remember guys..there's now only I week left from today!!!!!!!!!! Get cracking!!



  • Road To Nowhere.................................

    7 May 2009, 0:06

    Hey guys, this may be my very last journal here on Lastfm, which I have grown to love since I joined has always been my number 1 website for listening to the music that 'I' wanna hear and not be subjected to commercial radio where you don't have a choice!!! This has been my second home in many ways....I would always get on to my account and play all my favourite Metal tracks while I did my housework and generally just have it playing in the background to keep me would always make me happy whenever I was feeling down!!!! I thought this website was a dream come true for me!!! as these days Heavy Metal doesn't get much airplay if at all....and for me my Lastfm account has been more precious to me than gold!!!!!!!

    Now though..........there have been new laws set out for us here where we now have to pay to listen to what gives us life and a reason to live!!!!!!!

    I haven't been listening to my music here all that much anymore as they have given me a limit of about 30 songs to listen to before I decide whether to continue and start paying!!!

    So anyway, until my 30 songs have been heard I will still be around ...but if I can't listen to my music after that then so be it..take care everyone and thanks for listening!!! It's been great knowing you all!!! I made some pretty cool friends here and I will miss you all!!!!!!!!

    If anyone wants to continue being my friend after my account has stopped then feel free to find me on my facebook, or myspace...

    Thanks again and Keep It Metal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Hugs xoxoxoxooxoxoxo
  • Scorpions Rock!!

    18 Ago 2007, 1:58

    This track is awesome! I could listen to it all day long! Scorpions are the best!!
  • Walls of Jericho - Classic Stuff!!!!!

    8 Jun 2007, 3:17

    I have loved this band since for ever!!! I have this record and I play it everyday!! I'll never get tired of it!! I love the album sleeve!!! I treat all my Heavy Metal records like they are all gold!!!!!!!!! Actually I think my records are more precious than gold!!!!!!