Favorite #1: Sweet Child O' Mine


7 Nov 2006, 1:21

I figure I should use this journal function for something worthwhile. I don't have the fortitude to make anything with regular rhythm, so I'm going to try to keep at least moderately interesting and explore some of my very favorite songs.

There is something about last.fm (full disclosure?) that makes me want to listen to slightly more sophisticated music, but one look at my charts belies anything beyond my pop/non-complicated music loving self.

It's not that I don't appreciate sophisticated music or really intelligent lyrics - I do! But there is something in me that can appreciate Fiona Apple and Britney Spears. To say something doesn't have merit because you listen to Radiohead and I couldn't pick Thom Yorke out of lineup is just silly. Music appeals to so, so many parts of us. The sensible, the silly, the romantic, the angry - and I'd like to think my charts reflect that.Verbosity aside brings me to one of my very favorite songs.

In 1987 I was 11, I lived on a tree-lined street in the middle of anytown America. The only brown face in a see of white. Girls teased their hair to no end and sprayed it with Aqua Net and I'm pretty sure I watched Dance Party USA everyday after school with my older sister.

Depsite Rock And Roll being king, I was just as in love with Slash as I was with Ralph Tresvant, but since I still kind of (read: totally) have a thing for Slash, my first favorite song spot goes to Guns N Roses with Sweet Child O' Mine. It is a song that totally takes me back to my childhood.

It is a love song to rival great love songs and features one of the most seriously terrific (I couldn't think of a better word) guitar solos I've ever heard. It has been covered to death some to okay effort and some quite disasterously, but nothing can hold itself up versus the original.

I love how this song makes me feel dancy and innocent and listening to Guns N Roses just makes you want to do the old Axl Rose dance (you're doing it now aren't you?) while singing along.

So song #1 down, who knows how many more to go.

Guns N Roses
Appetite for Destruction
Sweet Child O' Mine


  • krazykiwi

    Whenever that guitar intro starts, I am transported right. back. there. That whole album is a time capsule, for 50 minutes or so I'm back in my teenager years. The irony, really, I wasn't a big G'n'R fan back in the day. They were my goth-rivethead-freaky-selfs slightly guilty mainstream pleasure. I never 'got' Use Your Illusion, it was all power ballads and videos with models in the rain. This one though, felt raw, and spoke to something raw inside of me. Things change, of course. I'm still mostly a rivethead in taste, although not in dress sense (where's the fun in that? everyone else finally caught up to how cool we looked :). Long since too old now to care what anyone else thinks of my music taste, such as it is, so few of my pleasures, musically wise at least, are guilty anymore. To this day though, that album is one of few that I don't pick and choose a song here and there from, I play the whole thing, start to finish. Anything else just doesn't feel quite right.

    7 Nov 2006, 18:40
  • Llapen

    i wasn't a big G'n'R fan, but i like the idea of this journal entry! can't wait to see who you write about next.

    13 Nov 2006, 2:55
  • adb7

    There is something about Slash but he looks like he smells. Wasn't it you who left the comment about Ami from Miami Ink looking stinky? That's how I feel about Slash. Anyway...Dance Party USA was the best. The nerdy kid with the glasses was the best. Where is he now? Hmmm...

    21 Nov 2006, 3:39
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