• Year in Review: 2011

    17 Dic 2011, 11:50

    The comprehensive list of absolute epic proportions of... junk!

    iTunes top 25
    1. Red House Painters - Moments - 58 plays
    2. Red House Painters - Down Colorful Hill - 45
    3. Red House Painters - Medicine Bottle - 41
    4. Red House Painters - Lord Kill the Pain - 32
    5. Sun Kil Moon - Duk Koo Kim - 29
    6. Red House Painters - 24 - 28
    7. Sun Kil Moon - Moorestown - 28
    8. Warpaint - Set Your Arms Down - 28
    9. Warpaint - Bees - 26
    10. Warpaint - Warpaint - 25
    11. Red House Painters - Japanese to English - 23
    12. Panda Bear - Atiba Song - 20
    13. Red House Painters - San Geronimo - 20
    14. Red House Painters - Michael - 19
    15. Warpaint - Undertow - 19
    16. Warpaint - Shadows - 18
    17. Warpaint - Composure - 18
    18. Matthew Good Band - Apparitions - 17
    19. Panda Bear - Slow Motion - 17
    20. Red House Painters - Drop - 17
    21. Matthew Good Band - Rico - 16
    22. Sun Kil Moon - Tonight the Sky - 16
    23. Warpaint - Majesty - 16
    24. Matthew Good Band - Flash Dance II - 15
    25. Sun Kil Moon - Ålesund - 15

    very samey iTunes list comprised mostly of the joint Kozelek bands, Sun Kil Moon and those Red House Painters, the mystifying ladies of Warpaint and Matthew Good. This is probably due to high iPod play. Some of those Painters songs are very suited to being in transit and Warpaint... well, their live show was one of my favourites in a year full of great gigs so I was listening to them a lot before (to hype) and after (to revel in the majesty of all the tracks). Their Fool album got a lot of play on wax too.

    WMP top 25
    1. Gorillaz - Rhinestone Eyes - 39
    2. Panda Bear - Slow Motion - 28
    3. Gorillaz - Empire Ants - 27
    4. Animal Collective - What Would I Want? Sky - 23
    5. Gorillaz - On Melancholy Hill - 22
    6. T.L. Barrett & Youth For Christ Choir - Like A Ship - 22
    7. Gorillaz - Plastic Beach - 21
    8. Big Audio Dynamite - Man That Is Dynamite - 20
    9. Sun Kil Moon - Neverending Math Equation - 20
    10. Animal Collective - Graze - 19
    11. Gorillaz - Stylo - 18
    12. Animal Collective - My Girls - 18
    13. Animal Collective - I Think I Can - 18
    14. Matthew Good - A Short Time On Earth - 17
    15. Gorillaz - Superfast Jellyfish - 17
    16. Big Audio Dynamite - Stalag 123 - 16
    17. Big Audio Dynamite - C'mon Every Beatbox - 16
    18. Fleetwood Mac - Dreams - 16
    19. Van Dyke Parks - Sailin' Shoes - 16
    20. Washed Out - Feel It All Around - 16
    21. Soundgarden - Black Rain - 15
    22. Red House Painters - All Mixed Up - 15
    23. The Besnard Lakes - Glass Printer - 15
    24. Animal Collective - Bleed - 15
    25. Delakota - The Rock - 14

    My Windows Media Player play count is much less stagnant. I forget the last time all the counts got reset, but they seem to reset themselves sometimes when I update the versions and I've had lots of hard drive problems and viruses in the past so often things get screwed up. Anyway, this is a much more interesting set of songs; sure it's not diverse, though - lotsa AnCo, lots of 'Rillaz, etc. I like the random addition of that awesome Delakota song from the 90s (it inspired one of Coldplay's best, Strawberry Swing) and of course T.L. Barrett & Youth for Christ Choir. Cool gospel? Funk yeah! It's also much impressive how far up the list Matt Good's Short Time On Earth is. I mean, it's a demo! But it's so good. Very reminiscent of Play

    Last 12 months: Last.fm
    1. Red House Painters – Moments - 44
    2. Panda Bear – Slow Motion - 41
    3. Panda Bear – Tomboy - 27
    4. Panda Bear – You Can Count On Me - 27
    5. Panda Bear – Atiba Song - 27
    6. Sun Kil Moon – Moorestown - 25
    7. Big Audio Dynamite – Man That Is Dynamite - 24
    8. Red House Painters – Mistress - 23
    9. Red House Painters - Down Colorful Hill - 23
    10. Gorillaz - Superfast Jellyfish - 23
    11. Gorillaz - Rhinestone Eyes - 22
    12. Panda Bear – Last Night At The Jetty - 22
    13. Jane's Addiction - End to the Lies - 22
    14. Red Hot Chili Peppers – The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie - 21
    15. Red House Painters – Medicine Bottle - 20
    16. Matthew Good – A Short Time On Earth - 20
    17. Red House Painters – Shock Me - 19
    18. ...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead – Pure Radio Cosplay - 19
    19. Editors – Bullets - 17
    20. WU LYF – Heavy Pop - 17
    21. Gorillaz – HillBilly Man - 17
    22. Sun Kil Moon - Duk Koo Kim - 16
    23. Warpaint - Set Your Arms Down - 16
    24. Fleetwood Mac - Goodbye Angel - 16
    25. Red House Painters - Lord Kill the Pain - 16

    So, yeah, most accurate portrayal of the year's listening here. Between the singles and bootlegs before the album Tomboy dropped, listening to the 7" singles and buying and listening to both the clear vinyl edition and the deluxe four LP edition, Noah Panda Bear Lennox's latest (and second greatest) has occupied a lot of my listening time and thoughts. Even my initial least favourite, Friendship Bracelet, gets stuck in my head.

    Last.fm overall songs - Six and a half years in the making!
    1. Panda Bear - Slow Motion - 76
    2. M83 - Run Into Flowers - 58
    3. Red House Painters - Moments - 56
    4. ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead - Relative Ways - 51
    5. Gorillaz - Dare - 51
    6. Minus The Bear - Pachuca Sunrise - 51
    7. M83 - Teen Angst - 51
    8. Gorillaz - Rhinestone Eyes - 49
    9. Gorillaz - El Mañana - 48
    10. Slowdive - Alison - 47
    11. dredg - Bug Eyes - 47
    12. New Order - Ceremony - 46
    13. Panda Bear - Tomboy - 46
    14. The Life and Times - My Last Hostage - 46
    15. Minus the Bear - The Game Needed Me - 46
    16. The Stone Roses - Fools Gold - 45
    17. Slowdive - Shine - 45
    18. Porcupine Tree - Lazarus - 44
    19. Swervedriver - Duel - 43
    20. ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead - Caterwaul - 43
    21. Broken Social Scene - 7/4 (Shoreline) - 42
    22. Athlete - Half Light- 42
    23. Animal Collective - Daily Routine - 41
    24. Pinback - AFK - 41
    25. Mogwai - Friend of the Night - 41

    Last.fm last 12 months artists TOP TWENTY
    1. Red House Painters
    2. Animal Collective
    3. Panda Bear
    4. Gorillaz
    5. Fleetwood Mac
    6. Red Hot Chili Peppers
    7. Sun Kil Moon
    8. ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead
    9. Matthew Good
    10. Big Audio Dynamite
    11. Beirut
    12. The Clash
    13. Warpaint
    14. 311
    15. The Besnard Lakes
    16. Battles
    17. Portishead
    18. Lindsey Buckingham
    19. Beastie Boys
    20. David Bowie

    I always notice that a lot of my listening habits have to do with who I scoped out live that year, usually some of my favourites because the better the concert the more I seem to listen to them post-show. This rule is broken by the top eight, though, so it's more to the nine to seventeen range.

    Overall artists
    1. Fleetwood Mac - 1,376
    2. Animal Collective - 1,242
    3. Gorillaz - 1,021
    4. Radiohead
    5. Slowdive
    6. ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead
    7. Pink Floyd
    8. Red House Painters
    9. Red Hot Chili Peppers
    10. Panda Bear
  • Next Move: Gorillaz

    17 Dic 2011, 10:46

    Gorillaz: Phase Four - Searching for the Elixer

    It's not yet confirmed there will be a forth 'Rillaz record, but I'm sure there will be, Damon Albarn has always enlisted surprising, inspired guests that we'd never guess he'd work with in the future back in the 90s when he was fronting Blur.

    We still haven't got the Beach Sides, the Plastic Beach outtakes record (hopefully The Horrors' cut makes the grade), but here's hoping that will come out and then we'll get phase four, which I think they should call Searching for the Elixer, even if the album isn't called that.

    Barrington Levy- His guest work on Rascalz's Top of the World and Long Beach Dub All Stars' first record proves that he can rock the house on others' tracks. He'd fit right in on some funk-jazz backed tune.
    Tony Allen - Of Fela Kuti fame. After being praised on what is probably my fav Blur single (2000's Music Is My Radar) it's only natural, although much like The Good, The Bad and the Queen, he shouldn't just be on one track, he should play the skins on the whole album to make up for the tinny PB drums.
    David Bryne - Tina Weymouth's done her time with Gorillaz, it's only natural this eccentric fellow be featured prominantly on one or two tracks.
    PJ Harvey orBjork- Perhaps they are a bit too 'big' to be on the next project, but, hey, if Lou Reed can be on, why not. Plastic Beach was a little lacking on female guests compared to before, so yeah! Maybe a delicate tune for PJ more akin to her recent solo works.
    Stewart Copeland - Has produced a great album out of Africa much like Albarn did for London (two, actually) and he's one of the best drummers in modern music.

    Use my title, chappos!

    Any Gorillaz fans out there that have thought about who they might like on a new record? World music! Rap music! Composers, even! Pop, rock, electronica, anything goes in the Gorillaz camp.
  • Warning: Another Quiz (It's been a little while, okay?)

    5 Sep 2008, 6:20

    Another quizy quiz
    Favourite bands
    1. Pink Floyd
    2. Fleetwood Mac
    3. Slowdive
    4. Porcupine Tree
    5. Incubus
    6. Hum
    7. Failure
    8. dredg
    9. Radiohead
    10. Beirut

    Favourite albums (Top 11, I'm narrowing it down to one album per band)
    Bare Trees by Fleetwood Mac
    Make Yourself by Incubus
    Animals by Pink Floyd
    Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd
    Laughing Stock by Talk Talk
    Souvlaki by Slowdive
    Pygmalion by Slowdive
    Downward Is Heavenward by Hum
    The Sky Moves Sideways by Porcupine Tree

    Greatest single ever made:
    Yeesh.... not going to go through with this one. I'll just pick one I dig right now; 'Sara' by Fleetwood Mac. Well, that would be one of my all-times, but there's dozens.

    Favourite box sets
    Shine On, if I had it. No need to now, really. I own all their albums on CD.

    Favourite Greatest Hits:
    Best of Blur by Blur, Thank You by Stone Temple Pilots

    First CD bought:
    Europop by Eiffel 65 and Astro Lounge by Smash Mouth followed by Face Down by Serial Joe. 14:59, The Party Album, Hot Show, Another Spin Around The Sun, You Can't Stop The Bum Rushand some others followed soon after in random order.

    First Concert:
    Incubus Aug. 20, 2007 at Save on Foods memorial Arena

    Favourite Concert:
    Incubus, both times I saw Caribou (although openers were bland both times; D'OH!). The best one-two punch I remember seeing in a club was Apostle of Hustle opening for the legendary Do Make Say Think.

    Concert You Wish You'd Seen:
    Pink Floyd circa 1970-1 or '77. Fleetwood Mac circa 1979-80 or Radiohead in Vancouver just last month.

    Best Use of Music In Film:
    Princess Mononoke has to be one of my fav soundtracks ever. Umm.. what else... 2001: A Space Odyssey. I have a old journal about this; oh, how about Pink Floyd's Careful With That Axe, Eugene in Zabriskie Point (I think this is going back to when it was called Come in Number 51, Your Time Is Up).

    Best Use of Music In TV series:
    All I really watch is Seinfeld, Mash and Frasier and old episodes of the Simpsons. I hate when shows o.d. on music (OC anybody?); it seems like they become a commercial for breaking through music; none of those elite three shows overused music. For the record, the Mash theme is the best theme song to a TV show I've heard.

    Favourite music books:
    Inside Out by Nick Mason.

    Favourite Songwriters:
    Roger Waters, Thom Yorke, Matthew Good

    Favourite album covers:
    Pulse by Pink Floyd, Tango in the Night by Fleetwood Mac, see my RYM list for My (extensive) favourite album covers list).

    Least fav album covers to albums you like/love/don't mind
    Most recent example would be the cheesefest cover that is 'Penguin' by Fleetwood Mac

    Favourite Music DVDs:
    King Crimson - Eyes Wide Open, Pink Floyd - Live in Pompeii, Fleetwood Mac - The Dance

    Artist You Will Always Believe In:
    Matthew Good. He's the best, but always kinda underrated despite being known to all Canadians.

    Artist You Will Always Defend:
    Weezer, but Make Believe made that soooo difficult.

    Albums You Will Always Defend:
    Second Coming by Stone Roses... I actually like it more than their debut... Don't taze me, bro!
    The 2 Post-Waters Pink Floyd efforts - David Gilpink!
    But definitely not MMM by Lou Reed - Poison Pizza.

    Singers Who Can Make Your Skin Crawl:
    In a good way or bad? Good way... Lindsey Buckingham on live versions of I'm so afraid, Roger Waters on live versions of Careful, With that Axe, Eugene and When the Tigers Broke Free. Most chilling song I know.

    Artists I'm Supposed to like, but don't.
    Bob Marley (the only B Mar song I like is the Funkstar Deluxe version of Sun Is Shining; makes me feel nostalgic because I used to watch Electric Circus when I was nine)!!! Also: Bob Dylan, Neutral Milk Hotel. [AC - whose 'supposed' to like an artist, though?! I mean, I know what it means and all-but shove off! I like what I like and so should you]

    Song You Can't Stand by an Artist You Like:
    Do De Do Da De Da or whatever by The Police [AC - there's more, I have an entry showcasing the worst of the best!]

    Artist Who Broke Your Heart:
    Our Lady Peace... what the hell happened?! These guys were wicked in the 90's. They were kind of cryptic yet spiritual and rockin'. Oh, and Maida's solo stuff is shit, too.

    Band That Should Break Up:
    Rolling Stones.
    But... if we're talking about bands that actually LIKED in the first place:
    I woulda said Weezer 'cause Make Believe was just that bad, but the new one is alright - The Angel and the One hints and former greatness. In fact 'Angel and the One' is one of my favourite tracks of 08. The red album was spotty though at best. Ev'rybody be gettin' dangerous. uggh.

    Bands That Should Get Back Together:
    Slowdive (they won't), Talk Talk (ha, fat fucking chance), Hum (this one ain't too craz-ay, so just do it guys. Nike that shit up and bring the noise again!)

    Guilty Pleasure:
    Kylie Minogue's "Love at First Sight", Maroon 5's first record, Nelly Furtado, Rihanna (damn those amazingly brilliant samples from Tainted Love, Wanna Be Startin' Something and Blue Monday) and Avril Lavigne (damn you, Elite Beat Agents) songs. I don't feel that guilty until I'm hanging out with friends and playing music on random and it'll go from Helmet or A Perfect Circle into 'SOS (Rescue Me)'. But, hey, that's me in a nutshell. Can't stop, addicted to the shindig. Whatever the hell that means!

    Okay, next time won't be a quiz again; trying to keep things top shelf quality around here! Peace!
  • Terrible Songs... by Amazing Bands

    21 Ago 2008, 5:18

    I'm sure I probably got this idea from RateYourMusic as there are a chockful of crazy lists goin' down. Or maybe that was bad albums by great artists? So I swipe the idea, put in some actual comments (as that's what's missing from a lot of these type of journal posts), and take it to the bank, right? I don't what I'm talking about, I just feel the need for an intro to ease, you, kind curious reader into the list of horsecrap moments from bands (who I consider at least) to be superbly magical masters of sound creation in the highest realm. Or something.

    Teenager in Love - This is a cover song, sure, but.... uggh, not even the Red Hot Chili Peppers can overcome what a terrible song this was to begin with. Maybe it's me being bitter, maybe it's that ass Rayman game for the Wii but it's most likely the fact the song was a pile of horsecrap before the Chilis tackled it or before it was chipmunk'd up. Cotton Eye Joe awful.

    Technologic - Plus all the remixes; makes Hamtaro look like Parklife. Well, not really. The atrociously hellish Alvin vocals mixed with a belching of 'yeah, yeahs' that sound like Crazy Frog while plastered that kick in later must've caused techie techno listening multitaskers to be sent to an insane asylum with Lloyd Braun. The fact that this song came from the minds that brought us Digital Love and Fresh is really, really, kinda heartbreaking (really kinda? huh?). Of course, Daft Punk stumbled with a film endeavor, too, soon after the mostly mundane Human After Allalbum... half hour wandering in the desert before anything happens anybody? Electroma was bloated and pretentious. At least they paid tribute to the absolute best in the film; Stanley Kubrick eat your monoli... er, heart out! [AC - I suck.]

    Blow By Blow - Put simply, song blows. I hate to say it, but I speak for 'da people'! Granted, the Time line-up in this long-lasting always revolving door of a band, was the least successful (Time didn't even chart). But even though Behind the Mask was much worse in my opinion (More Billy must've pushed that one over the cliff, and Rick Vito plays a clone version so together the two half-talents can equal L.B.'s skills... except that doesn't work at all in practice as two mediocre people never equal talent), I have to admit that out of all FM's recorded output this is the worst song (live incarnations are a different matter; TITN tour when Billy and Rick had to sing Buckingham penned hits... I threw up in my mouth a little). First of all, Dave Mason's style didn't fit the band anyway. Secondly, the lyrics are so half-baked sounding and the music tries to sever adult contempo ties that bind Mason that it sounds desperate to rock and fails. Lastly, Christine hated Dave. Why did Mick think it would be good to have him around? I've said it before, but not here: Blow makes Eric Clapton's It's In The Way That You Use It a tolerable listen. Yikes. If that's a recommend though then I'm Touche Turtle!

    Love Hurts - Possibly the only album track by these guys I'll never get. Mike's guitar that is tuned to sound like an organ (don't know enough about music theory to 'get' that) is the only thing worthwhile. The lyrics here are so mundane. I'm aware the song is supposed to be addressing a well known cliche (see: the chorus), but it's kind of ironic how boring the lyrics really are. It's like Incubus would like to stoop real low on this track so they can hang with Hoobastank (I'm talkin' The Reason, people!). Unfortunately they played this one live the first, and only thus far, time I saw them live. It was the only time during the concert I really tuned out. I kept entertained by watching two people crowd surf to this song, which is laughably pathetic... wait 'til they place something off SCIENCE or Make Yourself, ya silly shits!

    Vera - Forget Dogs of War because in my somewhat controversial opinion, Pink Floyd's few worst moments come from the bloated, overrated. Now hold the hate (pigeon) mail, because I'm not saying The Wall isn't good (CN is in my top 20 PF songs), but their less popular earlier work is lightyears ahead... in another dimension. At least this slice of whiny solo-effort-in-disguise fodder is a brief minute and a half. Half songs for the... loss!

    De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da - Had to look this one up because I can never remember what the heck it's called already! It's essentially The Police's Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da (had to look up that one, too; Google is my friend). Something like Sting wanted to make fun of pop conventions and how it doesn't matter what you say, as long as you got a hook, you'll sell records. I don't know, but it's not funny or catchy. It might make Zenyatta the least consistant Police effort as only half way in you have to press skip (so I wouldn't bother with this one on vinyl). Anyways, thinking about not thinking wasn't a very good thought in the first place. That's what I think.

    Frolic Room - Being one of the first bands I was obsessed with when I was younger and a band I hold kind of dear (that sounds rather wimpy) as they got me through some tough times in grade 8, 311 have always been very consistant in my opinion. And even as my tastes developed in high school and again much more so beyond, I could usually rely on these guys for a good , nostalgic listen from front to back every once in a while. But on 2005's Don't Tread On Me, they became lazy I'll admit. They already had rewritten Flowing on Evolver and with DTOM they settled into the summer grooves they were known for a little too comfortably. First up, I've got to mention 'Waiting', which was a close contender based entirely on S.A. Martinez's laid back, phoned in bit. Remember this is the guy who used to rap about alien conspiracies, foo-fooing on a cop's face after getting pulled over and portals to other galaxies. On Waiting, between Nick's sleepy (sleep-inducing, even) chorus, S.A. says he's got some money and headin' on down "to the pawn shop/[...]what should [he] get?" Well what about a "boom box, boom box, boom box, YEAH!". Oh, yeah!! Wait... that's horrible one of the worst things I've ever heard of... except for three tracks prior, which is easily the worst 311 song ever; Frolic Room about Nick's favourite LA hang out (post-Nicole, of course). A lame attempt to be put on the jukebox at that bar, and that bar only the lyrics about the pretty girls and vagrants chillin' there are worse than tabacco mouth. Nick, you paid your dues to them; mentioned on Guns (are for Pussies) and Livin' and Rockin', from 311 and Soundsystem respectively). Let it go!

    Girls - I'm all for songs about the ladies... HEY LADIES, GET FUNKY (cowbell clang X2). This song ditches the Beastie Boys' usually clever triple attack rhymes for some playful wordplay (well, more like misogynistic quips if I'm honest) about women. Doing dishes, cleaning your room, Adrock? Careful, buddy. How did you guys get laid after performing that? Oh, right, drinking. Riiiiiight. Shows were crazy back then. Anyways, I could pretend this song isn't Beastie Boys, nay, that it doesn't exist, as this came from their debut; the only B-Boys full-length I never purchased and after acquiring it illegally and deleting a few songs (firstly, this disaster), I'm not missing much. For class of '86 only.

    Uggh, that was fun in a painful memory way, but it's fun to bitch sometimes, innit? Maybe (most likely, even) I'll do another part. Surely there's many more pesty buzzkill tracks from brilliant artists. In the meantime, feel free to post yours and we'll all have a (e-) pint and discuss.
  • Misleading band names. Plus some good ones.

    18 Ago 2008, 4:52

    Most misleading band names ever - Aight, here's a list I made fairly shortly after doing the 'annoying band names' list. But life got busy and yada yada, and this list sat in notepad form for a while (10 months); anyways, it ain't irrelevant, so I'll post it now... I wouldn't have remembered it if my good friend Keiroshin hadn't demanded (hmm, makes him sound forceful, let's go with requested) that I get back to doing my journal entries/pointless rantings/stolen quizes. So this isn't a new one, new material will come.... I have some idea(r)s, so hooray and all that.

    Yeah, so as the title says, these band names aren't bad really, but they make you shout 'Oi! This be false advertising, this! I mean, innit? Yeah!'. Or something less loony but to the same effect.
    311 - Wait, these guys aren't in the KKK, they're down for unity (apparently)!
    Beirut - The state of Beirut is the exact opposite of the beautiful music coming from Zach and his parade of merry players.
    Boards of Canada - You guys ain't canadian, what's next, a band who's name claims they are from Barcelona, but they actually aren't and possibly have never been there. Ha, only kidd--wait a minute...!
    Brazilian Girls - This could go for Vengaboys and a couple others, but there's actually just one female here, but she oozes sex.
    Dinosaur Jr. - Man, are people dumb. Just because they have the words dinosaur and junior does not mean this is kid's music. J Mascis would kick Raffi's ass just by staring him down through those thick frames... that is if his cascading greys would give way so that someone could actually see the man's eyes.
    Don Caballero - This could apply to any band with a name as the band name (Pink Floyd, Franz Ferdinand, Catherine Wheel), but these math rock pioneers confuse all who aren't in the know, as they picture Caballero with silent L's and a man sitting on a stool with a spanish guitar. Although that sounds like it would be better than their current line-up. I keed... well, no actually, I don't. D'oh.
    The Hermit - I picture some guy reminiscent of Rivers Cuomo circa 1998, after Pinkerton was panned (good album), painting their room black, shutting their blinds and such. Well, that's more of agoraphobia, but meh.
    Joy Division - No joy to be found here. Well, they are great though. So I get joy from listening to Curtis' growls of self-pity and dead souls.
    The Killers - They just turned out to be a synth band who loved New Order and then The Boss, maybe a little too much. But, nope, no killers here.
    Lambchop - Who knew that a project named after a sheep sockpuppet who sang the most annoyingly repetitive (and aware of it) song ever and played with happy sock puppet friends and some old bag would make such depressing albums?
    My Bloody Valentine - ...just because all my friends STILL seem to think I have an "emo" group (a la Bullet for My Valentine) in my playlists. [AC - heh, I'm actually not making fun of you Keiroshin; this was written last winter... Mike & Tyler were looking at my CD wallet and saw MBV and were either disappointed or disgusted... both really. I then had to explain and prove that MBV aren't the terrible, terrible emo band they had assumed. Seriously, the names aren't that similar, though, people sure are careless to check the details. I mean, it's not like when people get Matthew Good, the famous canadian musician mixed up with a sappy hollywood actor half his age... that's actually an understandable mistake for the uninformed souls... oops, that was making fun... kinda. Ha.]
    Queens of the Stone Age - My father thought it might be one of them bands with drag queens (think along the lines of Motley Crue, etc.) back when I bought Songs for the Deaf.

    And more bang for your buck, here's some good ones, so I don't come off as a pessimist.

    ...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead - Sorry, no matter how pretentious that name is, it's unforgettable. Especially considering it describes their take no prisoners sound, most evident on albums like their sophmore effort, Madonna
    Animal Collective
    Codeine - Like Slowdive and Lush, the music found within Codeine is just as the band name implies.
    Comets On Fire - Pretty much as manic as implied, these wizards of guitar freak-outs jam their way into the stratosphere and beyond, never to burn out in the vast spacial blanket known as Milky Way. Moreso their earlier stuff, though.
    Explosions in the Sky
    Godspeed You! Black Emperor - I considered A Silver Mt. Zion, but that's stretching it, that whole 'let's change our bands name with every release thing is really tired and played out. Being untraceable to the mass market is soooooooo done to death.
    I Love to But I've Chosen Darkness
    Jaga Jazzist - As soon as my cousin said their name, he didn't even have to describe their music; I had to check them out.
    King Crimson
    Piano Magic
    Slowdive - Most apt name for a band. But maybe it's just 'cause I'm partial to Slowdive. More than that, they are one of my top three favs of all time and stuff.
    Soundpool - Yes indeed
    Sun Kil Moon - Cool imagery is all.
    Swervedriver - Seriously, listen to these guys... cruisin' music 101... good for a desert drive, interstates, night driving, so long as you're goin' fast... not that I have a car. Hmm... I guess they make good racing music if you like video games... I'm a sucker for the racers, lemme tell ya.
    Tangerine Dream
    Thieves Like Us - Nice New Order reference, albeit obvious... but that was a great song and the name suits TLU's druggy, club-hoppin' music for people who see lights blur every weekend, living the nocturnal life.

    [AC - I felt like I should add some newer artists that I discovered since the time this list was first conceived to keep it from being as stale as those day old bagels that bakeries sell cheap the next day]
    Little Boots
    Fleet Foxes - Maybe it's 'cause it suits their folky CSN&Y mixed with gospel harmonizing, or maybe because of my weird obsession with foxes, who are simply large rats to british people as the mangy creatures get into "rubbish" and roam and not to mention rabbies. But they are quite special in the canadian wildlife, I thought when I was 6-8.

    Honorable mention
    Esio Trot - Love this name 'cause I loved this, and pretty much every other Dahl book as a kid, but the band is pretty typical indie-rock fluff, if you know what I mean. And you do. Snore. Moving on...

    ...ah, that's all I got for now. Peace!
  • Best film soundtracks (chew on these, Babel!)

    20 Nov 2007, 4:58

    Okay, that was just to get attention. I did like the final song in the movie Babel, but the rest didn’t grab me at all (save for the helicopter taking off), so I was baffled when it one best score (it did win, right?). So here's some films with great music. When I think of the film I think of the movie and vice versa. If you have some of your own, name 'em off (Life Equatic, Pulp Fiction, Tenenbaums?)

    2001: A Space Odyssey - Kind of obvious. Best sci-fi of all-time, of course. Also, even though the Dark Side of Oz sync or whatever is just a bunch of coincidences, the one with Echoes works wonders. It has to be just right.

    Sunshine- Not the greatest movie by any means, but I loved the decidedly minimal atmospheric music which Underworld specifically recorded for the film. Much better than a majority of their noodling “quantity over quality” almost-songs that they released between the mostly disappointing Two Months Off and their comeback album this year. Who's seen this? What the hell is with the sort-of-'horror' bit.

    Syriana - This movie had very minimal music, no epic, ambitious string orchestras and such because… it wasn’t that type of movie. It was a very powerful movie and I wasn’t expecting to recognize anything until Chinatown came on. Do Make Say Think's brand of post-rock lends itself so perfectly to movies... or it would if more people took notice and put their music in. Ah well, Explosions in the Sky and Mogwai have had their big film moments, it'll be due time for DMST, right?

    Children of Men - Almost a modern classic, this movie contains an absolutely wonderful soundtrack. Even though I don’t like The Stones much, nothing was much more perfect than that (backwards) car chase with Ruby Tuesday playing on the oldies station. Nothing, except, In the Court of the Crimson King on when Clive Owen was in the car. Insert an Animals reference to Pink Floyd afterwards. KC and PF within a minute of each other? YEAH. And then there was Life in a Glasshouse in the most memorable scene featuring hippy Caine.

    Lost In Translation - Can’t go on without mentioning this masterful marriage between song and story that actually blurs the lines between the two. Just Like Honey kind of says it all. And listening to Kevin Shields contributions outside may be at times tedious, but they mesh perfectly in this film. Oh, and then there's Air. How would their music work in a film??

    Blade Runner - Hats off to Vangelis for this. Some of my favourite film music ever. Captures the bleak state of the mood of the surroundings much like how that song that played throughout Brazil (one of my favs of all time) changed depending on the scene/current state of mind.

    Monty Python and the Holy Grail - I know… a comedy. Great epic, knight music in the start, which gets followed up by out-of-place Mexican pop when the sub-title guy is fired. And then there's Neil Innes. Really, 'Galaxy Song' and 'Always Look on the Brightside of Life' should be mentioned, but Grail's my favourite movie overall. And that Sir Robin song? Classic. ALL LIES! Innes is just a genious. Watch Monty Python Live at the Hollywood Bowl or his stuff with Eric Idle and The Rutles.

    Bourne Identity/Bourne Supremacy - Great work by John Powell. And Moby’s Extreme Ways fit the end credits perfectly both times. The re-mixed version in the third was a bit rubbish, but not too bad. But is there a more perfect song for these movies? Nay.

    V For Vendetta - Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture, Cat Power with I Found A Reason (a Velvet Underground cover, of course). I LOOOVED the medley at the end credits with Street Fighting Man into BKAB by Ethan Stoller/Malcolm X’s “On Black Power” speech/Gloria Steinem’s Address to the Women of America speech to one of my favourite bands with one of their best latter songs - Spiritualized - Out of Sight. Natalie Portman is awesome.

    Man On Fire - I actually really liked this film and Nine Inch Nails' contributions were better than listening to many of Trent's albums. Hybrid and many others contributed. Actually, was there any scenes that didn’t have music in them? But Clint Mansell’s work could do nothing but help anyone’s movie. I love when irony is used with music and film a la Tarantino. That reminds me, there’s a scene on Tony Scott’s Man On Fire where Washington is cutting off some killer’s fingers while interrogating him to make him spill the beans all while that annoying 80’s novelty hit by Tony Basil is playing; Hey Mickey. One of the worst songs ever, but I love the juxtaposition between the sappy pop cheerleader chant and a brutal consultation like that.

    Ferris Bueller’s Day Off - Yeah, a comedy… weird. Somehow John Hughes avoided all the clichéd tween music he could’ve thrown in at the time and instead a cross-genre stew of great tunes. Oh Yeah is kind of a classic now with some thanks to this movie, Twist and Shout + horns (much to Macca’s dismay; I think in this instance he was mistaken, it makes the song even more fun and funky), Flowerpot Men's ‘Beat City’ and the most classic chase scene in a comedy ever: Ferris on foot vs. his dad vs. his sister and mom (all the latter are in cars while Ferris cuts through people yards and houses trying to get home before he’s caught) featuring The English Beat’s (as they are known where I live) b-side instrumental March of the Swivelheads’ plays with it’s frantic horns and bouncy beats. Great use also with the Star Wars theme while the two slime bag parking attendants enjoy a smooth ride in Cameron’s admirable piece of shit- I mean, his dad’s priceless car. Oh, and those weird anime loving freaks of Sigue Sigue Sputnick and their big-ass Love Missile F1-11 (which contains Blade Runner samples), which made it into an early scene where Ferris admires the day and has a plan on how to use this ninth “sick day”. SHOOT IT UP!!!

    Pan’s Labyrinth - Javier Navarrete’s score was the best soundtrack to a fantasy and was dark as it needed to be. This ain’t no farkin' Narnia with sweeping Christian songs to uplift. Very dark movie, great stuff all round the haunting melodies and that recurring lullaby will get stuck in your ears for a week! Best of '06.

    Fight Club - Edward Norton officially became my favourite actor of his generation with this role. And there was nothing quite like losing one’s mind while seeing the world crash down to PixiesWhere Is My Mind? during the crucial closing sequence to one of the best movies of the 90’s. If only Brad Pitt could remember how to act these days…

    Trainspotting - Now to mention a movie I hated and everyone else liked, but I liked the movie's soundtrack just as much as all the rest. Iggy Pop, Primal Scream, New Order, Underworld, Blur, Lou Reed, Elastica and Brian Eno? Yes please, sign me up for that soundtrack (Trainspotting. Sign me up. But I'll skip McGregor and his gang of low-life putzheads.

    The Fountain - Clint Mansell at his very best. This is the one movie on the list I have yet to see…so excuse me while I run to Blockbuster.

    Well, not run.

  • Most annoying band names. Ever.

    20 Oct 2007, 21:14

    I may be forgetting some, but the following band names are so bad that Panic! At the Disco suddenly seems like the title of a buried Hitchcock picture.

    1. Anal C*** - Nothing needs to be said really. Their music is just as bad though. Really.
    2. Pissed Jeans - I’m not sure if I’ve ever heard these guys’ music or if I ever will because I’ll never get passed their horrid name.
    3. Shit Disco - When I was young I thought this was the only kind of disco. Band name still sucks, though.
    4. Test Icicles - Oh, you guys are so clever. Clever like the writers of Balls of Fury. “Get this guys; we’ll call our selves testicles, but not really, but when everyone first sees our name on a poster, they’ll think it’s about testicles. How’s that for getting noticed?” What, were these guys 12 when they named their band… or just stinking plastered?
    5. Gay Against You - That doesn’t make sense even.
    6. The Number 12 Looks Like You - That’s… honestly, I don’t know what.
    7. Hoobastank - Wow, you guys sure dodged a bullet by changing your name from Hoobustank to Hoobastank. Psyche! Isn’t it pronounced the same anyways? Well, your They Sure Don't Make Basketball Shorts Like They Used To album was good, at least. It went downhill with each subsequent release after.
    8. Cut Off Your Hands - Yeah, screw slitting wrists. Just cut the whole bloody appendage off!
    9. Pants Yell! - They do what now? I’ve only heard one song from this band, and it was surprisingly very good, but that name… uggh… but I spared them by putting them low because of that one song.
    10. !!! - Also known as Chk Chk Chk, This band are actually alright, but how pretentious is this? Seems stupid for marketing. How do you market a triple exclamation point that’s actually pronounced as the sounds kids make when they are emulating machine guns with their mouths?

    If anyone is reading this, feel free to supply more terrible band names. And for the record, I started listening to …And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead simply based on their band name; it was that intriguing, so I always wonder why it makes it on so many people’s lists of the same nature as mine above. Sure, it’s pretentious, but so is their music, and with boring post-Creed rock (I guess I could call it post-post-grunge) like Fray, Papa Roach, Alter Bridge and State of Shock on the radio waves, what’s wrong with being ostentatious?

    Here's a free update to my list
    The The [thanks to Stelaris]
    Does It Offend You, Yeah? [... yes, it DOES. Thanks to ginnyoh for reminding me of how much 'it' offends me. It being a crap band making crap music and remixes. Nothing worse than that, folks!]
    Xiu Xiu [thanks to Stelaris, forgot about these guys]
    Demented Are Go! [I'll say!]
    Natalie Portman's Shaved Head [I'd like to thank myself for this one - Thanks!]
  • Surveys for Boredom... What's your eclectic score?

    3 May 2007, 22:15

    I hate not knowing what to do when not working...

    Take your top 20 artists. For each of these artists, collect the top 5 similar artists. The resulting number of unique artists is your eclectic score. If the score is small (extreme = 5) your musical preferences are very limited, and if it is large (extreme = 100), then you have an eclectic musical preference. You can compute your own score at http://anthony.liekens.net/pub/scripts/last.fm/eclectic.php

    My eclectic score is currently


    The 73 related artists for my profile are A Perfect Circle Animal Collective At the Drive-In Audioslave Autolux Bear Vs. Shark Beck Blackfield Boards of Canada Broken Social Scene (3) Built to Spill Cave In Chapterhouse Circa Survive Cocteau Twins Coldplay (6) Cursive David Bowie Death Cab for Cutie (2) Deftones Depeche Mode Dream Theater Explosions in the Sky Failure Foo Fighters (2) Franz Ferdinand (2) Godspeed You! Black Emperor Green Day Helmet Hum Interpol Jawbox Jimi Hendrix Jimmy Eat World Joy Division (2) Keane Led Zeppelin Modest Mouse Mogwai (2) My Bloody Valentine Nine Inch Nails Nirvana (2) Oceansize Opeth Pain of Salvation Pavement Placebo Radiohead (6) Red Hot Chili Peppers (2) Ride Riverside Sigur Rós (2) Slowdive Sonic Youth Sunny Day Real Estate System of a Down The Appleseed Cast The Arcade Fire (2) The Beatles (3) The Cure (2) The Dismemberment Plan The Doors The Flaming Lips The Jesus and Mary Chain (2) The Killers (2) The Mars Volta The Postal Service The Smashing Pumpkins The Smiths The White Stripes (2) Tool Weezer Year of the Rabbit

    Well, that cured boredom... for two minutes.
  • My turn at the 'Neighbours Game'

    30 May 2006, 6:23

    Well, I keep getting caught up in a new last.fm game thing every month or so! Meh, I guess I'm allowed to get bored every once in a while....

    1. The Smashing Pumpkins - 27
    2. Tool - 56 (and rising!)
    3. My Vitriol - n/a

    That last one is the only band I haven't heard of on this dude's top twenty, which is flawless by the way (well, I guess I would think so, as he's got the closest taste to me according to last.fm).

    1. Nine Inch Nails - 172
    2. Tool - 56
    3. Matthew Good - 68

    1. Weezer - 138
    2. Jimmy Eat World - 42
    3. Bright Eyes - n/a

    1. The Mars Volta - 65
    2. At the Drive-In - 37
    3. Circa Survive - n/a

    1. dredg - 1
    2. A Perfect Circle - 20
    3. Incubus - 26

    1. The Shins - n/a
    2. Swervedriver - 44
    3. Rival Schools - Great band, I just haven't got around to copying United by Fate to the comp...

    jobseyes should be an honorable mention, as that guy was number one on my neighbour's list and I see I'm still tops on his
    1. Sigur Rós - 73
    2. The Appleseed Cast - 54
    3. Nirvana -n/a

    Now I think I should probably go and check out Circa Survive and My Vitriol because I'm bond to like one of them...
  • 10,000 tracks played!

    30 Abr 2006, 18:47

    As of yesterday, I finally reached the 10,000th track.

    Anyways, here's how the top 23 are looking as of present...

    1. dredg - 438
    First heard: Same Ol' Road
    Fell in love with: Of The Room
    Current favourite: The Canyon Behind Her
    Favourite Album: El Cielo

    2. Radiohead - 263
    First heard: Creep
    Fell in love with: Just/Karma Police (can't remember)
    Current fav: Kid A (live/studio/whatever)
    Favourite Album: OK Computer

    3. Pink Floyd - 258
    First heard: Money
    Fell in love with: Sheep, One of These Days
    Current fav: Echoes (and always fav!)
    Favourite Album: Animals

    4. ...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead - 242
    First heard: All St. Day
    Fell in love with: All St. Day
    Current fav: Will You Smile Again
    Favourite Album: Worlds Apart

    5. Hum - 237
    First heard: Isle of the Cheetah
    Fell in love with: Isle of the Cheetah
    Current fav: I'd Like Your Hair Long
    Favourite Album: Downward Is Heavenward (a.k.a my favourite cd ever, although I don't play it on my computer!)

    6. Gorillaz - 231
    First heard: Clint Eastwood
    Fell in love with: Clint Eastwood
    Current fav: El Manana
    Favourite Album: Demon Days

    7. New Order - 228
    First heard: Blue Monday
    Fell in love with: Perfect Kiss
    Current fav: Chosen Time
    Favourite Album: Substance (I know, it's kind of cheating)

    8. Minus the Bear - 228
    First heard: The Game Needed Me
    Fell in love with: The Game Needed Me
    Current fav: Hey, Wanna Throw Up? Get Me Naked
    Favourite Album: Menos El Oso

    9. Failure - 218
    First heard: Magnified
    Fell in love with: Pillowhead
    Current fav: Another Space Song
    Favourite Album: Fantastic Planet

    10. Snow Patrol - 175
    First heard: Spitting Games
    Fell in love with: Spitting Games
    Current fav: She Comes Scattered
    Favourite Album: Final Straw

    11. Cave In - 173
    First heard: Anchor
    Fell in love with: Dark Driving
    Current fav: Down the Drain
    Favourite Album: Jupiter

    12. 311 - 151
    First heard: Come Original
    Fell in love with: You Wouldn't Believe
    Current fav: Flowing
    Favourite Album: Transistor

    13. Autolux - 142
    First heard: Robots in the Garden
    Fell in love with: Turnstile Blues
    Current fav: Sugarless
    Favourite album: Future Perfect

    14. Led Zeppelin - 141
    First heard: Dazed and Confused
    Fell in love with: Dazed and Confused
    Current fav: No Quarter
    Favourite Album: Physical Graffiti

    15. Blur - 140
    First heard: Song 2
    Fell in love with: Beetlebum
    Current fav: Colin Zeal
    Favourite Album: Modern Life is Rubbish

    16. Pinback - 140
    First heard: Fortress
    Fell in love with: AFK
    Current fav: Soaked
    Favourite Album: Blue Screen Life

    17. Faraquet - 139
    First heard: The Fourth Introduction
    Fell in love with: The Fourth Introduction
    Current fav: Carefully Planned
    Favourite Album: A View From this Tower

    18. The Police - 138
    First heard: Roxanne
    Fell in love with: Message In a Bottle
    Current fav:
    Favourite Album: Regatta de Blanc

    19. Deftones - 129
    First heard: Back To School
    Fell in love with: Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away)
    Current fav: Lovers
    Favourite Album: Around the Fur

    20. Antactica - 129
    First heard: Full Crescent Crusade
    Fell in love with: Full Crescent Crusade
    Current fav: Ultra Norsk
    Favourite Album: 23:03

    21. Sparta - 128
    First heard: Air
    Fell in love with: Cut Your Ribbon
    Current fav: While Oceana Sleeps
    Favourite Album: Porcelain

    22. My Bloody Valentine - 125
    First heard: Only Shallow
    Fell in love with: Only Shallow
    Current fav: Nothing Much to Lose
    Favourite Album: Loveless

    23. Mogwai - 123
    First heard: Summer (the Ten Rapid version)
    Fell in love with: Summer
    Current fav: Like Herod
    Favourite Album: Young Team

    Cool. Now onto 50,000!