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6 Ene 2007, 23:35

My favorite PC game is Caesar III. I played it a lot my last year of high school, but always with my own music since I tend to get bored with original game soundtracks. My own soundtrack wasn't that varied either, just five songs, but I liked them a lot and still play those songs on repeat every now and then:

Baby Blue
Tabula Rasa
Just the Two of Us (Korean version)

As Caesar IV was about to be released I decided it would be fun to collect all those songs on CD. I already had The Knife, that I got as soon as it was released since Bird was so different from anything else I had heard and I wanted more. Fairly recently I also got Love in the Time of Science to take one item off my must-buy list. The other three, however, were all purchased towards the end of 2006.

Mellowbag + Freundeskreis Feat. Mr. Gentleman - Tabula Rasa (single)

I was looking for this song on CD when I went to Berlin in 1999, but ended up leaving the record store with Esperanto that had Tabula Rasa Pt. II on it instead. Finally I got the maxi single used through some Amazon marketplace.

It's a 7 track maxi single with various versions of the title track. The Radio Edit and Rebel Troop Original Version are the only ones I really like, but that doesn't matter since it's just those I wanted anyway. The instrumental version too is kinda cool, but it's not the same without the rap. I actually like the Mellow mix instrumental more, but then I don't like the actual Mellow mix. The remaining two tracks, the DJ Sebel remix and the Silly Walks refix, I prefer to keep outside the playlist altogether.

Greatest Hits

I never cared much for Robbie Williams . Supreme, however, I liked right away. When it came to getting it on CD I was hesitant on whether I should get it on single or go for an album. As his Greatest Hits from 2004 was just 69kr from CDON I decided on the latter.

Turns out I might've been wrong about him. At first I could only admit to liking a few of the songs other than Supreme, but I find myself liking more and more songs (even those that made me switch channels when I still listened to the radio) every time I listen to it. I'm still far from a fan, but Robbie Williams certainly offers some high quality pop tunes for the masses. I thought it was ridiculous how the evening papers hyped his concert in Gothenburg this summer, but perhaps I should get tickets to witness it all myself next time he shows up on stage around here.

Just The Two Of Us (single)

I've wanted to have the Korean version of this song on CD for so long! It was used as a Korea only bonus track on Big Willie Style and being a fan of Turbo I was so excited about it. Actually it's more like Will Smith feat. Kim Jong Kook than Will Smith feat. Turbo since Mikey isn't in it, but this was before Jong Kook went solo. Anyway, I couldn't get it back then and the Korean version of that album appears to have sold out by now so I was very happy to find this five track single through Amazon.

In addition to the Korean version, there's also the Spanish version (featuring DLG), a remix from Rodney Jerkins (featuring Brian McKnight), the radio edit and an instrumental version. While I prefer the Korean version, there's nothing wrong with the alternate versions. And considering I was lucky enough to get this before the price got marked up £10 I'm more than satisfied with the whole thing ^_^

I had pre-ordered Caesar IV (without playing the demo), but despite my computer filling all minimum criteria it turned out that I couldn't play it even with the most simple settings possible. Quite disappointing, but I got a hold of a version of Caesar III that should work on XP (my previous version was just for Win95&98) while grocery shopping for New Years. Now these songs are all gonna start climbing my track chart soon enough ^_^


  • Cloviece

    Wow. I didn't know that there were that many versions of Just The Two Of Us. Spanish version too?! ^^ And as always, I'm constantly amazed by how much music you end up getting your hands on. It took me a while to get caught up on all of your entries since you write so many of them. :) Btw, about how many albums do you buy a month? Or does it also depend on bargains, sales, etc.?

    8 Ene 2007, 2:32
  • helikoppter

    I probably get 5-10 full price CDs/month, depending on how many good bargains and sale items I come across. How many I really get I don't know though...

    8 Ene 2007, 11:01
  • mrkwang

    Wow. I'm shocked you play COMPUTER GAMES!

    8 Ene 2007, 13:08
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