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28 Mar 2006, 18:56

I just noticed that one of Sweden's best labels, Labrador, finally joined Last.fm. And not only did they add a substantial amount of their catalogue, they also made most of it available for full length previews! So I figured it was time to make a post on the best compilation album I've bought for several years ^^

In early September 2005, Chili Music Korea released a compilation called Swedish Heart. It was advertised as Korea's premier Swedish ballad special collection", and on 2CDs it contained 27 songs from 23 Labrador artists. I decided to make a purchase as I thought it was an easy way to get to know more of the music from Labrador.

So what was on this special ballad collection? Not as many slow songs as I had expected, but plenty of really, really good pop songs! I want to make a review on every song, but I don't have the time... Still, I want people to know exactly how good all of these songs are, and with Labrador on Last.fm you can now hear most of them for yourself, so here's the tracklist! (my personal favorites in bold ^^)

CD 1
1. Say Yes If You Love Me
2. Love In December
3. C'Mon Through <3
4. since you've gone
5. If Rain
6. Once Upon A Time
7. the anchor song
8. The astronauts
9. Underdog/Overdog
10. I Close My Eyes
11. Go To Hell, Miss Rydell
12. Pulling Our Weight
13. At Least in My Heart

CD 2
1. Traveling Boy
2. You and me
3. Frozen Lake
4. Always never
5. Out Of The Blue
6. Här kommer solen
7. Life Brings On A Shiver
8. Jim
9. I Am the Ostrich
10. Rent a Wreck
11. When The Day Is Done
12. The Caroline I Know
13. The ballad of duncan boyle
14. One Two Three Four


  • Hedvika

    wow! thanks for info, labrador is running pretty great artists. and this cds collection is amazing!

    1 Abr 2006, 4:59
  • indiedan

    I just love that song Go To Hell, Miss Rydell! I bought the labrador 100 collection and it's amazing - I see Pelle has a new album about to come out - do you think it'll be worth ordering?

    22 Feb 2007, 16:39
  • helikoppter

    Could very well be, but I'll wait till I've had a chance to hear more from it. If you haven't already - take a listen to the song he's done with Ida Maria from the new album: i love you imbecile ^^

    27 Feb 2007, 13:51
  • mzizsu

    Wow... thanks for all the info. I must say that Labrador has a sweet collection of artists and they really embracee the whole online shopping experience. I'm lovin' the fact that they have PayPal! Btw, is this label popular with Swedish music listeners?

    2 Mar 2007, 1:21
  • helikoppter

    To many indie music fans, Labrador is still concidered the premier Swedish label. At least that's the impression I have. Either way, Labrador [i]is[/i] high quality music ^^

    2 Mar 2007, 11:11
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