Generic seen live list


8 Ago 2010, 23:26

Order of the Vulture (PdX Black Metal/ Punk) x2
Iskra (BC Crusties)
Pentagram x2 (Virginia Doom)
Early Graves
All Pigs Must Die
Doom (UK Crust legends)
Addaura (Cascadian Black metal)
martyrdod (Swedish Blackend Crust Punk)
The Misfits
Golers (VC Powerviolence)
Houses (Reno HxC)
Deathraid(Seattle possibly the most violent live act ever) x2
Embers (Oakland Black Metal)
The Farley Overdose (Forever stoned in Reno) x2
Sworming (Seattle Grind/Noise)
Vader (Polish OSDM)
Massgrave (Vancouver Crust)
The Vandals
The Slackers
The Aggrolites
Life Erased (Dallas thrasher crust)
SHITTY FUCKER (Oakland crazy shit)
Abandon (PdX HxC)
Black Leather Noose (Seattle Disbeat) x2
Dropkick Murphys (Drunken Irish lads from Boston)
Violent Ruler (Reno HxC) x3
Agrimonia (Swedish doomy Crust)
3 Inches of Blood (VC Power Metal)
Witch Lord (Reno stoners)
Lake of Blood (L.A. vegan Black Metal)
Makabert Fynde (ex-Skitsystem)
Alda (Tahoma)
Witchaven (Cali Black Thrash) x2
Dies Drear (Seattle Pop Punk)
Deepen the wound (Reno vegans)
Trench Rot (LA Raw Punk)
Lost Cause (Seattle Punk)
Streetwalker (Seattle Thrash/Hardcore) x4
Life Against Death (Vancouver Crust) x2
Cobra Skulls (REEEEEENNNOOOO) x4
Amon Amarth (Vikings)
N.F.F.U. (Boise Punk) x2
Totes Brute (Seattle noisey Grind) x2
Boneblack (Montreal female fronted Crust)
Nomos (NYC Hardcore)
Hellshock (Crusty pdx Death Metal)
Faithless Saints (pdx Thrash)
Royal Monsters (Pheonix Hardcore)
Honduran (Tall guy Crust from Portland)
Machinegun Vendetta (Elko? Punk Rock)
Vestiges (Fall of Efrafa worship)
Drakul (Seattle Black Metal) x2
Shadow of the Torturer (Seattle Drone Doom)
Weregoat (Portland War Metal)
Subhumans (Whiltshire anarchists)
Phlegethon (unfortunately not the Finnish band, but the Seattle Blackened Death Metal group) Also see Phalgaron x2
Sojourner (Tacoma HxC)
Abject (Punk, from L.A. I believe)
Evangelist (Seattle Death Metal)
Ceremonial Castings (Black Metal from Battle Grounds, Washington) x4
Hellbastard (UK Crust legends)
Deviated Instinct (UK Crust legends)
Elitist (Portland Grind)
Adolecents x2
1618 (Makin the straight edge show reek of pot since 2008)
Exogorth (Olympia? Grind) x2
Funeral Age (Seattle Death Metal)
Nu Sensae (Vancouver D&B)
7 Seconds (Reno HxC legends) x3
Irony (Seattle Black Metal x2
Abandon (PdX Punk)
Rat City Rukus (White Center Rock and Roll) x2
The Whorewoods (White Center Punk) x5
Bonesickness (Olympia Death Metal) x3
Blood Fire Death (Washington Viking Black Metal)
Skelator (Seattle Heavy Metal)
Destroyer 666 (Australian and antichrist. Yes. I am better than you)
Nekro Morphosis (Seattle Black Metal) x2
Blasphemous Creation (Reno OSDM) x3
Dreadfull Children (Seattle Punk) x4
The Restarts (Oi Oi Oi! pickituppickituppickitup)
The Germs (La Punk)
Shakin Michael J (Seattle Ska Punk)
Bristle (Seattle Punk)
Slutvomit (Seattle Black Metal)
The Faceless ('technical' Deathcore) x3
Pussywhipped (Bikini Kill tribute)
Walls (Tacoma HxC former Iron Lung) x3
Nomos (NyC HxC) <-Fuckin rad
The Xenophobes (Gardnerville Psychobilly) x4
Agent Orange (L.A. Punk Rock)
D.I. (L.A. Hardcore Punk)
Enthroned (Belgian Black Metal)
Psycroptic (Tasmanian Death Metalers)
Joe Lally of Fugazi
Fear (LA Punk)
Out Of Reach (Reno HxC) x2
Worldbreaker (Boise HxC)
Hoods (Sactown SxE)
Citizen Fish (English Ska/Punk) x2
Ubik (Seattle, different, but good)
Contend (Reno Hxe)
Star Fucking Hipsters (Crackrock Steady, NY)
Leftover Crack (Crackrock Steady, NY)
The Black Dahlia Murder (generic crap)
Skeletonwitch (Ohio Thrash)
Over-Vert (Reno Punk Rock) x2
GWAR (Monsters from another planet) x2
PG-13 (Seattle Pop Punk)
Ire Adrift (Tacoma Crust) x2
Big D and the Kid's Table (Pop/Ska, Boston)
Sixes (Olympia HxC)
Krum Bums (Austin Punk Rock) x2
In Flames (well, they suck now anyways)
Cryptopsy (Canadian wankers)
Decrepit Birth (I met Bill at a train station in Sac at 1:00 in the morning once, I don't enjoy his band at all but what a cool guy he is.)
Kataklysm (boring Canadian band)

And one hell of a lot more to come and since gone. Thanks a lot guys for the endless summer that was 2008-2009.


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