Sometimes, when one person is missing, the whole world seems depopulated.


23 Ago 2008, 13:00

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not a day without music


  • Knirrie

    Thanks for the tip, it's a a fun blog to read!

    23 Ago 2008, 17:18
  • Knirrie

    .. and I really like the title of this one. It makes me feel sad just to imagine it. Maybe because I just listened to your Autumn mix a little while ago and I'm always sad during autumn.

    24 Oct 2008, 12:56
  • hdsander

    The best mixes are those escorting you in the times of sadness!

    24 Oct 2008, 13:13
  • Knirrie

    Yes but that makes them hard to listen to sometimes. Did you ever hear the song Descending by the Black Crowes? I can only listen to that song in the dark.

    24 Oct 2008, 13:54
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