• Bombay Bicycle Club - Hippodrome, Kingston upon Thames, 30th January 2014

    4 Feb 2014, 18:18

    Thu 30 Jan – Bombay Bicycle Club, Luke Sital-Singh
    First Concert of 2014.
    Due to a delay BBC arrived onstage later than planned, and this was noticeable in the crowds attitude, as the whole concert was perceived by some to be a pushing war rather than a concert, having after a few songs I moved back and found a better place to stand. Bar the crowd, this was a fantastic concert, BBC played brilliantly, and the new songs sounded incredible, with this gig marking the first time every song of the new album was played at a single concert. The old songs were also incredibly enjoyable and for some reason seemed refreshing, most notably, ‘What If’. Highlights included: Overdone, Lights Out Words Gone, Feel, Evening/Morning, Whenever Wherever, Luna, What If and So Long, See You Tomorrow. This concert could easily have ten out of ten in terms of music, however, the crowd were a bit uncomfortable due to the pushing.
    Overall Rating: 7/10
  • Bring Me The Horizon - O2 Brixton Academy, 17th November 2013

    21 Dic 2013, 14:47

    Thu 7 Nov – Bring Me the Horizon, Pierce the Veil, Sights & Sounds
    Incredible atmosphere, great crowd.
    This was one of the nicest and yet liveliest crowds I've ever been in, and its up there with the most I've enjoyed a gig. Brixton Academy is a incredible venue to see a concert. Pierce the Veil supported and were enjoyable, and got a huge response from the crowd.
    Bring Me The Horizon took to the stage to recent single Can You Feel My Heart, and the venue lit up, everyone was jumping/moshing/going crazy, and it marked the beginning of a great show. The band were lively onstage, and Oli Sykes interacted with the crowd well, getting us to jump, sit down, and an incredible sight of mass head banging, during Sempiternal cut, Empire (Let Them Sing). I left the gig feeling overwhelmed with excitement, it truly was an incredible experience. Highlights included Shadow Moses, House of Wolves, Chelsea Smile, Antivist, Blessed With a Curse and Sleepwalking.
    Overall: 9/10

    Can You Feel My Heart
    Shadow Moses
    Diamonds Aren't Forever
    The House of Wolves
    Go to Hell, For Heaven's Sake
    And The Snakes Start to Sing
    Empire (Let Them Sing)
    It Never Ends
    It Never Ends
    Chelsea Smile
    Blessed With a Curse
  • Arctic Monkeys - Earls Court, London, 25th October 2013

    8 Nov 2013, 20:58

    Fri 25 Oct – Arctic Monkeys, The Strypes
    They get better and better.

    The first act of the night were The Strypes, a band with the average age of 16. They were good and enjoyable, and the guitarist plays at an incredible level for his age, and the band sounded tight. However, because I was excited for AM, all the songs felt the same to me, however still a good support.
    This was my 5th time seeing Arctic Monkeys, and my second time going to Earls Court for a concert. The crowd were ecstatic throughout the set, and the whole set was hugely enjoyable, being the most I've enjoyed an Arctic Monkeys set out of all the times I've seen them. The set was so good that time flew by and before I knew it R U Mine? had finished, commencing an end to the set. The regular intro of Do I Wanna Know?/Brianstorm on the AM Tour was even more spectacular here than previously seen at Benicassim festival a few months before. Do I Wanna Know? sounds massive now, especially in an indoor area. The new songs were received well by the crowd, and from where I was standing they got a stronger reaction than the older tunes, which is a fresh sight at an Arctic Monkeys concert. The whole set was a force and each song as enjoyable as the other, leading to lots of crowd enthusiasm and inevitably lots of sweat.
    Highlights from the set were Do I Wanna Know?, One for the Road, Reckless Serenade, Old Yellow Bricks, Pretty Visitors, No. 1 Party Anthem, I Wanna Be Yours and Snap Out of It.

    Overall: 8/10
  • Reading Festival, 24th August 2012 [Saturday Review]

    25 Ago 2013, 13:59

    Fri 23 Aug – Reading Festival 2013
    I only attended on Saturday for this years Reading, but it was still as awesome as usual, despite a large new group of fans due to the increase in diversity in music at the festival, some of these people were there for the music, some were there just to say they've been there, and unfortunetely this did dampen the atmosphere during Foals set, however the festival was still extremely enjoyable, and the crowd participation for every other act I saw was the best out of my four years attending Reading.

    Here are my personal ratings for each act i saw.

    Childhood: 6/10
    Drenge: 8/10
    Swim Deep: 5/10
    Palma Violets: 9/10
    Johnny Marr: 7/10
    Foals: 7/10
    Tame Impala: 10/10
    Jake Bugg: 9/10
    Alt-J: 9/10

    Foals would have had a higher rating if the crowd actually cared about who they were watching, and also the sound on the main stage was poor.

    Overall Rating: 9/10
  • The Menzingers / Tigers Jaw [Acoustic Instore] - Banquet Records, Kingston - 5th…

    8 Ago 2013, 11:53

    Mon 5 Aug – The Menzingers, Tigers Jaw
    I attended this in-store primarily to keep my brother company, as he was the one who was a fan of these bands playing, and he saw them play in Camden on the saturday before. However, I highly enjoyed the sets, both bands played around 10 songs which is a genorous helping for an in-store. Tigers Jaw were brilliant, and I really enjoyed them. The Menzingers were also great too.
  • Benicassim Festival, 18th-21st July 2013

    7 Ago 2013, 17:09

    Thu 18 Jul – Festival Internacional de Benicàssim 2013
    Incredible experience, great music, amazing atmosphere. Loved it!
    Here are my personal ratings for each act i saw.
    The Best of The Weekend:
    Toundra: 7/10
    Temples: 9/10
    Beach House: 8/10
    Queens of the Stone Age: 10/10

    Echo Lake: 5/10
    Guadalupe Plata: 9/10
    Swim Deep: 6/10
    Beady Eye: 7/10
    Primal Scream: 9/10

    The Courteeners: 9/10
    Miles Kane: 10/10
    Arctic Monkeys: 10/10

    Palma Violets: 7/10
    Jake Bugg: 7/10
    Black Rebel Motorcycle Club: 7/10
    The Killers: 10/10

    Overall Rating: 8/10
  • The Stone Roses - Finsbury Park, London, 8th June 2013

    9 Jun 2013, 12:21

    Sat 8 Jun – The Stone Roses, Public Image Ltd., Miles Kane, Johnny Marr
    One of the best concerts I've been to, undeniably up there in my personal top 5. The crowd were up for it, and very friendly, as well as very drunk, and every band that played had something different to say, gearing us up for the potentially, moment of the year in terms of music.

    The first act was Miles Kane, someone who I've been wanting to see live for a long time, yet I've only seen him play guitar with Arctic Monkeys on 505 at the O2 Arena. His performance at Finsbury was electric, with the crowd going wild on the sunny June afternoon, to my surprise the majority of the crowd knew his music, even the new single which has only been out for a few weeks. I highly enjoyed his set and cant wait to see him again at Benicassim next month. Highlights from his set include Give Up, Rearrange, Inhaler, Don't Forget Who You Are and the killer Come Closer.

    Next onstage was the legendary guitarist of The Smiths, Johnny Marr. Despite not knowing any of his new songs, bar one, the new music was brilliant, and fit comfortably with the well know Smiths songs. Obviously, The Smiths songs were the most enjoyable due to familiarity, and Johnny really created some beer fuelled sing-alongs in the crowd, making a real community feel to the audience. Highlights from his set include The Right Thing Right, Stop Me If You Think..., Bigmouth Strikes Again, The Messenger, How Soon Is Now? and There Is A Light That Never Goes Out.

    Public Image Ltd. were the final support act before The Stone Roses took to the stage, and the delivered an intense experience. I'm not a fan of PiL, but I do like their early stuff, and the whole experience was great, especially seeing the legend that is John Lydon. Highlights from their set were This Is Not A Love Song and Public Image.

    The Stone Roses blew me away, absolutely incredible. Ian sang pitched perfectly (nearly) which was such a relief from his disastrous performance when I saw him play solo. John was better than I imagined, playing improvised solo upon the music, and making me feel unbelievably inadequate as a guitar player. Mani's bass lines were heavy and smooth, and were the pure driving force behind the songs. Reni was a force of power, with his double bass drum pounding through the songs, blasting the beats of every song. The combination of all four members was undeniably perfect, and I've never seen all four members of a band work in such a powerful unison. The crowd loved every minute of the performance. I had high expectations for the gig and the surpassed them by far. The band came onto the stage to the usual Stoned Love by the Supremes and left to the usual Redemption Song by Bob Marley and The Wailers, a perfect entrance and ending. The light show and visual were also astonishing. I don't know how many times I can use the word perfect, but there simply aren't enough, this was a once in a lifetime gig, something to remember forever. Highlights from the set could easily be every song, but the songs which I remember fondly on were, I Wanna Be Adored, Elephant Stone, Ten Storey Love Song, Standing Here, Fools Gold, surprisingly, my least favourite song, Don't Stop, She Bangs the Drums, This Is The One, Made of Stone, Breaking Into Heaven and I Am The Resurrection.

    The set consisted of 17 songs, no encore, a balanced set with a definitive ending, I couldn't ask for anything more.

    I Wanna Be Adored
    Elephant Stone
    Ten Storey Love Song
    Standing Here
    Going Down
    Shoot You Down
    Fools Gold
    Something's Burning
    Don't Stop
    She Bangs the Drums
    Love Spreads
    This Is the One
    Made of Stone
    Breaking into Heaven
    Elizabeth My Dear
    I Am the Resurrection
  • Peace - Reading Sub 89, 25th April 2013

    26 Abr 2013, 18:03

    Thu 25 Apr – Peace, Jaws
    This was the second time I have seen Peace live and the contrast in the audience reaction was unbelievable. When I first saw them, the craziest someone in the audience went was a light head nod, at Sub 89, it was a room full of moshing, jumping and intense heat. Jaws were the first band on, replacing original support band Superfood only hours before the show. I had not heard any music by Jaws prior to the gig, so I was great when the band played seven awesome, shoe gaze inspired, songs. Really enjoyed Jaws, and I've been listening to them a lot recently. Peace entered the stage to the percussion instruments indicating the start of new album track Delicious, which sounded sharp and fresh. Despite sound issue through the whole gig, Peace were still up to the mark, playing all songs of their new album, bar one song, as well as Bloodshake and 1998, both of which were highlights from my evening alongside Toxic and Higher Than The Sun.
    Great gig, excellent atmosphere during the set (annoying kids in the audience did put a slight downer on the evening though), and awesome playing and killer setlist from Peace.

    Follow Baby
    Waste of Paint
    Float Forever
    Higher Than the Sun
    1998 (Delicious)
    California Daze
  • Bloc Party - Earls Court, London, 22nd February 2013

    23 Feb 2013, 17:40

    Fri 22 Feb – Bloc Party, The Joy Formidable, Old Men
    My first gig of the year was a great one to start on.
    Old Men started the evening, with around six simple noise rock songs. The jump from playing to 50 people to around 2,000 people is a massive step for the band it was noticeable, they seemed withdrawn and nervous throughout the set, and the dull lighting didn't help, however the music was that bad, reminding me of a mix between Wavves and My Bloody Romance.
    A band I had already had the pleasure of seeing before played next. The Joy Formidable played a killer set, much better than when I first saw them, and much louder than when I first saw them. I have always said that to see Joy Formidable live is like being punched in the face with a wall of sound, hence making them one of my favourite live bands. Highlights from their set included Cholla, The Greatest Light is the Greatest Shade, Cradle and the 10 minute version of Whirring which was immense. I would say in reflection of the whole gig, Joy Formidable and Bloc Party were both as equally great.
    It was the first time I have seen Bloc Party live, and it's the gig I have anticipated the most. Their live setlist changes regularly so I had no idea what songs could be pulled in, apart from the obvious ones. The set they played was a great mix of heavy rock songs, which squished and bruised me in those mental mosh pits (a bit violent at times with a few fights starting), and calmer songs where I could get my breath back. The lighting for the show was incredible, especially the intro lights and all those lasers. The music was also great, with many songs turning out much better than I thought, such as 'The Prayer' and 'One More Chance' and new song 'Ratchet' which is my new favourite already; and obviously my favourite tunes sounded killer live, such as 'Positive Tension', 'Helicopter' 'Banquet' and 'Coliseum'.
    Highlights from the set included: 'So He Begins To Lie', 'Hunting For Witches', 'Team A', 'Banquet', 'Coliseum', 'One More Chance', 'Ares', 'Ratchet' and 'Helicopter. To be honest every track was a highlight.

    So He Begins to Lie
    Hunting for Witches
    Positive Tension
    Team A
    Real Talk
    Waiting for the 7.18
    Song for Clay (Disappear Here)
    Day Four
    The Prayer
    One More Chance
    This Modern Love
  • Blitz Kids - The Firestation, Windsor, 14th December 2012

    19 Dic 2012, 17:50

    Fri 14 Dec – Blitz Kids 'Never Die' UK headline tour 2012
    This gig was a strange one, it felt more like a social gathering of a few mates listening to each other's bands rather than a headline tour. 5 bands played which was a huge amount for such a small gig. Another strange aspect was that the roughly 150 capacity basement was filled with about 30 people, with most of these people being friends/family of the bands. I would predict that about 10 people attending the gig were people outside of the bands friends/families. Anyway despite this the gig was still enjoyable.
    Local windsor artist 'She Sinks Ships' started the evening with a solo set with a few friends joining him, the set was actually very good considering he is the same age as me (17) and he hadn't played for 9 months, set included a frank turner cover of 'Eulogy', great set. We also all sat on the floor for his set by his demand.
    The next band were called 'Campus' who were announced at the last minute. Again they are a local windsor band and are roughly the same age as me. Good sturdy rock gig, however they have only been going for a short while so the nervousness showed. It REALLY showed, however give it a few years they good be great, good original songs and a blink-182 cover.
    Up next was a hardcore band with great riffs, really really good band. However the crowd did not seem to agree with all but four people standing at the back or sides of the venue, even though the lead singer told everyone to come forward. Me, my brother and two others were the four. There songs sounded great and there performance was electric, I would definitely tell people in the local area to check them out.
    Evarose, the main support for Blitz Kids tour were next. Great LOUD set with great charisma. Songs were solid and sounded like a developed band. The only issue was that they are not really my taste of music, and I felt they sounded too similar to Paramore, not a bad thing, but not for me. However my brother will aggressively argue against my view as he thought they were incredible.
    Blitz Kids the headliner started their set very unusually, with the comment 'are we starting? I guess we are, ok", and it was also a shame about the crowd size and atmosphere. However, their set from this point onwards was killer and this band can easily play larger venues if they simply got more media attention. I could easily see them early on the main stage at Reading festival. There songs are loud (my ears stopped ringing yesterday), fun and have a real rock energy. They have great riffs and heavy sections, similar to that of early Biffy Clyro in some respects. Initially I was not too fazed about the show as I was simply taking my brother, but now all of Blitz Kids' songs are on my iPod. Highlights of there set included 'Story', 'Maybe We'll Die...' and 'The Comedian'.
    Despite the strange atmosphere and poor crowd this show was still enjoyable, I even got to meet the guitarist of Blitz and finally get a setlist from a gig!

    You're Dead To Me
    Strangers With Memories
    The Comedian
    Maybe We'll Die, Maybe We Won't
    Never Die