• fun...but the sound quality ?

    18 Jun 2007, 14:00

    Sat 16 Jun – Muse
    I did enjoy the atmosphere - but the sound quality at Wembley was very poor. It was hard to discern a single word because the echo's from the stadium made everything like mud.

    Lets get technical. I work in TV and believe that the speakers were actually phase cancelling - because every 15 seconds of so the sound got clearer and brighter. It probably didn't help that everything was set up perfectly symetrically to enhance any unwanted reflections. Only acoustic guitars seemed to be clear and as expected. Certainly the piano solo's were muddy too.

    This spoilt what was visually a triumph.

    Also, for those of us standing on the pitch the stage was so low that you couldn't see the band except when they entered. I therefore enjoyed watching the DVD mostly....!

    Not bad - but if you think thats the best gig ever then you're probably in for some nice surprises later....