• 7 years on last.fm

    19 Dic 2011, 9:08

    Looks like my 10,000 tracks a year pace has slowed down. I'm cool with that. Nothing to really say. Same tastes as always.
  • It's going to be six years since I've been using this site soon

    10 Dic 2010, 0:58

    And the only artist I feel like is too high is Phoenix. They're not my tenth favourite musical artist. I don't even think they're in the top thirty. I just happened to have listened to their entire discography more than once or twice.

    I also have listened to the majority of Nicki Minaj's discography but I think she's fucking terrible. If I listened to the rest of it, every freestyle out there, she'd probably be in the top fifty too.

    Another problem with this is it only tracks what I'm listening when I happen to be at home on the computer. I don't have an iPod so I can't track what I listen to when I'm walking down the street. If it tracked everything I listened to on the radio, Trey Songz would be so high.
  • People don't dance no more, they just stand there like this

    15 Ago 2010, 17:49

    Sat 14 Aug – Mad Decent Block Party

    I thought this was ridiculously fun. My friend Julie and I walked through Skid Row trying to find this elusive block party, and followed the wrong people in hopes that they would lead us here. Eventually we heard the pounding bass our ears were searching out for and got in around 5 P.M. I never found out the first band we saw, but the guy was wearing a leather jacket. They were good enough that a dance circle formed in the middle of the crowd. It was like being back in Oakland. Theophilus London gave probably one of the best performances I've ever seen. It's perfect pop music with the perfect amount of energy and stage presence. I have no idea who played after that since my friend and I decided to go dance near the ball pit for more breathing room. We did end up saying hi to Jillionaire. It was a fun night.
  • Don't Cry For Me, Pasadena

    21 Jun 2010, 4:19

    Sat 19 Jun – Make Music Pasadena was neat. I got there at 4 pm with my other buddies that managed to become spectacles (Ghostface and Winona Ryder's doppleganger). Honestly, I either had never heard or didn't care for any of the performers when I saw the line-up.

    Warpaint were a nice band to listen to. Liked some of it, didn't care for most of it.

    At a certain point my posse was more intrigued by how much free stuff we could potentially get, so we totally missed headliners The Antlers and Matt & Kim. Oh, well.

    A little bit after, we found a DJ that was spinning music on Colorado Boulevard.

    The night ended on us trying to find a hook-up to the Ron Artest victory party that supposedly was on La Cienega.

    Laker parade tomorrow!
  • 5 years later

    22 Dic 2009, 20:03

    5 years ago Morrissey was my idol.

    Today Lady Gaga is the future.

    I don't know what to say about how my taste has evolved over the years. I definitely listen to a lot more pop music and less post-punk. Whether that's a good thing or not, I don't want to know. I'm definitely having a lot more fun.

    For about five months this year I wasn't able to scrobble anything and relied on blip.fm to listen to all my music. Some artists, like The Fray might be skewed because of that.

    I'm still on a 10,000 tracks/year pace. A lot of you have outdone me. Whatever. This isn't a race.

    Listening to No Way
  • "Yeah... Yeah... Yeah..."

    4 Abr 2009, 4:38

    Fri 3 Apr – Lily Allen

    Interview consisted of her saying "Yeah" a lot and looking down. Performance was underwhelming except for "Womanizer". Guess I can't complain since it was free, but it would've been a lot better if my friend hadn't canceled on me.
  • Back on TRL it was all the girls he was bonin'. Now he's uh what's his name? He's on…

    10 Mar 2009, 20:08

    Mon 9 Mar – M83

    Got there ridiculously early. So early Ken and I were one of the twenty people to actually go inside the studio and watch the taping. It was funny and I guess it was nice, but I would've preferred to be left behind and get sent to the outdoor stage in the cold. At least then I know I would've gotten barricade. But it doesn't matter! Because I'm manipulative I went from the middle of the crowd to one person behind barricade anyway. Score.

    Robin Thicke was actually really good. He performed Shooter very well.

    I'm so glad they played Kim & Jessie. I wasn't happy they played Graveyard Girl (I wanted We Own the Sky instead), but it was pretty lulzy that one of the speakers screwed up during the angsty part so they had to start over.

    Morgan Kibby and Anthony Gonzales totally acknowleded my existence though, and Ken got Gonzales' autograph!

    Good night.
  • 4 Years? Really???

    23 Dic 2008, 6:56

    I joined this site when I was fourteen. I'm eightteen now. Wow. I'm at a rate of 10,000 tracks per year while I'm at the computer. There are people who listen to more, but I also listen to Sirius Radio and shit and I don't have an iPod to sync up either. Anyway, huh... Any good musical discoveries this year? I guess. Fleet Foxes, Bon Iver, Lady Gaga. Any good musical discoveries of the past? James, most definitely. My favourite albums were Viva la Vida and Intimacy. My favourite songs were Your Visits Are Getting Shorter, Womanizer, I'm Good I'm Gone, Yes We Can and No Sunglasses. My favourite concert is a three way tie between Justice, Hot Chip and New Kids on the Block. Good year.
  • Gothcakes

    1 Jun 2008, 7:58

    Sat 31 May – The Cure

    I got these tickets back in July and I had been waiting pretty patiently to get to my awesome picnic over at the Hollywood Bowl. Of course, Ticketmaster printed the wrong departure time on my Park and Ride shuttle ticket so I had to haul ass over to Universal City station to catch the Ventura Blvd shuttle.

    I completely missed the opening act, which doesn't really worry me. I was probably going to be talking through their set anyway. Instead, I got there during the first song of The Cure's set and got seated during the second song Prayers for Rain.

    As for the actual show, I had a lot of fun. People went apeshit when Love Song came on. Of course, I was the only jackass in my section to dance to Hot Hot Hot!!!. Of course, I was the only jackass in my section to dance to Push. And of course, I was one of the few jackasses to wear white to a black shirt event. People a few rows ahead of me were smoking some dank ass weed. The smell was stroooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnngggggg.

    Robert Smith looked like Robert Smith. Piled eyeliner, smeared lipstick, messy hair. The band didn't disappoint. They sounded just like the album. What's a little irritating though is they postponed the dates crying "WE WANT TO KNOW HOW TO PLAY OUR NEW SONGS FIRST, GUISE", when as far as I know they only played two or three of the new songs. But such is life.

    Shame they didn't play my favourite Cure song Disintegration, but they did play M, which was honestly a pleasant surprise.

    In conclusion, the Hollywood Bowl is quite possibly my favourite venue out of all I've been to. It's too gorgeous and the sound quality is top-notch. Now if only I could see Nick Cave in September...

    I feel kind of lame posting so soon after the show, but I'm not tired yet. It's only 1 AM :/
  • I've been on this website too long.

    19 Dic 2007, 20:41

    Three years, 36,500 tracks later and my music taste hasn't changed much at all.

    Thank you, Audioscrobbler. I mean it.

    Last night I saw Semi Precious Weapons. It was a weird show.