Radiohead vs. NIN


5 Abr 2008, 6:13

well, it only makes sense to have a mashup by two artists that are shaping the future of music. Radiohead and Nine Inch Nails.
I felt these 2 tracks, 10 Ghosts II&
Nude worked well together. maybe one day we will see an actual collaboration between these two.

Until then, here is
10 Nude Ghosts


  • blkguythatrock

    i'm the only person that listens to 10 nude ghosts; eventhough i hate radiohead

    9 Abr 2008, 17:30
  • halo33

    hehe.. hopefully that will change. (not that you should start liking radiohead, that hopefully more people will listen to this even if they dont!) ;P

    9 Abr 2008, 17:54
  • Goonia

    i have listened your remix :))) Is very good :) Really!!! But i can't be objective, becouse NIN and Radiohead are Gods for me ;)

    14 Abr 2008, 17:05
  • cparker15

    Amazing work. Thank you.

    17 Abr 2008, 2:32
  • therewasatime

    i don't understand why you can't be a NIN and Radiohead fan. great work. i'd love to hear more of these two.

    26 May 2008, 22:23
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