• What's this group all about?

    18 Mar 2006, 16:08

    I have to admit: I don't know, either *g*.

    I'm new to the social side of the web and i'm trying to get into this at the moment. So far, the few steps i have taken were great fun and i thought about what the next steps could be.

    I like the idea of as i understand it: (Virtually) Meet up with people who kinda like the same music style/band/whatever as you and maybe have some chit chat or exchange some info.

    So, i discovered Zerinnerung while i was listening to the Chaos Radio Express podcast, in which Tim Pritlove used a mix from Zerinnerung (Mix 24 - Southern Sounds) as background music. Thank you Tim, for that ;)

    I soon becam fascinated by the idea of a free netlabel, though i have to admit: I think i still don't grasp all the implications this has for me and for music distribution in general.

    So, everyone is welcome to join this group!
    I'm looking forward to your welcome post in the forum :)