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  • Heliosonic

    Nah...just before your reset your whole chart was Japanese music ;p I like it more if it's mixed.

    3 Jun 6:04 Responder
  • Heliosonic

    Wub ur charts bro! Glad you're back into obscure experimental classical/electronic/jazz/rock stuff *tip*

    2 Jun 15:22 Responder
  • Heliosonic

    Hahaha okay dude ;p

    30 May 1:41 Responder
  • Heliosonic

    Oooh Moondog :3 I thought you didn't like him?

    29 May 21:43 Responder
  • rockhardretard

    I feel honoured.

    29 May 1:19 Responder
  • rockhardretard

    It's okay, as long as you lovesme.

    27 May 13:46 Responder
  • WEEDcake

    I suppose that goes for a lot of artists

    18 May 22:17 Responder
  • WEEDcake

    My lord, so obscure

    2 May 17:55 Responder
  • Heliosonic

    der rattenfänger jaaaawohl seeeehr seeehr geil!

    26 Abr 18:19 Responder
  • ImperialWolf

    eh, don't really use it for more than calling, texting, playing mindless games and music so i don't really see the point in jailbreaking, unless i'm missing something about jailbreaking being more than a way to download tons of unofficial apps...

    1 Abr 1:54 Responder
  • ImperialWolf

    don't think i'm gonna jailbreak it, scrobbling's not important enough to warrant the risk of turning my iphone into a brick. and thanks, I only downloaded the full lengths but I'm sure live albums like "public castration is a good idea" deserve a listen.

    1 Abr 1:38 Responder
  • ImperialWolf

    got an iphone and yeah it scrobbles but to do so i have to sync it which i'm to lazy to ever do. and yeah, definitely don't plan on listening to all of their albums back to back but i will try chronologically. most of them are supposed to be inaccessible so it'll probably take multiple listens to appreciate each album. looking forward to the challenge.

    1 Abr 1:26 Responder
  • ImperialWolf

    I'm just listening to music on my phone or apps that don't scrobble so this site is pretty much useless to me. also just starting to listen to music again, haven't for a while. focusing on reading and watching movies instead. I did just download all of swans' discog though, so hopefully i can listen to that

    1 Abr 1:09 Responder
  • Heliosonic

    Dat lisp though ;p

    1 Abr 1:07 Responder
  • ImperialWolf

    i'm here bby

    1 Abr 0:45 Responder
  • Heliosonic

    HEADS UP BUDDY! SWANS IS A BAND FROM NEW YORK! YOU KNOW....THAT CITY WITH THE STATUE....YOU LIVE LIKE ONLY 10 MILES FROM IT! Really though...like they'll be touring USA soon and play 2 gigs on the 18th and 19th of may. Thing is though....you MUST buy good ear plugs before you go see them, like at least spend $15-30 or you'll be wasted by the end of the first track, cannot stress that enough. Their set lasted about 3,5 hours when I saw them. Also you should watch Control about Joy Division if you haven't already :) ps. the guy below me is a wacko.

    31 Mar 0:54 Responder
  • Scratch-N-Sniff

    LOL. I'm doing quite well actually and its been a while since LOL GT. They don't have Marcus Beer anymore and IW is no longer being made. So other than losing my one job ( I have a second one) its all good.

    30 Mar 12:13 Responder
  • Heliosonic

    Radio Pyongyang.....hahaha! Yeah pretty excited to hear that album but I have to be honest, the first track that was released as free download; Little God In Our Hands didn't really impress me yet. Maybe it's just an early version.....also that placeholder cover...hahaha terrible....but I bet everything will turn out right.

    30 Mar 9:56 Responder
  • Scratch-N-Sniff

    I do wish to leave a shout, are you the same hackerlovesme from GT? If not I do apologize in advance for pestering.

    18 Feb 3:46 Responder
  • Absurd_Maers

    Hi~! New!!Gamardah Fungus - Immortality (Official Video) dark jazz\ drone ambient http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0kuuQQOgJIU http://www.lastfm.ru/music/Gamardah+Fungus

    30 Ago 2013 Responder
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"Is not beauty in music too often confused with something which lets the ears lie back in an easy-chair? Many sounds that we are used to do not bother us, and for that reason are we not too easily inclined to call them beautiful?"
― Charles Ives, 129 Songs

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With a passion for us we could not return?
If equal affection cannot be,
Let the more loving one be me.”

― W. H. Auden, Collected Poems

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