these shoutboxez arrrrre killing meeeee!!1!1one


14 Feb 2008, 3:25

I like I like to browse the artist pages. I like the shoutboxes. I like to see what other people think of my favorite music and artists I'm new to. Yet as I do this, I see a lot of the same annoying stuff being said. For example:

1. "OMG I've been into (so and so) for 97564631 years and now all of a sudden they're becoming super popular? What's up with that?"
  • I've seen this most recently on Kimya Dawson's and The Moldy Peaches' pages. They were featured on the Juno soundtrack, apparently a super hip movie. So now lots of people are discovering and loving Kimya and/or the Moldy Peaches because of the soundtrack (myself included), and some people who loved them "before Juno" are getting ticked. It's natural to feel that way; I guess people don't want them becoming "sellouts" or "ruined" by MTV, but it still doesn't make sense. You'd think that it would make an artist's fans happy to know that they were gaining fans, especially since they, as artists, deserve the recognition. This is not the case. But I have to ask those angry people how and when they got into them? They must have at some point, unless they knew them personally from the beginning, in which case it really wouldn't make sense for them to be angry.

2. "This music is absolute crap/other four-letter word! How do people listen to this?"
  • Um... with their ears? Everyone has different taste in music, just like everyone has different favorite movies, colors, etc. Even if someone else likes Third Eye Blind, like me, we probably have different songs and albums that are our favorites. It's inevitable. So, just because you don't like something doesn't make it "bad" and everyone who likes it wrong (In case you weren't aware, you're not God and your opinion isn't fact.) It just means... you don't like it.

3. (in response to #2) "Why comment on (so and so)'s page if you don't even like them?"
  • I really don't have an explanation for this one, as I only feel the need to leave positive comments. I guess some people just feel that their opinion is really important and they're right and everyone else is wrong. Some people probably do it just because they know it bothers others (I really can't explain that one). Then they'll often counter with, "I have a right to express my opinion, blah blah blah," and they are correct, it's just that... no one really cares. Sorry.

4. (in response to #2) "Shut up, you have no room to talk, you listen to (so and so)."
  • Wow, using hate comments to justify why one shouldn't post hate comments... that makes you look real bright. I totally see the logic in that... they're not allowed to hate on Motion City Soundtrack, but you can hate on Slayer. Right. See #2.

5. "(so and so) are not emo!"
  • I don't even want to talk about this one. Though I know how annoying it is when I see a band that I think is completely not emo tagged as "emo." It's like a slap in the face.

6. Judging people by what they type in a shoutbox, or their profile pictures, getting mad, calling people names, bickering over the internet... it's just not all that cool. This seems self-explanatory to me, but I guess it's a more difficult concept than I thought.

I'm sure I had more to say, but I forgot.

This wasn't directed to anyone in particular, it was just my thoughts on general trends I've observed. The last thing I want to do is offend anyone. So if I did... sorry.


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