• music in gerenal

    23 May 2007, 2:28

    i mean how does one begin to describe music in general. music is by far what i believe to be one of the greatest gifts and pleasures known to the world. music can be heard anywhere. and i just love that. even just sitting outside and listening to the sounds of nature or whatever is goin on in your environment. you can feel the rhythm and beat of almost anything and everything. based on research and knowledge of myself ive realized that ive not only become obsessed with music but addicted to it as well. i mean who can argue that a song can put you in a different in a heartbeat. who can argue how good it feels to hear a song and just know that you love that song, to just feel it all over your body and get physical and mental effects that cant be described. i dont know. i just felt like gettin that lil bit off my chest. enjoy.