• Breathe

    21 Sep 2012, 18:56

    "Breathe (Live)" is on!

    The latest CD of The Wimshurst's Machine, "Breathe (Live)" is on!, is on! Download it for 5.99$ and CD at 9.99$!!! See link below... :D The new, enchanting ambient/new age album of the award-winning italian orchestra named "The Wimshurst's Machine". This is a collection of live tracks and jams recorded between 2010 and 2011. A review said:
    "Delicate soundscapes at half way between ambient electronic and new age, with hints of rock, jazz and classical music here and there, always calibrated to never exceed. This CD contains 16 instrumental tracks, and is great for relax or read. The live recording is proposed almost always without the audience sound, this is good to keep up the delicate atmospheres and at the same time it has a warmer feeling than a normal studio CD. I love it.
  • Breathe

    21 Sep 2012, 18:56

    "Breathe" is on!

    ENGLISH: The latest CD of my The Wimshurst's Machine is on! Download it for 5.99$ and CD at 9.99$!!! See link below... :D

    ITALIANO: L'ultimo CD dei TWM disponibile per il download in MP3 a 5.99$ (poco più di 4 euro) e l'acquisto in CD a 9.99 $ (circa 8 euro) su! Segui il link qua sotto... :)

    The new, enchanting ambient/new age album of the award-winning italian orchestra named "The Wimshurst's Machine". This is a collection of live tracks and jams recorded between 2010 and 2011.
  • Tokyo Rain

    16 May 2011, 1:50

    ENGLISH: back in autumn of 2010 The Wimshurst's Machine and Corrado Rossi) decided to collect all the collaboration tracks they made together in an album and release it as a collaboration album. They also decided to put inside it also the collaboration tracks who still weren't released yet in an album so far. Then, to fill the gap, decided to record a couple of new songs. The result, scarily enough, was almost a profecy: as announced in 2010, far before the events, the collection would have the title Tokyo Rain (from a lovable track who had that title and that was recorded in summer 2010) and the album contains something who may be considered "apocalyptic" (if read after the recent japan events) even if was meant otherwise when those artists recorded it. The only real apocalyptic track is Here Comes the Flood (feat. F. Trombetta) (a cover song of an original of Peter Gabriel, who was also inside TWM's Thunder and Lightning album (out in september 2010), and was part of the soundtrack of an apocalyptic novel (that you may also download for free, in italian, from the band's official website). Thunder and Lightning was dedicated to the frequent earth-related tragedies who strikes mankind (inspired by personal bandmember's story, who were under the very bad flood who hit northern Italy back in year 2000). Anyway, the artists were not sure if keep it as it was, afraid who may sound somehow unrespectful... Then again the final decision: they decided to publish it as it was and to give away for charity all the money raised out of expenses (to help Japan). The album cover art is of a marvelous Antonio Seijas (also author of Marillion arts) and you may see it on the official band's website. Both artists hopes you may see the album is not "negative sounding": in example the title track (Tokyo Rain, a free download on LastFM) is a gentle, positive track full of hope. The album quality is considered by the artists as a prayer for all the people involved in natural disasters (past, present or future ones). The album is now available on iTunes at 9.99.
    We recommend a listen to Cepheus, other than the previously suggested ones, to have an idea about the music content of the album.

    ITALIANO: nell'autunno del 2010 i TWM (insieme all'amico Corrado) decisero di raccogliere tutte le collaborazione tra i The Wimshurst's Machine e Corrado Rossi in un unico album, e di aggiungere a quelle già apparse in album precedenti anche quelle già registrate e non ancora pubblicate. A tutto ciò decisero di aggiungere anche alcuni brani completamente nuovi per completare l'album. Il risultato, quasi profetico, fu l'annuncio (in tempi non sospetti) dell'uscita della raccolta Tokyo Rain (dal titolo di un brano sereno e gentile registrato nell'estate del 2010), un titolo profetico e dai suoni quasi apocalittici, alla luce dei recenti eventi. Tuttavia a volte il destino gioca strani scherzi e qualcosa che non era inizialmente intesa ad avere significati apocalittici può sembrare quasi una profezia. Nell'album infatti si trovano anche brani come Here Comes the Flood (feat. F. Trombetta) (letteralmente "E' qua che viene il Diluvio"), cover song di un brano di Peter Gabriel già anche pubblicato all'interno dell'album Thunder and Lightning (e uscito nel settembre 2010). Ed ecco allora che sorge il dubbio e gli artisti diventano dubbiosi: cambiare il titolo? In fondo non avrebbero voluto venisse considerato irrispettoso... Ma siccome non volevano approfittare, neppure involontariamente, di una catastrofe ecco la decisione finale: ambuedue gli artisti devolveranno in beneficienza tutti i proventi (fatte salve le spese) dell'album (ad aiutare il Giappone). Comunque l'album non ha sonorità "negative": ad esempio proprio la traccia che da il titolo all'album (Tokyo Rain, un download gratuito su LastFM) è un motivo gentile, positivo e pieno di speranza. La copertina è stata realizzata dallo spagnolo Antonio Seijas, già copertinista per i Marillion. La potete vedere in anteprima sul nostro sito ufficiale. Ambedue gli artisti considerano quest'album come una preghiera per chi ha sofferto, soffre o soffrirà per colpa di disastri naturali. L'album è ora disponibile su iTunes a 9.99.
    Raccomandiamo l'ascolto di Cepheus, oltre alle tracce summenzionate, per farsi un'idea dell'album.
  • Welcome to Aquarius!

    2 Dic 2009, 21:36

    ENGLISH: the album Aquarius (the best of TWM) by the award-winning italian chillout orchestra named The Wimshurst's Machine is now available on CDbaby! US$ 10.99 for phisical CD sale and very soon available at US$ 6.99 for CD download! Officially presented by The Wimshurst's Machine this is the 1st "Best of" collection of the band. WIll contain 22 tracks, all in alternative mixes or radio edits of some of the most-wanted tracks. Contains 2 previously unreleased tracks!

    ITALIANO: l'album Aquarius (the best of TWM) della pluripremiata orchestra chillout italiana denominata The Wimshurst's Machine e' diponibile su CDbaby a 10.99 dollari (circa 7 euro) per il CD e presto a 6.99 dollari (circa 4 euro) per il download dell'intero CD! Presentato ufficialmente dai TWM ed è la prima raccolta con il meglio dei The Wimshurst's Machine ad essere pubblicata. Contiene 22 tracce audio, tutte in versioni alternative o nuovi mix in "radio edit" di alcune delle tracce più richieste. Contiene anche due brani inediti!

  • Secret Garden - full sneak preview on LastFM!

    2 Ago 2009, 19:16

    Secret Gardens is, as always, an ambitious project made of different influences. The Wimshurst's Machine tries always to make more than just "a good track", always works in the album as an artistic opera in itself and here we are: Secret Gardens melts the sexy, tasty chill out mood typical of the band with two major suites of tracks who are like two symphonie" made of different sounds: "Moonshadows" is an ambient suite in 5 parts, where the story is told in a more "Brian Eno style" than the opening tracks. If also in previous albums the classical influences where appearing at times, here the last 7 tracks of the album are, as a matter of fact, classical or heavily influenced by the classical music style. "Secret Garden" is a suite who melts all the works the band made with a classical taste.
    At the same time some rock influence is also present, specially from the "good old prog" as the band says ([track artist=The Wimshurst's Machine]Gilgamesh and the Tree of Huluppu in example).
    Most of those tracks are excerpt from movies or documentaries where they were used as soundtrack (that TWM scored of course).
    Several artists collaborated to this album: Corrado Rossi, Sally Cooper, William O'Connell, Henry Tarnecky and Bobby Dodd.
    Some tracks are available for free download for a limited time.

    Specially for fans of:
    Brian Eno
    Alan Parsons
    David Arkenstone
    Johann Sebastian Bach
    Van De Graaf Generator
    Mike Oldfield
  • A charming night fly over Los Angeles

    7 Jun 2009, 10:19

    ENGLISH: The Wimshurst's Machine have a new videoclip for the "saxy" song "Charming Mechanics", made as a night fly over Los Angeles. Here the YouTube link:

    ITALIANO: abbiamo un nuvo videoclip, il brano e' "Charming Mechanics". Un volo notturno sulla citta' di Los Angeles. Ecco il link per vederlo s YouTube:
  • TWM and Zentropa film

    11 Sep 2008, 11:11

    ENGLISH: we proudly announce an agreement with Zentropa (that is a branch of Nordisk film, a film production house from Denmark who produced, as Zentropa, also Lars Von Trier's movie such as "Dancer in the Dark" with the great Bjork) to officially put the music of The Wimshurst's Machine in a bank for the artists produced by Zentropa and Nordisk film. We hope to soon see some scandinavian movie using this music! Album they selected: Time Traveller, The Alchemist and A traveller who didn't ask for glory these last two in the Remaster version.

    ITALIANO: siamo lieti di annunciare la firma di un accordo con Zentropa (branca della Nordisk Film, casa di produzione cinematografica danese che tra gli altri ha prodotto i film di Lars Von Trier come "Dancer in the Dark, con la grandissima Bjork) per inserire la musica dei The Wimshurst's Machine tra la musica per colonna sonora da proporre ai propri registi. Speriamo di assistere presto ad un film scandinavo con qualche tema dei TWM! Gli album scelti sono Remaster (che ingloba i primi due album The Alchemist e A traveller who didn't ask for glory) e Time Traveller.

    Main influences for the music of The Wimshurst's Machine:
    Morcheeba, Depeche Mode,Marillion, The Alan Parsons Project,Jean Michel Jarre, Pink Floyd, Moby, Clannad, Loreena McKennitt, Mike Oldfield, David Arkenstone.

    Some artist who collaborated with TWM:
    Corrado Rossi, Sally Cooper, Queenie, Gamma Leonis, LiSA & KMP, Jered McKenna, Trulala and many more.
  • Constellations & Alan Parsons

    23 May 2008, 11:35

    ENGLISH: one of our collab tracks, "Pegasus (with Corrado Rossi)", who will also appear on our next album, is now available on the CD of our friends Corrado Rossi & Syngularity named "Constellations", a tribute to the great The Alan Parsons Project. Warmly suggested cause is a marvelous album, you may find more info on our friend's website:
    Greetings from The Wimshurst's Machine
    Constellations (The Alan Parsons Project Tribute)

    ITALIANO: uno dei nostri brani collaborativi, "Pegasus" (che vede i TWM con Corrado Rossi), che apparirà anche sul nostro prossimo album, è comunque già disponibile nell'album "Contellations" degli amici Corrado Rossi & Syngulatiry, album pensato come tributo al grande Alan Parsons. L'album è caldamente consigliato in quanto assolutamente peraviglioso. Ulteriori notizie sul sito del nostro amico Corrado:
    Saluti dai The Wimshurst's Machine
    Constellations (The Alan Parsons Project Tribute)
  • Golden KIAC 2008

    24 Mar 2008, 11:03

    ENGLISH: we are proud to annouce we ended finalist in the Golden KIAC 2008 in several categories: Best band, Best ambient song (with two tracks: "Cimmeria", from the soon to be released "Secret Garden" and Low Tide (with Corrado Rossi), with, as said, Corrado Rossi, from the same album), best guitar track (with "Romanza" from "Time Traveller"), Best classical (with "Russian Winter/The Battle of Qadesh" from "Time Traveller"), and even as Best station (with our TWM chillout radio you may find on online h24).
    We're proud to announce that "Romanza" from "Time Traveller" won in the category "Best Guitar Track"! :-D

    ITALIANO: siamo orgogliosi di annunciare di essere finalisti al premio internazionale "Golden KIAC 2008" in diverse categorie: miogliore band, miglior brano ambient (con 2 pezzi: "Cimmeria", dall'album ancora non uscito "Secret Garden" e Low Tide (with Corrado Rossi), con, appunto, Corrado Rossi, dallo stesso album), miglior brano strumentale di chitarra (con "Romanza" da "Time Traveller"), Miglior brano classico (con "Russian Winter/The Battle of Qadesh" da "Time Traveller"), e persino con Migliore stazione radio (con la nostra 'TWM chillout radio' che trasmette da online 24 su 24).
    Siamo orgogliosi di annunciare che "Romanza" dall'album "Time Traveller" ha vinto nella categoria "Miglior brano per chitarra"! :-D
  • Secret Garden - sneak preview - anteprima

    20 Oct 2007, 3:45

    ENGLISH: I think you may be interested to have a sneak listen to some of the tracks of the new incoming album of The Wimshurst's Machine - Secret Garden. There are 3 tracks downloadable FOR FREE for some day (if you have not already got them somehow): Missing You (when a love story ends is good to have a baritone saxophone and can play it out), Cimmeria (where the sexy smooth jazz atmospheres of piano and guitar melts) and Pain in pleasure (with Sally Cooper), where the great vocal talent of the australian jazz singer Sally Cooper melts with the italian lounge remix tastes! Let me know what you do think! :-)

    ITALIANO: Ehi, penso che potrebbe piacerti The Wimshurst's Machine - Secret Garden. Ci sono 3 brani scaricabili GRATIS ma solo per qualche giorno: Missing You (quando una storia d'amore finisce è bello avere un sax baritono ed esprimere suonando i propri sentimenti), Cimmeria (dove atmosfere sexy tipiche dello smooth jazz si incontrano con l'ambience della chitarra ed un piano jazz) e Pain in pleasure (with Sally Cooper), dove il grande talento vocale della cantante jazz australiana Sally Cooper si incontra con il gusto di lounge italico nel remix dei TWM! Fatemi sapere! :-)