KIND & Coffee

Inspired by my growing love of KIND bars and combining them with a cup of coffee. Morning routine.

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The Seven Wonders

American Horror Story: Coven did inspire my playlist a bit. Other than that, I'm happy with the progress of evolving my taste. It has grown so much. It is always exciting to find something...

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So Fresh, So Clean

Totally different taste of music than what I used to have. I'm still open to all kinds of genres but I think that I enhanced my taste a bit more by finding such a variety of sounds. Also,...

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What CAB Gave Me

My university's Campus Activities Board (CAB) books many acts, some are musicians. I have grown to love some of the bands that we have had in our Eagle Hall. Getting to hear new music always...

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Admissions & Financial Aid

Down time. The music that gets me through work.

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Ode to Metric

Metric is one of the greatest bands out there for audiences, in my opinion. Just showing high respect to them personally. Also, these songs are based on my preference. Sorry, if I left one off....

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So different this playlist is compared to the one before taste has changed, yet it is so good.

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Realizing It's Friday

Know that feeling where you wake up and start the day as normal but then you hear the morning news team or the morning radio station say "It's 6:00 on this lovely Friday morning," suddenly, the day...

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Nostrovia (For Your Health)

Nostrovia, I got from the Hostel II movie. And you know, music is for your health,.....and maybe some strong drinks!

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Break from Reality

After the long week of missing school because of the snow blast Dallas recieved Feb. 1-4, I had days of nothing to do(but watch new released movies and music). Music was my company and companion....

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Something in the Way....

Title: "Something" by The Beatles Just my taste in music if anyone is curious as to why I made this.... Actually, I was kinda bored so I made it.

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