Triptykon @ Shibuya O-EAST, Tokyo on 04.06.2010


5 Jun 2010, 2:16

It had been almost three years since I saw Tom G. Warrior on stage. And then it was of course with Celtic Frost. When Triptykon's tour in Japan was announced a few months ago, I had to circle 4th of June in my calender very carefully.

Well, they came and they delivered. Tom even spoke a couple of times thanking the Japanese audience. But if you look at the setlist, you'll notice that in mainly consisted of Celtic Frost songs. Nothing to complain in them, but Triptykon's own material could easily stand on it's own. And I've heard those songs live already. Except! Babylon Fell! Haha, there they got me!

Procreation (of the Wicked) (Celtic Frost)
Circle of the Tyrants (Celtic Frost)
Babylon Fell (Celtic Frost)
Synagoga Satanae (Celtic Frost)
The Prolonging

Even if there are only six songs, the show lasted about 50 minutes. The Prolonging clocks almost 20 minutes on the album. And it might be even longer when played live.

But, I have to criticize the Japanese gig organizers. In this case my finger points at SMASH. What is the point to fly three different foreign bands here, charge 7500 JPY ($82) for the show and to give only a time slot of 50 minutes for Triptykon? The place wasn't even full. And no wonder, I had hard time convincing myself that I really should spend that money on one band. If it wasn't for Warrior, I would have laughed at your price tag. Can't help it, you could do more for the music fans with the money you are pocketing.
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