Song of the Day: Musem 'For the Very First Time'


18 Ene 2010, 14:32

For The Very First Time

First I want to thank Mara234 for sharing this track with me. Museum is a German indie rock band that has two EPs currently out and is from the Hamburg area.

The intro to the song definitely got me interested with a strange medley of metallic noises which juxtaposed nicely with striking guitar riffs. The vocals are hauntingly fun and move along with the song in a roller coaster like fashion. You never really know what the guitars and singer Tobias Hermes are going to do next on the song, which is what it so enjoyable. Whereas most music today seems to follow a familiar pattern, Museum opts for surprise in terms of musical structure which makes the song all the more enjoyable. One of my few complaints is that often the guitars, bass and other instruments overpower Tobias's voice which definitely could have been given a little more room to be heard.

Be sure to check them out and please continue sending me songs to look into!

4 out of 5 stars


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