Sharing some of my fav songs. (crazy hardcore tracks for download)


13 Ene 2007, 9:51

I just want to share some songs that bang my head every time I play them...
I appreciate all kinds from hip-hop from all over the world, from Japan to California, but I mostly enjoy this kind of hard hip-hop.
If you are into hardcore gangsta rap musick it's a MUST to check the stuff I'm posting here, I think you'll discover some tracks you've not heard,
I'm posting more rare stuff, not my N.W.A.'s favourites for example.
(Ignore these "Connections" on the right)

D-Boyz Got Love For Me
It's not something rare, but I heard that track recently and I realized that it's a real banger.
I can't stop playing it, shit went on the top of my chart for one week, overtaking Rat-Tat-Tat-Tat.. By the way, I think Spice 1 was inspired by Dr. Dre to do this one, because he talks the same "Can't talk with a gun in your mouth nigga!?" like on A Nigga Witta Gun and he used the same sample as Dre used on Rat-tat-tat-tat. (from Vegetable Wagon)
I did some editing on the file, removed some annoying to me evil talking in the begining and some other stuff I don't remember.

Some unknown to me Cali group.
They have 1 LP. It is very dope west coast album.
This track has some wicked horns beyond all belief.
V-Flo - Brother On His Back
This one's also very dope. It has sampled the same drums as Straight Outta Compton
V-Flo - Pull The Trigger Quicker
Menajahtwa's in dis muthaphucka from the C-P-T!
"It'z dat sick ass, crazy ass, mad ass.. looney bitch!"
INSANE bitch from Eazy-E's label. The most hard female emcee I've ever heard. (She's much harder than Sylk from Ole School Shit). You might know her from Eazy-E - Merry Muthaphukkin X-maz.
4 hard songs in the album and they are pure hardcore.
Menajahtwa - Breaka
Menajahtwa - Just Tha Bitch N Me
Menajahtwa - Kickin Azz (ft. Bg Knocc Out)
Menajahtwa - Da Laz Shit (ft. Gangsta Dresta)
Another crazy ass female artist - Boss
She's from NYC. Her album - Born Gangstaz - is dope, (although she's kind of known, I don't know why she is not so famous. Also she has a collab with Onyx) but this joint (produced by T-Ray!) is the shiznit:
Boss - I Don't Give A Fuck
Insane Poetry and the one and only Cyco
That's the guy who kindly asks you to donate blood on the picture.
His rhymes are hell and he spits like no other.
These are two unreleased, really rare songs from 1994.
Their style is way different from Grim Reality (1992) and Blacc Plague (1996), it's greater. I think that period, between the first and the second Insane Poetry LP's, was their best, but unfortunately the proof I got are only these two tracks:
Insane Poetry - Great Day To Die
Insane Poetry - Ain't Got No Braincells

Another Insane Poetry joint.
This one's new - like 2004, 2005, but it's very dope.
Of course it doesn't sound like '91 with some crazy horns, but the beat is still hard and Cyco is Cyco.
Insane Poetry - Peekin' Thru Ur Back
I did omit that track when I was checking my new downloads but once I heard it when I was high and since then can't quit playing it again and again. The reason that track is not on the top of my songs chart is that found out recently that the file doesn't have tags.
Horrorcore group from Brooklyn. They kinda sound like Onyx.. Their LP is good, east coast fans should have that one.
Now this joint - Flatlinerz - Live Evil - is fucking addictive.. I feel like the damn devil is trying to take my soul when I listen to this shit too much. haha
My other favourite flatliner track is not soo impressive like the other tracks in this journal but it is still hard hitting one - Flatlinerz - 718.
Da Bush Babees
Now that's a kinda wack group to me.
But this track is w i c k e d.
The group is known by some like El Da Sensei or whatever listeners but it was new to me when I discovered that one.
The beat is incredible.
Da Bush Babees - Da Ignorant No it All
Fat Joe
Fat Joe is a known love singer nowadays, but his first album is fucking good.
This collaboration with Apache and Kool G Rap blows my mind (I'm still "in" it :))
Fat Joe - You Must Be Out Of Your Fuckin' Mind
The reason I put this one here is that I thought may be someone is fooled by Fat Joe's later projects.
Taken all round I just wanted to share with somebody V-Flo because I think they are great (perhaps west coast & gangsta rap fans will agree with me)
and I saw that I am the only one listener on ;)
but this is to what the thing evolved.. haha;)
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  • Hadora

    Nice journal

    12 Jun 2007, 13:36
  • SyntaxE

    Hey I know I'm late but I wanna thank your for this blog, nice lil' reviews for all the artists and tracks, and of course great music. :D

    28 Dic 2007, 2:00
  • dnlxl

    thanks for your comments ;) glad to see there are some ppl that appreciated this journal

    26 Mar 2008, 13:06
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